School battle: Mascot team name ‘Stallions’ too sexist

 EBL brings us this story:

New Sport Team Mascot Battle: The name ‘Stallions’ is too sexist…

 Daily Gator, Weasel Zippers and Breitbart noted this story: apparently the name Stallions is too sexist for a sport team mascot name…in Kentucky.  Last time I checked they had a lot of stallions in Kentucky.
A school district in Kentucky has canceled the school’s “Stallions” mascot after a petition from the community argued that the mascot was “inappropriate and sexist.”

Caulk declared that the students of Frederick Douglass High School will have the opportunity to choose their mascot from a slate of horse-themed options:

“Moving forward, we will keep the Keeneland green and orange colors and horse image in the school logo to pay homage to Lexington’s rich history in the horse industry, but we will allow the incoming students of Frederick Douglass High School to choose their mascot,” Superintendent Caulk said in a statement late Tuesday. “We’ve already received suggestions of Thoroughbreds or Racers as possible alternatives to Stallions and we will solicit additional ideas from our students before they choose a horse-themed mascot grounded in the land’s equestrian heritage.”

While the decision reeks of sexism, the word stallion itself is not sexist at all. Rather, I think they mean the name Stallions is too male.

Then there is always the cow.

Hannah Simpson, of Southland, New Zealand, rides a 7-year-old dairy cow most days. It started when her parents said she wasn’t allowed to have a horse, the then-11-year-old got creative. Now she and Lilac race across fields and master jumps, as documented on Simpson’s Instagram page. Simpson, who works at a dairy farm, says she’s tried to ride other cows but has only had one other that could jump. While Simpson admits she was a particularly adventurous kid when she started, she wouldn’t necessarily advise other people to try riding cows.

What moral responsibility do we have toward our children?

The Lonely Conservative has an interesting take on the morality of stealing our kids future. with a lot of good links A steady drumbeat in many Christian Churches today, is the development of the concept of Social Justice. Frequently Collective Salvation, which has no less than Communism at its root, is the next step in this philosophy. With this comes a reminder of Obama’s concept of Collective Salvation. It is often being touted under the banner of Religion.  We have a rare glimpse into Obama’s moral compass with the video below.

 Bunkerville refers to a “private document”  by then Cardianl Ratzinger who later becomes Pope Benedict  on “Liberation Theology.” from whence the concept of Collective Salvation has its eitiology, and his concern with  the dangers of Marxism.

Lonely Conservative :

When Did Robbing Our Children Become the Moral Thing to Do?

The Wall Street Journal has an important piece up today. Many progressive Christians would like us to believe that allowing the government to pick our pockets to help those in need is the moral thing to do. They forget that so many of us are generous, and gladly open our wallets when we  see those in need. But really, it all boils down to this question: Is it moral to steal from our children? Rest here: Lonely Conservative

From one of our earlier posts: The Pope says Collective Salvation is Demonic- Obama believes in it

And there is Van Jones:

Van Jones explains Social Justice,(Communism)

Yes, Van Jones out on the stump. Going out to the colleges, teaching the young folks how to be good Marxists. One of Valerie Jarret’s best friends. It is interesting to hear how he is so much in demand right now.

From the Right Scoop:  Van Jones spoke at Guilford College in North Carolina a couple of days ago and defined Social Justice for the audience. He said that if you could write your life on a card and put it in a hat filled with cards from everyone else in your country, and that you could then be totally assured that any card you pulled out would be a good life for you to live, then you know you live in a social justice country.

As the makers of the video points out, that’s communism:

Haitian ‘Social Justice’ Groups Want to Burn Aid

Good Luck with the Voodoo

Sometimes, when you get up in the morning, you feel like maybe this might be a day to do a good thing. Like sending a few bills to one of the Charities to help the folks out. Then, CNN reported that “Doctors Without Borders” were required to “pay rent” to come and help out, as well as other Charities. The Doctor just smiled as she told the tale. Now this today. So Haiti– here is where I go… the basic “Screw you” and good luck.  We have already given you 3.8 Billion. 

The people of Haiti are still suffering, so you’d think a multi-million-dollar donation of vegetable seeds would be welcome news. But two Haitian groups, backed by the activist group Grassroots International, are urging farmers to do the unthinkable: burn the donated seeds. 1

The group behind the campaign, Grassroots International, is backed by a long list of shadowy foundations, such as the Tides Foundation, which support radical left-wing causes. They wrap their advocacy in the cloak of social justice — but the Haitian people have suffered enough. The Tides Foundation??? WTH

The two groups, the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) and the National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papay (MPMKP), argue that the hybrid seeds donated by Monsanto will somehow undermine the “food sovereignty” of Haiti. They also assert, without any scientific basis, that the donated seeds are somehow unsafe. Nothing could be further from the truth, as seeds like those donated have been used safely for generations. Fatigue is quickly setting in.

Take a look at our earlier nitwit post on Haiti:

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