Flashback: Iran paid $1000 for each U.S. soldiers death


I am confused. Washington D.C. is rattling again with Russia Russia Russia over a “leak” about Russia paying a bounty on U.S. soldiers. What am I missing? Isn’t war suppose to be about killing one another? Didn’t we run this scenario once before back in 2010. Let’s see who was President then? Hmmm. I don’t recall everyone having their knickers in a knot and how Obama must have Iran pay. Instead Iran got a boatload of cash.

msnbc.com staff and news service reports

Iran is paying Taliban fighters $1,000 for each U.S. soldier they kill in Afghanistan, according to a report in a British newspaper.

The Sunday Times described how a man it said was a “Taliban treasurer” had gone to collect $18,000 from an Iranian firm in Kabul, a reward it said was for an attack in July which killed several Afghan government troops and destroyed an American armored vehicle.

The treasurer left with the cash hidden in a sack of flour, the newspaper said, and then gave it to Taliban fighters in the province of Wardak. In the past six months, the treasurer claimed to have collected more than $77,000 from the company.

The Sunday Times said its investigation had found that at least five Kabul-based Iranian companies were secretly passing funds to the Taliban.

The newspaper’s correspondent, Miles Amoore, said he met and interviewed the treasurer, who he said had been an illiterate farmer who was taught to read and write, plus basic accountancy, by the Taliban last winter.

‘For jihad’
“Iran will never stop funding us because Americans are dangerous for them as well. I think the hatred is the same from both us and Iran. The money we get is not dirty. It is for jihad,” the treasurer told Amoore.

In addition to the $1,000 bounty on U.S. troops, the unnamed man said Iran paid $6,000 for the destruction of a U.S. military vehicle. From.  NBC News

Notes from September 2010 clip:

A report in the UK’s Sunday Times alleges that an unnamed man called the “Taliban Treasurer” has received over $70,000 dollars in payments from the Iranian government as a bounty for the attacks carried out against American forces in Afghanistan.

Has everyone forgotten when the U.S. was paying the Mujahideen to kill Russians? Or when Obama, Hillary and Panetta were paying al-Qaeda to kill Libyan’s and Syrian army?

Everything just fine in the swamp.

Serving Abroad…Through Their Eyes, the military

Fox last night showed a few of these photographs from  “Serving abroad. through their eyes”. I was sad to see Life magazine fold. Often a picture tell s story so much better than words. Here is a link to the 12 who received top honors from the State Department’s program: Here

In commemoration of Veterans Day, the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Art in Embassies (AIE) and the U.S. Department of Defense proudly announce the 12 “Best in Show” featured in AIE’s 50th anniversary “Serving Abroad…Through Their Eyes” photography exhibition. A year ago on Veterans Day, Military, Civil Service and Foreign Service personnel were invited to submit photographs illustrating their life while serving abroad. More than 3,200 images were submitted, from which 161 finalists were chosen; ultimately, the 12 “Best in Show” were identified. These photographs, selected by a panel of distinguished photo-journalists, depict themes of friendship, places, faces, loss or triumph, providing a window on the complexity, diversity and courageous work performed by America’s heroes throughout the world. Photo’s: Here

New Law Bars Mailing Cigarettes to Deployed U.S. Troops

Hey, maybe it is the criminal in me…. as I read through the whole article, it keeps mentioning, you can’t have cigs in the package— let me think… what pray tell is the punishment? And just how does anyone know if you got them in the package unless you tell them?? Look, if you are willing to die for me, let’s give up this one for them.

Family and friends have suddenly found themselves blocked from shipping cigarettes and other tobacco products to American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq because of a new law meant to hamper smuggling and underage sales through the mail.
The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009 quietly took effect June 29. It cut off those care packages by effectively requiring that tobacco be sent with one particular kind of U.S. Postal Service shipping that requires a signature for delivery but does not deliver to most overseas military addresses.

Susan Baldwin, of Fairview, Tenn., is the mother of two sailors in the Navy. One of her sons is deployed and asked her to send him a certain type of coffee and his favorite brand of menthol cigarettes.
Baldwin went to the post office to ship the items, but was repeatedly told she couldn’t include the cigarettes in the package.

…. It allows small shipments of tobacco products, but only via Express Mail because that’s the only postal service product that meets the identification requirements under the law.

“My kids are my life,” she said. “It breaks my heart that the two things he’s asking for, I can’t give him one of them.”

Read more at CNS

116 U.S. Troops Died in Afghanistan While Obama Pondered Reinforcements‏

 For the names and stories go to Fallen Warriors: http://www.militarycity.com/valor/honor.html

One hundred and sixteen U.S. troops died in Afghanistan between August 30, when Gen. Stanley McChrystal first reported that reinforcements were needed, and Tuesday, when President Barack Obama prepared to announce that he will send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. There were 58 U.S. casualties in Afghanistan in October alone, making that the deadliest month of the war. There were 37 U.S. casualties in Afghanistan in September, but in November, U.S. casualties in Afghanistan dropped to 17.

43 U.S. Troops Have Died in Afghanistan Since Gen. McChrystal Called for Reinforcements

Update:  98 Troops have now died while Obama Dithers

For a list of the Fallen go to Fallen Warriors on our homepage or


October’s death toll for American soldiers in Afghanistan reached 55 earlier this week. Two months since McChrystal requested additonal troops. It will take at least  year to get them in place, so it is said….. the clock is ticking.

(CNSNews.com) – Another American died in Afghanistan on Wednesday, the final day of September–and exactly one month after the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan sent a confidential war assessment to the Obama administration, warning that more forces are needed–soon.


A U.S. Marine pays his respects to a fallen comrade at a memorial service on Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009, in Helmand province, Afghanistan. (AP Photo)
  In his confidential report, which was leaked to the Washington Post on Sept. 21, Gen. McChrystal warned that defeating the insurgents will not be possible if the United States fails to “gain the initiative and reverse insurgent momentum” over the next 12 months.
Then on Sunday, Gen. McChrystal told “60 Minutes” that he has talked to Obama only once in the past 70 days. At a briefing on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs noted that President Obama “receives a memo every week from General McChrystal.”
And on Wednesday, President Obama was “meeting” with McChrystal and other military officials in a video conference to discuss future plans for Afghanistan. The White House said President Obama’s national security team will also attend the video conference.
“But first, Obama welcomes golfing great Arnold Palmer to the Oval Office,” the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. Palmer is in town to receive the Congressional Gold Medal. 

On Thursday, Obama plans to fly to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago as the venue for the 2016 Olympics. First things first, apparently.

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