The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the Boy and Girl Scouts years ago


So the kerfuffle about the boy scouts allowing girls joining has been making the news. I suggest that the permitting the indoctrination of religion – Muslim – should be the headline. Both the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are now the breeding ground for the next generation of initiates. Recruiting and training for the next generation.

Muslim Girl Scout Troop coming to your town soon

Can you imagine if we set up a Christian Girl Scout Troop? If we had a special celebration when they took their first Communion complete with a special patch? I don’t want to even think about what is happening with the boys and their scout troops. Note the paragraph that I highlighted in the post.


Welcome to the official website of the Islamic Committee on Girl Scouting.
We hope this website will make it easier for Girl Scouts, Troop Leaders and Parents to access information, provide ideas and learn about upcoming events.

Program Booklets, Awards and Patches – Order here

New Salaah and Sadaqah Patch – now Available

I’ll wager that Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941), founder of the Scouting movement, never imagined that a Girl Scout troop in the United States would be celebrating little girls donning the headscarf – but that’s what happened at a recent event held by theMuslim Scouts of Michigan at the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Tarek El-Tablawy of The Associated Press describes the scene when 43 girls, ages 8 to 11, attended a Takleef Festival, described by the Arab-American News as “a celebration of girls committing to hijab.”

The girls line up in two groups — one dressed in white, the other in pink gowns and hijabs. On stage, they approach a copy of the Quran held by another girl. Gently kissing its spine, they pass underneath as parents in the audience snap away with digital cameras. “That’s my baby,” beams one father. …

Organizers of the Takleef celebration are well aware of the spiritual and cultural challenges these girls face in deciding to wear the hijab. “A couple of these girls are taking the veil before their mothers are,” says 38-year-old Ali Ibrahim, one of the scout volunteers organizing the celebration. “We even have one girl whose parents are not convinced and are trying to get her to take off the veil. May God guide her.” …


Boy Scouts and their camp


22 Responses to “The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the Boy and Girl Scouts years ago”

  1. Boy Scouts of America now add All Girl Troops and Muslim Troops | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the Boy and Girl Scouts years ago […]


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    […] Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the Boy and Girl Scouts years ago… via @bunkerville […]


  3. Jay Dillon Says:

    Islam violates the Boy Scout Oath and they are setting up to wage war inside the USA, destroying us from within, but only if we continue to let them do it. Moslems do not do these things without a long range goal in mind. And that long range goal is to destroy the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the USA itself. Make no mistake, they are gunning for us with every move of this sort.

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  4. 0jr Says:

    so did the jews after which time god was taken out of kind of activities


  5. Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove Says:

    […] Bunkerville discusses the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts […]

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  6. Steve Dennis Says:

    Holy crap! I have not heard of this before, what a great find! This is very disturbing to say the least watching these girls being indoctrinated like this. I am at a loss of words! Again, great find and thank you for getting this out there.

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  7. petermac3 Says:

    What a bright future for the Muslim Girl Scouts, genital mutilations and honor killings. Alluh Akbar!!!

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  8. Mustang Says:

    Can you even imagine the kerfuffle over a “Jewish Committee on Boy Scouting,” or a “Presbyterian Council on Girl Scouting?” Holy smokes … so the Moslem Brotherhood has successfully infiltrated everything in America, from the State Department to every single federal and state prison. I really am glad to be able to remember America in its greatest century.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      You and I Mustang… we lived in the best of times…. so depressing.

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    • geeez2014 Says:

      they’d be arrested YESTERDAY….but this is FINE, isn’t it…MUSLIMS WIN IN AMERICA. that’s it. They win. We lose.
      Honestly, I couldn’t care less if a Muslim Girl Scout troop started in L.A., as long as it was fine for PROTESTANT GIRL SCOUTS could compete…but they never could, they’d be arrested. The irony is unnoticed, of course.

      As for Muslim infiltration of boy scouts, the way we could make sure that’s the case is to find out how many muslim boys join; if there are gays, I’d have thought their parents would forbid it, while encouraging it for non muslims because it destroys us from within to allow gay influence on our boys

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  9. jtdorsaneo Says:

    Makes me glad I am old but makes me sick for our grandchildren who will be left behind in a world gone to…..

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  10. Simply Linda Says:

    I can remember being a Brownie and a Girl Scout and my brothers Boy Scouts and the very fact it was based on Christianity, not anymore. I’ll tell you, sad day in mudville with this news. It sickens me to no end. So sick of this pc nonsense.

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  11. Brittius Says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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