Roman Polanski – the real truth, a child rapist

Hollyweird is all abuzz that their pal Polanski may find his way back to the USA. So happy to have another pervert back here. He says if the judge says its all clear, he is on his way. Lets take a look, with a link to the court transcript.

“If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!”this quote from an interview Polanski gave to Martin Amis in 1979 in which the director made his finest remarks.

Not much remorse there, eh? Perhaps Polanski regrets this remark and is a changed man with a rather greater perspective on his crimes. But this interview suggests that, in 1979 at least, he didn’t seem to think he’d committed a crime at all.  

It seems like a good time to publish the official court transcript of the film director’s guilty plea to having sex with an underage California girl.

On August 8, 1977 Polanski appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court and copped to a felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse. As seen in this transcript, he acknowledged being aware that the victim was 13 at the time of their March 1977 encounter in a Mulholland Drive home owned by actor Jack Nicholson. Polanski, now 77, fled the country before being sentenced, fearful that he would be imprisoned by Judge Laurence Rittenband, the jurist before whom he entered his guilty plea.

Smoking Gun – Plea deal

Once again, the  powerful and famous seem to reside in a universe above the common man. Had anyone else fled the country at the time of sentencing, no one would have blinked an eye about retrieving him, no matter how long it was.     Of  course, through the years he was given a wink and a nod. No matter that his victim forgave him, Perhaps years of therapy brought her to that point of healing. Either the law is the law, or not. The issue is not her forgiveness but rather are we to remain a country of laws?  The question isn’t why now, but rather why not before.

The idea that Polanski didn’t know of the victim’s true age doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, since he had to get her mother’s permission for the photo shoot.   Applebaum, from the Washington Post,  neglects to mention that Polanski drugged her with a Quaalude and champagne, forcibly had sexual intercourse, and then sodomized her afterward.  Polanski negotiated the charge down to statutory rape rather than actual rape, but the actual facts show that this was not a case of an older man with poor eyesight and judgment.

Polanski raped and sodomized a 13-year-old girl.  The only thing outrageous about his arrest is that it came 32 years after he fled, not from “irrational” punishment, but from justice for his own actions.  It’s outrageous that Polanski’s fans continue to support him even after knowing the facts of the case.  As for Applebaum’s final argument — “If he weren’t famous, I bet no one would bother with him at all” — it’s very clear that if Polanski hadn’t been famous, no one would have bothered to hide him for the last 32 years, and he would have done his jail time decades ago.  That’s completely unworthy of Applebaum report, from the Washington Post, and patently ridiculous.

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