EPA To Crack Down on Residential Wood Burning?

The end of wood burning coming to America. Forget the fact that for much of rural America, wood burning is a basic fact of life. It started with the end of the light bulb as we knew it, and crappers that had a decent flush. But now they want to freeze are sorry as**s off. First it is wood burning heaters, but that is only the beginning.

For  anyone wondering what the Nuclear Option was all about, this is it. The D.C. District court where most of the edicts of this regime are challenged now will be stacked with Obama’s sycophants. Where the edicts of Obamacare will be challenged. Here is how the game is played. With a wink, wink, the Federal agencies encourage outside groups to file suit against some perceived flaw in the way we live. Either an out of court settlement is reached, or it is more than likely to end up in the second most powerful court. Now, the GOP can no longer hold up the three additional Progressive Judges that will be installed. Here is the sorry tale:

A lawsuit filed against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by seven states is seeking to force the federal agency to impose stringent new regulations on residential wood-burning heaters, which they claim “can increase particle pollution to levels that cause significant health concerns.”

If the lawsuit is successful in forcing EPA to impose new regulations on wood-burning heating units, many low- and middle-class families living primarily in rural areas may be forced to spend thousands of dollars to switch to newer units or use more expensive forms of energy in order to stay warm.

“This collusive lawsuit is intended to expand EPA authority to stop burning wood,” Dr. John Dale Dunn, a physician and policy adviser for the Heartland Institute, told CNSNews.com, adding that “small particles are the mainstay of EPA’s regulatory regime.”

“There’s no real dispute here,” he pointed out, adding that the lawsuit is “more akin to professional wrestling than an actual case. It’s another expansion of the leviathan.”

“EPA has been playing this game for years,” Dunn, who is also a lawyer, continued. “Environmental groups get together to file a lawsuit against the EPA with the goal of creating a new regulation.  EPA wants them to file the lawsuit because it wants to put the new regulation in effect, but it doesn’t have the statutory authority to do so. It’s like Brer Rabbit saying, ‘Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!”

Such lawsuits, he added, do not meet the legal standard of “cases in controversy,” in which the court is called upon to settle a real dispute. “They are nothing but an opportunity for the courts to take power and authority from the legislative and executive branches of the government since the courts supervise the settlements. It’s a way the courts can become another legislature.”

H/T:CNS News

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