Trouble Brewing in River City – Venezuela

Trouble Brewing in River City 

by Mustang

The Music Man was a 1962 musical film starring Robert Preston and Shirly Jones.  Preston, a somewhat dishonest salesman is attempting to sell River City on the idea that if the young people were busy learning how to play musical instruments, they wouldn’t have time for getting into trouble at local pool halls, and so forth.  It was an entertaining film — but not as entertaining as recent news from Venezuela.

The First Blush

Mr. Randy Clark is a retired member of the U.S. Border Patrol.  Before retirement, he served as Chief of Law Enforcement Operations in the Del Rio area of Texas.  In a recent article from Breitbart, Mr. Clark tells its readers that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Intelligence) instructs Border Patrol Agents to look for Venezuelan men who may have been recently released from Venezuelan prisons trying to illegally enter the United States over our nation’s southern border.

They, along with millions of others, of course.  What piqued anyone’s interest in this, of course, was Governor Ron DeSantis (Florida) having sent 50 Venezuelan people to Martha’s Vineyard (a sanctuary city).

Someone apparently tripped over the fact that there were 50 Venezuelan people traveling in a group when they illegally entered the United States.  Don’t quit reading now, it gets better.  The president of Venezuela is intentionally releasing individuals convicted of serious felonies (murder, rape, extortion, arson) and sending them north to infiltrate the U.S. border.  Action passed is action complete.  Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Moros is following the Cuban playbook of a few decades back … in the 1980s.

How many Venezuelan criminals are we talking about?  Since around October 2021, around 130,000.  Our friend Z at Geeez reported this just the other day.  I commented that they are offering a few more tidbits of information that (at least in my view) is a tad more serious; not a single commenter even acknowledged what I said.  In any case, how could it get worse?

The Second Blush

Dr. Larry Franklin was in charge of the “Iran Desk” under Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.  Franklin is also a retired U.S. Army colonel (infantry) and former member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve.  Writing for the Gatestone Institute, Dr. Franklin reveals a recent agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela: a 2.5 million acre land grant.

I’ll pause now so we can all enjoy the sound of crickets chirping.

That’s right … Venezuela has made land available to the terrorist state of Iran totaling 2.5 million (with an M) acres.  Public spokesmen from Venezuela and Iran assure us that the land will be used to grow staple crops, allowing water-starved Iran to better feed its population.

On the basis of this information alone, I would have to say that the Iranian government deeply cares about the welfare of its people.  And I should add that it might appear as if the Americans have once again mischaracterized the Venezuelan government.  Giving another country 2.5 million acres so that they can feed their starving masses would appear to be a genuinely nice thing to do.

There is one niggle, though.  American intelligence experts know that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is already well established in Venezuela — and has been for around three decades.  Today, members of Hamas and Hezbollah are part of Venezuela’s thriving business community.  They all seem to be in the export business.  It’s the nature of exports that has American intelligence specialists worried.

But for Venezuela, it’s a win-win situation because both Iran and the People’s Republic of China is in the process of strengthening Venezuela’s military against the United States.  Today, Venezuela has more lethal drones than the United States, thanks to China helping itself to U.S. military technology under George Bush and Barack Obama.

The Washington beltway may not be worried about any of this, but the people of Columbia sure are — something the Columbians share with the citizens of Del Rio, Texas.  In this event, at this particular time, it doesn’t matter if it’s Trump’s fault (and it isn’t).  What matters is that enemies of the United States are now conspiring against the people of the United States.  And let us acknowledge that no Moslem ever since Islam’s very beginning, has been opposed to aiding Satan in destroying its enemies.

