Obama Gov shut down plan? Put Americans at risk

While we were captured by the visuals of the WW II memorial shut down, a much more evil and sinister process was underway at our intelligence agencies. One can only conclude that the furloughing of a majority of those who dedicate their lives to protecting us was an intentional act to make us less secure. If one accepts this premise, then one has to conclude that any attack would have been well received and could have been used for political purposes. In other words, we are expendable for the good of the Obama agenda. One also has to wonder how much intelligence was lost, never to be able to be recaptured. Here we go. Our man Clapper.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted that furloughing “nearly three-quarters of the workers at the government’s intelligence agencies” due to the shutdown “put the United States at greater risk of terror attacks.”

According to McClathcyDC, “lawmakers, former intelligence officials and national security experts say they were shocked that the administration furloughed the bulk of federal workers at 16 intelligence agencies, many of them tasked with the most important job in government: safeguarding lives.”

It’s difficult for me to understand,” said Leon Panetta, who served as the director of the CIA and the secretary of defense under President Barack Obama. “People that are involved in our intelligence are critical. You can’t possibly put 70 percent on furlough and not harm national security.”

H/T” Breibart and full story over at According to McClathcyDC,

For those who want to have a recap of the purpose of our man Clapper, an interview with humor. ABC interview : The Director of National Intelligence lacks some “intelligence”… (I mean “intel”, of course…) Diane Sawyer is confused.

Obama embraces Mulim Brotherhood’s Egypt’s Morsi to WH.

Anyone want to bet there will be full honors given to this terrorist as we witness Obama bow no doubt, to Morsi? Of course, Soros is a happy man. Everything going as planned.

Consistently referring to Israel as the “stumbling block” to peace in the Middle East, Soros makes no bones about his hopes for the Brotherhood. He even heartily encouraged giving the Muslim Brotherhood a place at Egypt‘s table when the country’s streets erupted into flames of dissent earlier this year. H/T and much more over at: Bare Naked Islam

Israel National News reported, via Israel Survival Watch:

United States President Barack Hussein Obama has invited his Egyptian counterpart Mohammed Morsi to conduct an official visit to the U.S. in September. Deputy Secretary of State William Perez said he delivered the invitation to Cairo during his meetings with the president on Sunday.

This would be the first visit ever to the U.S. by a member of the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood in an official capacity.

Obama previously made a congratulatory phone call to Morsi when his victory in Egypt’s presidential elections was made official. Obama also confirmed the United States’ commitment towards democratic development in Egypt and offered his country’s support for the Egyptian economy.

According to Bikya Masr, Morsi sent a thank you message to the American president through Perez.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned from political activity due to its subversive tactics for the past 60 years, captured the presidency after prolonged violent protests ousted former strongman Hosni Mubarak and the ruling military junta held elections. The unrest and rebellion that has swept through the Arab world in the last two years was encouraged, among other things, by Obama’s speech in Cairo in 2009, in which he sought a “new beginning” in relations between the U.S. and adherents of the Muslim religion. Gateway Pundit

All-Female, American Sortie Flies Bombing Mission Against Taliban – Meet ‘Dudette 07’

You go ladies. Thank you for your service.

From Viral Footage

H/T Right Wing News

Alliance of Youth Movements and Feature Story on Glenn Beck

Douglas Stewart has done amazing work on the Egyptian uprising, as well as Google and  our governments  involvement. I have used many of his resources for our Egyptian Postings.

Ameristroika is on our blogroll.. do visit his site. Glenn Beck’s Google story he did yesterday on T.V. as well as radio, February 14, was from his stuff. So a big hat tip. Here is a cross posting from his site.

By Douglas Stewart

Yesterday on the Glenn Beck radio show Glenn began to address the State Department link to Google employees and the Alliance for Youth Movements. He recapped this as well on his T.V. Show.

In the segment following the interview with Zuhdi Jasser Glenn cites those investigating the issue. He mentions by name Ameristroika founder and Director Douglas Stewart and reads the Intro to Stewart’s “Google Egypt” Series that started here.

The Full series has been taken over to Associated Content and to date Three (3) parts are currently available. Please read and stay up to date.

