Vote Biden and get “crooked” Hillary – Proposes massive defense jobs cuts plans


If we thought the question of the day is whether Biden will pack the Supreme court, the better question is what is the plan for a Hillary Clinton in a Biden administration. Hillary pens a piece in Foreign affairs entitled:

A National Security Reckoning

How Washington Should Think About Power

The questions should now be asked of the Biden campaign:

  1. Do you intend to appoint Hillary Clinton to the role of Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, or a similar high-level cabinet posiiton?
  2. Does Hillary’s admission of major jobs cuts in the defense sector reflect the Biden campaign’s priorities?
  3. Has Joe Biden spoken with Hillary Clinton over her prospective role in a Biden administration, or on national security matters?

Here is where Clinton raises her bona fides lest we forget she is still rattling around, wandering the woods with her Chardonnay. She proposes massive military layoffs.


The Trump campaign will surely see the audition by the very unpopular Hillary Clinton as a gift in the final days of the U.S. Presidential campaign. The idea of voting for Joe Biden and waking up with Hillary Clinton will send chills up the spine of even many Democrats, to whom both Clinton and Biden represent an old, tired, globalist worldview at odds with a “progressive” or even populist Democrat trajectory

Her article contains a number of veiled mea culpas over globalism, though she repeatedly lumps the blame at Donald Trump’s door for many of the problems caused – in a national security sense – by his predecessors:


And while also appearing to lambast her own side’s heartlessness over job losses – she calls the left’s “learn to code” mantra “fanciful and condescending” – she also gives away that a Democratic plan for the “modernization” of the U.S. military would lead to massive job losses:

“No one should pretend that every defense job can be saved or replaced. Cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending over the next decade will inevitably inflict a painful toll on families and communities across the country.”

…….”Myopia about national security also manifests in the simplistic frames applied to complex challenges, such as insisting on seeing competition with China through the lens of the Cold War. In a speech in July, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered this pearl of wisdom: “I grew up and served my time in the army during the Cold War. And if there is one thing I learned, Communists almost always lie.”

That’s a remarkably unhelpful way of approaching the challenge. Huffing and puffing about Communists may rile up the Fox News audience, but it obscures the fact that China—along with Russia—poses an altogether different threat from the one the Soviet Union did. Today’s competition is not a traditional global military contest of force and firepower. Dusting off the Cold War playbook will do little to prepare the United States for adversaries that use new tools to fight in the gray zone between war and peace, exploit its open Internet and economy to undermine American democracy, and expose the vulnerability of many of its legacy weapons systems. Nor will such an anachronistic approach build the global cooperation needed to take on shared challenges such as climate change and pandemics.”

The admission will further serve as a boon to the Trump campaign seeking to bolster its support amongst military families after a fake news onslaught wherein The Atlantic magazine invented sources in order to drive a wedge between the President and his traditional base.

For the full  Clinton “try out” go to Foreign Affairs

H/T and more commentary: National Pulse

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An excellent piece of work on the man behind the DHS curtain and possible Secretary of Defense.

Panetta’s big stick– watch out Terrorist’s- we’re coming for you!

Truthfully, it has been pretty much of a gagger to try to post the last couple of days. But finally I found a real hoot. Now that Panetta is walking out the door, after we left Americans to die in Benghazi, and have done nothing to go after those who did it, after we turned the Middle East into a tinder box, this savant has his last remarks recorded and that should go down in History as demonstrating one of the most insightful foreign polices in our Nation’s History. He claims we helped out big time in Algeria after everyone knows Algeria told us to go to hell as well as the rest of the Europeans. Add our savant Clinton who just issued this warning that perhaps Americans may want to take off Algeria as their destination vacation port.  Wow, four more years that should get even better with our new Secretary of State and Defense. At least the word “Terrorist” was used. We indeed have come a long way. So this is my inaugural post. God help us.

The State Department issued a travel warning Saturday night for Americans in or traveling to Algeria, citing credible threats of the kidnapping of Western nationals. The department also authorized the departure from Algeria of staff members’ families if they choose to leave.

“Terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary, no refuge. Not in Algeria, not in North Africa, not anywhere,” Panetta told an audience in London.

Panetta says US officials are “working around the clock” to secure the safe release of aof US citizens who have been taken hostage by militants at a gas plant near the Algerian town of In Amenas.

John Kerry -the next Secretary of Defense? How absurd

John Kerry, the next Secretary of Defense?  Just a reminder below with a few minutes of clips. How fast can we dismantle and dishonor our military? We are going to expect our young men and women be placed in harm’s way with this man “looking out” for them? What a joke. Another expression of Obama’s anger if this comes to pass.

“[If you] make an effort to be smart… you can do well; [if not], you get stuck in Iraq.”
– John Kerry, 10-30-2006:

He then refused to apologize.

 Swiftboat Veterans For Truth Ad on John Kerry – Sellout

John Kerry actually windsurfed forward in the 2004 campaign. He voted for the Iraq war, then against it, then for it, and finally against it. It must have made the troops feel really supported. 


Panetta – just another political hack – Now to head Defense

This should be another great step by our fearless, missing leader. Panetta did not have a stellar career at the CIA, now of course, gets rewarded. But that is what happens to politicians.  Just think about all of those military contracts worth Billions to hand out. Winners and losers will no doubt be decided by the Executive Order of Obama which now requires knowing how much the companies bidding on projects gave to his war chest.

I am sure he will get all the news info he needs from Al-Jazeera, the WH fav news source. Here was an example:

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, testified before the House of Representatives on Thursday morning that there was a “strong likelihood” that Mr. Mubarak would step down by the end of the day.

American officials said Mr. Panetta was basing his statement not on secret intelligence but on media broadcasts, which began circulating before he sat down before the House Intelligence Committee. Mediaite<

To examine the career of Leon Panetta is to look back on the career of the consummate careerist and political survivor. gives us a rundown of Panetta’s political CV.

After his discharge from the Army in 1966, the 28-year-old Panetta became an aide to moderate Republican Thomas H. Kuchel, U.S. senator from California.

On May 26, 1970, he joined New York City mayor John V. Lindsay as an executive assistant for intergovernmental relations.

In 1976 he won the Democratic nomination for the 16th (now the 17th) Congressional District and defeated Republican incumbent Burt I. Talcott, receiving 53 percent of the vote. He served for 16 years.

As head of OMB Panetta helped the Clinton administration pass the hard-fought budget bill of 1993 (it passed the House by one vote) and the easily passed budget bill of 1994. In July of 1994 Panetta was appointed chief of staff to President Clinton and served until 1997.

In January 2009, President Barack Obama nominated Panetta for the post of CIA Director; he was confirmed by the full Senate on February 12, 2009 and assumed the office the next day.

Leon Panetta’s performance in office was not exactly the stuff of legend. When testifying before Congress about what was happening in Egypt, as acting Director of The CIA, he sourced his information to the news media. Mediaite describes the fustercluck.. More at Red State

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