Granted, this entire novella may not even concern the American people.
In that case, I’d suggest that the American people continue voting for the worst possible candidates to serve as president, such as Biden because, in the totality of it all, it doesn’t matter who “unconcerned Americans” vote for because if unconcerned Americans are choosing the path of our future, everyone in the United States is screwed.
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22 Responses to “Trouble Brewing in River City – Venezuela”

  1. Trouble Brewing in River City – Venezuela — REBLOG – Citizen Tom Says:

    […] Trouble Brewing in River City – Venezuela ( contains a couple of interesting observations. So, doubting Thomas that I am I went and checked on those observations. Here are some additional references. […]

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  2. nrringlee Says:

    Open borders are an open invitation to anyone determined to destroy our country. Whether entry is accomplished by a trek across the desert or by our grossly mismanaged student visa program entry is key to successful insurgency and terror operations here at home. Those of us who watch this unfold every day on the streets of small town, Southwestern America understand just how easy it would be for determined Hezbollah cells to take down our electrical, natural gas and telecommunications grid. But of course, we are not privy to the master plan of the governing classes. Their truth will become more apparent when skyscrapers once again become towering infernos. A wise man once said a nation without borders is not a nation. That, my friends, is the whole idea.

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  3. peter3n Says:

    … and another thing: what is more annoying than listening to republican politicians saying”the American people” see what’s going on at the border.” The ephemeral “American people” see nothing of what’s going on right in front of their eyes. $2.99 at the pump will have voters kicking the racist anti-abortion xenophobic republicans to the curb.

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    • Mustang Says:

      ” … what is more annoying than listening to republican politicians saying the American people see what’s going on at the border?”

      Oh, I don’t know. Another Trump Rally, suggesting that he thinks he has a snowball’s chance in hell being elected to the presidency?

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    • markone1blog Says:

      As the SPR reaches critical levels, have you noticed gasoline prices creeping back up in your area? Since the SPR is not an infinite resource, do you think that Dementia Joe may have misplayed one cocky hand?

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      • peter3nj Says:

        Our off brands are at $3.11-3.19, the big boys around 3.49 +. It’s only a matter of time for gas to creep back up but the price of leche (a little Spanish lingo) continues up while I did find a loaf of whole grain bread on sale for $4.99. Regardless I firmly believe the red wave is poppycock.


  4. peter3nj Says:

    Let’s see, hmm, Venezuela hosting China, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah to the south, China buying up our fertile crop producing farmlands, the Mexican drug cartels owning our southern border, flooding this country with fentanyl along with coke, heroin and shuttling in not so huddled masses yearning to tie up money, resources and five star hotels. With their marijuana grown right here the cartels are saving transportation costs. Muslim military training camps in various places around the northeast such as outside and abutting New York City’s water supply, so far no biggie, the Pentagon gone woke, our crumbling infrastructure, bike lanes fouling up traffic in our big cities. Maybe China can buy Greenland with our consume dollars, and what’s with Canada…who knows., Now if only Moosh can be persuaded to run in 2024 we can kiss our collective asses goodbye.

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  5. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    It’s one thing to strike Iranian terrorist training amps in poorly defended North African deserts.
    It’s something else to do the same in Venezuela.

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    • Mustang Says:

      It’s all part of Iran’s egg-basket concealment program. I don’t know how you say that in Persian. In either case, though, striking terrorists anywhere requires something the U.S. government doesn’t have: a set of balls.

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  6. bunkerville Says:

    Bunk here :Just for old times sake:

    Iran Placing Medium-Range Missiles in Venezuela; Can reach parts of U.S.
    December 10, 2010 — bunkerville

    The German Daily Die Welt is reporting the following story.

    As far as we know, they are no nuclear missiles yet. But sleep well America, I’m sure Obama has every thing under control. Or maybe not. I seem to recall that Obama said recently he was perfectly fine if Venezuela goes nuclear. What do you think he meant by that?

    Iran Placing Medium-Range Missiles in Venezuela; Can reach parts of U.S.

    Regarding Z.. I find that 12 years later, not much to be surprised about with Iran.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Right. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along. DeSantis’ idea is a good one. It will be much easier to keep an eye on illegal Venezuelans by placing them in sanctuary cities. Action passed is action complete.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        :). Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine?? What are your thoughts- Didn’t we in some way encouraged putting them in the hands of our enemies with our severe sanctions?


      • Mustang Says:

        Exactly so, Bunks. American diplomacy is the realm of Rolex-watch-wearing morons with absolutely no ability to perceive the likely consequences of their jaw-droppingly idiotic policies and programs. Why millions of pitchfork-carrying, highly pissed-off Americans haven’t descended upon Foggy Bottom is a real head-scratcher. I guess Americans enjoy giving up their sons and daughters’ lives to pure folly.

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