Toronto 18 wanted to behead prime minister, announce it on CBC tv

Thanks to “Creeping Sharia” for this news from our Northern neighbors. Less we forget, miles of unprotected border that we pay little attention to.

The ring leader of an Al Qaeda-linked plot against Canada had planned to storm parliament, ‘cut off some heads’ and then announce this by capturing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) here, a court here heard Thursday.

The shocking details of terrorist designs were revealed in an intercept played in the court where the last three of the 18 men arrested in the plot are facing trial.

Known as Toronto-18, the terror plot was unearthed in June 2006 with the arrest of these 18 Muslims, many of them of Pakistani origin, from the Toronto area.

Working at the behest of Al Qaeda, these men had planned to target civilian, military and nuclear targets, storm parliament, behead the prime minister and others and then announce their mission by capturing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) headquarters here.

To carry out their mission, they had undergone training in firearms at a remote place from here in the winter of 2005.

The plot was uncovered with the help of a mole who was paid nearly $4 million by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

So far, one plotter has been jailed for life, other have been let off with light sentences and seven released without any charges.

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