The Intro: State Department Interviews Reveal Potential Egyptian Bombshell (featured  and read on Glenn Beck radio program 2/14/2011)

Google Egypt: Ghonim Not the only One-The Other Google Employees

Google Egypt 2: Delete Everything and Transition-The Revolution is now Centralized

Just added: Video can be found at: Ameristroika Update


Radical Muslim Cleric smuggled into U.S. Through Mexico

When is enough going to be enough?

I just could not resist snagging this one..after a post we just did,…guess who just came through…  Recall Janet’s comment: Those who say border is out of control are trying to score political points

Speaking at the University of Texas at El Paso, Napolitano hailed the administration’s Southwest Border Initiative for strengthening the border “in a way that many would not have thought possible.”Yes, Janet, so true.

She also described in detail the administration’s “smart and effective approach” to enforcing immigration laws throughout the country.

A radical Muslim cleric banned from two different countries snuck into the United States through Mexico, affirming several reports that Middle Eastern terrorists regularly enter the country through the porous southern border.

The Tunisian imam (Said Jaziri), who has an international criminal past, paid $5,000 to get smuggled across the border near San Diego, according to a local newspaper that says it all went down just a few weeks ago. Jaziri only got caught because firefighters in the area tipped off the U.S. Border Patrol after they saw him and a Mexican man get into a car trunk in a renowned smuggling pickup area.

Incredibly, a growing number of Islamic extremists like Jaziri are slipping into theU.S. through Mexico. Just a few months ago a veteran federal agent announced that The U.S. Border Patrol has captured thousands of people who have been classified as OTM (Other Than Mexican) along the 2,000-mile southern border and many are from terrorist nations like Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan. The feds call them SIAs (Special Interest Aliens) and the government doesn’t want Americans to know about them.

This has been going on for some time. In fact, in 2007 the top Homeland Security official in Texas confirmed that terrorists with ties to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda had been arrested crossing into the state through the Mexican border. A few years ago the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) revealed details of how Islamic terrorists and violent Mexican drug gangs have long teamed up to successfully penetrate the U.S. as well as finance terror networks in the Middle East. Full Story: Judicial Watch

H/T: Commie Blaster

News from the Russian Front S-300, S-500 Missle Defense

While we are dealing with our civility, the world moves on. We certainly have our priorities.

The stunning power of Russia’s S-300 — So says Russia’s Pravda RU

The S-300 system was first deployed by the Soviet Union in 1979, designed for the air defense of large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases, and control of airspace against enemy strike aircraft.

And a stunning slide show can be found at Pravda RU..propaganda arm of Russia Photo Album Here

Better news yet:

RU: Will S-500 system be good against Minotaur IV


Now do I have this straight? The Russians tell us we cannot have a missle defense system with the new START treaty, but they are moving along with their little numbers??

On December 16, Russian military experts gathered for a round table discussion organized by RIA Novosti news agency. The experts came to conclusion that one of the major tasks for the future missile defense system would be the struggle against hypersonic weapons of potential enemies.

Igor Korotchenko, an official with the Russian Defense Ministry, said during the conference that NATO countries, particularly the USA, had been developing a new generation of hypersonic strike weapons and hypersonic missile weapons (Prompt Global Strike).

It will be highly complicated to intercept the new missiles with the use of contemporary anti-missile systems. The flight-in time of the new weapon in comparison with air-based cruise missiles is reduced to mere minutes, which makes it impossible for the attacked side to take defense measures.

The Americans say that the hypersonic arms will be built to destroy terrorists, first and foremost. However, according to the documents of NATO’s AGARD group, the hypersonic missiles will be developed to strike enemy’s reinforced objects, ABM and AD systems, to obtain supremacy in the air, to effectively intercept ballistic missiles and destroy hypersonic assault weapons. More here from Pravda RU

Obama waives prohibition on Child Soldiers in Sudan

Here is a disturbing story over at Ameristroika. While Michelle is worried about our kids and their exercise and caloric intake, her husband dearest allows Africa to send their kids to war. Typical Progressive logic.

