DHHS Sylvia Burwell (Vince Foster’s dumpster diver), tell us no worries over Ebola

Our gal and political hack from way back, HHS Sylvia Burwell tells us “These processes work.” She talks about the Ebola outbreak. When I saw her at the presser yesterday, all I could think was it is working as well as her dumpster diving into Vince Foster’s trash after he died for reasons still unknown by many, and before anyone could get to his office to investigate. All to protect the Clintons. And she is now the expert in Ebola processes? First she expressed her acumen then the back story.

Via Sharyl Attkisson: (A great read, and worth the time for the whole thing)

At a White House briefing today, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell declared, “These processes work.” She was referring to the systems in place since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa last March.

It’s hard to imagine a bigger disconnect between the optimistic tone of today’s news conference and the reality that some ordinary Americans see.

U.S. health officials actually seemed to portray the emergence of an Ebola case in Dallas as a success story.

But the evidence indicates otherwise.

After all, a patient infected with Ebola arrived undetected in the U.S.

He arrived despite screenings in the affected nations prior to passengers boarding flights and despite screenings after their arrival in the U.S. What’s more, the patient allegedly was not truthful on a form asking whether he’d been in contact with Ebola patients. And once ill in the U.S., he was initially sent home from the hospital despite processes set forth by CDC.

Instead of success, the case seems to represent a breakdown at nearly every step.

Still, Obama administration officials said that tracing who the patient was in contact with is what’s really important.

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Who is Burwell? From HHS Nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Dumpster-Dived Dead Vince Foster’s Trash

According to the Free Beacon:

In July 1995, Burwell (then Sylvia Mathews) was one of several key aides questioned by the Senate Whitewater Committee regarding the death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster.

Foster’s death was officially ruled a suicide. The Clinton White House eventually admitted to misleading investigators about how senior officials had seized and disposed of files relating to the first couple’s controversial investments in the Whitewater Development Corporation, a failed real estate venture.

Clinton spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers admitted that then-White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum, who had recovered documents relating to the Whitewater controversy from Foster’s office after his death, did not turn over the documents to the Clinton family’s personal attorney, contrary to what White House officials had claimed. Nussbaum had actually given the documents to Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, who placed them in a White House safe for five days before being turned over to the family attorney.

Under questioning, Sylvia Mathews and her colleagues denied impeding a police investigation into Foster’s death after his body was found in a northern Virginia park. According to the New York Times, Mathews testified “in laborious detail about what she had found in Mr. Foster’s garbage on the night he died.”

(snip) NY Times:

The committee today began what will be weeks of intensive questioning of White House aides about whether Mrs. Clinton, in advance of investigators, had told officials to remove papers from the office of Vincent W. Foster Jr., her close friend and former law partner who was the deputy White House counsel at the time he killed himself on July 20, 1993.


The committee also focused today on Mr. Foster’s office trash. Members questioned Sylvia Mathews, a former White House aide, in laborious detail about what she had found in Mr. Foster’s garbage on the night he died. Other than a few routine documents, the garbage contained nothing that shed light on Mr. Foster’s thinking, said Ms. Mathews, who is now chief of staff at the Treasury Department.

Republicans on the committee found it significant, however, that Ms. Mathews had also managed to retrieve a special bag of garbage containing classified and sensitive papers that was usually destroyed by the Secret Service. The contents of that bag were never examined by anyone to see if Mr. Foster had left anything in it that might shed light on his state of mind.

Ms. Mathews said that she got the bag from the Secret Service and began looking briefly through it, when she discovered that it contained all of the classified garbage from the West Wing.

(Excerpt) Read more at nytimes.com …


11 Responses to “DHHS Sylvia Burwell (Vince Foster’s dumpster diver), tell us no worries over Ebola”

  1. HHS Burwell (Vince Foster dumpster diver) reverses – ‘We could have done better with Ebola’ | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] DHHS Sylvia Burwell (Vince Foster’s dumpster diver), tell us no worries over Ebola […]


  2. Always On Watch Says:

    The Obama Administration has no credibility. Zero.


    • bunkerville Says:

      That is for sure. The head of the CDC is nothing more than a hologram mouthing platitudes/ The administration could care less. Otherwise it would close the borders/


  3. the unit Says:

    How long have y’all been following such stuff?
    Vince Foster, Ron Brown?
    Did you read “A Texan Looks at Lyndon?”

    I post another site in reply as sometimes sites wont do more than one link at a time.
    Marshall committed suicide shooting himself five times with his own rifle.
    Remember when?


    • the unit Says:

      Other link…


  4. geeez2014 Says:

    Petermc….exposing what most of America refused to look at when we were warning them of this information via our blogs.
    I hadn’t heard about the mud, but wasn’t there a question of the gun being in the wrong hand? Something like he was left handed and the gun was in his right??? Was that true?

    “A real trooper for Ebola”..Bunk, you have a real way with words!

    So this woman’s an expert, huh? If she is, I AM. But I had nothing to do with poor Vince Foster’s murder. Trust me on that!
    Sheryl Atkisson’s going to have to start watching her back-She’s fabulous and one of THE only journalists out there telling the truth even if it goes against the liberal journalist agenda.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I recall the mud. And the gun in the wrong hand. sheryl writes as good as she reports. Yep, better watch her back. I don’t know why Fox doesn’t put her on staff.


    • Petermc3 Says:

      Yes I do recall the question of the gun being in the wrong hand. I believe it was explained away rather easily: As well as everyone everyone in Washington talking out of both sides of their mouths they’re all ambidextrous as well. ☞😀 ☞

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Petermc3 Says:

    Take the Clinton quiz:
    How many people connected to the Clintons and WhiteWater died mysterious deaths?
    Answer: 43
    In rain soaked Marcy Park how much mud was found on the soles of Vince Foster’s shoes as he lay dead on a park bench where he purportedly killed himself?
    Answer: None

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      And our gal Sylvia was up to her eyeballs in it. She is lucky to be alive. But she will sing from the playbook that she is given. A real trooper for Ebola.


    • bunkerville Says:

      See Geez comment above if you can.


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