Sudan is at a turning point. It will either break into a civil war dividing the country or possibly fall into the type of tribal religious warfare seen in Uganda. No Alice Lawkena or Joseph Kony is needed to help prod this troubled nation into pure despotism. I invite you to read Child, Victim, Soldier by Donald Dunson if you are not familiar with the atrocities committed by men transforming children into killers.

The President Ok’s continued recruiting of Child Soldiers

This took us totally by surprise and was a complete shock to everyone working in the field – Jesse Eaves policy advisor at World Vision

In order for the Sudan to continue to receive funding from the US there were stipulations. They needed to stop recruiting child soldiers for the Southern Ugandan Army. However, because so much of their forces are made up of the innocent they were not able to comply on time. But no worries, instead of cutting their funding or putting pressure on the southern army, the President has taken it upon himself to waive the sanctions against countries using child soldiers. The Child Soldier Protection Act was originally passed in 2008 under the leadership of the guy that Kanye West said “didn’t care” about black people.(More on this and official State Dept Report below) For now, the document is available on the White House website here. If that gets removed you can click the picture below

Click on pix to enlarge.

Read the full story at Ameristroika

Troop morale plumments: restrictive rules of engagement, talks with Taliban

Sickening.  I suggest going to  “FALLEN WARRIORS”  which is  located on the right of our home page. Check it every day to honor the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Word had come down the morning Brooks spoke to this reporter that watch towers surrounding the base were going to be dismantled because Afghan village elders, some sympathetic to the Taliban, complained they were invading their village privacy.

“We have to take down our towers because it offends them and now the Taliban can set up mortars and we can’t see them,” Brooks added, with disgust

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN — To the U.S. Army soldiers and Marines serving here, some things seem so obviously true that they are beyond debate. Among those perceived truths: Tthe restrictive rules of engagement that they have to fight under have made serving in combat far more dangerous for them, while allowing the Taliban to return to a position of strength.

“If they use rockets to hit the [forward operating base] we can’t shoot back because they were within 500 meters of the village. If they shoot at us and drop their weapon in the process we can’t shoot back,” said Spc. Charles Brooks, 26, a U.S. Army medic with 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, in Zabul province.

Everyone dies for their own reasons but it’s sad to think that our friends, the troops, have given their lives for something we’re not going to see through.”
Read more at the Washington Examiner: More at the Washington Examiner

Janet Napolitano will be able to pull the plug on the Internet?

They want to pass this bill by the end of the year? You bet– no congressional oversight. Just what our Commander in thief would love. Knocking off the bloggers for four months. Janet? She is the one to pull the plug after all this nonsense in Arizona.. please.

Under the new draft bill, which is a combination of the two versions originally crafted by Senators Joe Lieberman and Jay Rockefeller, Janet Napolitano’s DHS will be handed broader authority to determine how to handle potential cybersecurity threats.

Senate Majority Harry Reid has put the measure on his list of top-priority bills to get through the Senate this year,” sources told MoneyControl.com.

Lieberman’s version of the original bill includes language that would hand President Obama the power to shut down parts of the world wide web for at least four months with no congressional oversight. The combined version appears to shift that responsibility to DHS, who under the pretext of a national emergency could block all Internet traffic to the U.S. from certain countries, and close down specific hubs and networks, creating an ominous precedent for government regulation and control over the Internet.

An expanded role for Homeland Security would be somewhat ironic given the fact that the DHS itself recently failed an extensive cyber-security audit conducted by the agency’s own Inspector General.

“The DHS US-CERT office is currently plagued by at least 600 vulnerabilities that could compromise sensitive data, including 202 which have been classified as high-risk,” reported TG Daily.

Homeland Security’s failure to adequately secure its own internal network will lead to questions about why the agency should be given vast new authority to secure America’s cyber assets and the public Internet.

More here at info wars

Latest Weapon: Militarized Skateboard

This is the DTV Shredder, a militarized skateboard with two caterpillar tracks. It can travel at over 30mph, go up 40-degree slopes, turn around in four feet, and be remotely operated. It’s also quite spectacular in action:

According to the manufacturer, it can handle any kind of terrain and its low center of gravity makes it “ideal for reconnaissance, rescue/recovery, mobile surveillance, and medical evacuation operations”.

More at Gizmodo

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