Holder sends DOJ ‘monitors’ to Wisconsin election

I had heard Axelrod say on T.V. say several weeks ago that they had “thousands” of lawyers on the ground to ensure a “fair” election. Now I guess we know where they are coming from. Just wait until they start to count the absentee ballots. All Obama’s hands on deck. And we read that Obama is staying out of the Wisconsin election? Just laughing myself silly. Two posts today, I just could not let this one go by,

Washington (CNN) – The Justice Department Monday dispatched federal observers to Milwaukee to monitor the closely-watched recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. The Voting Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division said Milwaukee is among specific voting locations required to provide assistance to Spanish speaking citizens.

The Justice Department declined to say how many monitors have been sent to these locations, but from past practice the number is likely in the dozens. In prior general elections, the Justice Department has sent as many as one thousand federal observers and civil rights attorneys to coordinate federal activities and work with local elections officials. CNN

Gov Scott Walker threatens to fire State employees

Great Sean Hannity program last night. Scott is staying strong! This is an important day and we shall see how the unions act.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker threatened tonight to terminate those state employees who do not show up for work.
Governor Walker was on with Sean Hannity on Monday night.

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Anarchy comes to Wisconsin – what will be next? ?

It is now official. Anarchy has begun in Wisconsin. When elected officials run out-of-state to avoid carrying out their duties, it is a sad state of affairs. When the news no longer focuses on the lawlessness that is happening, and prefers to advocate for insurrection, we have much to fear. Fox also has vids of Docs committing fraud and now this one. This is the test of our democracy. Ms Frances Fox Piven who wrote “Mobilizing the Jobless,” must be delighted:

“So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs”?

Gateway Pundit:

Obama’s Wisconsin Strategy? The Chicago Way?

This is a disturbing find. It is amazing. You do not like the results of the election last November? Then simply vote them out the next election. The reports regarding the Wisconsin issue fail to focus that the Democrats are acting like a third tier Banana Republic. Negotiate, Negotiate.. We had an election.. we had a result.. now are we to have Democratic Nullification? Remember– Elections have consequences, You lost.

H/T: and more can be found at: From Your Daddy’s Politics

An add found on Craigslist.org calls for Union Swine to bloody the Tea Partiers in the Madison counter protest today. It also refers to assisting with the Egyptian revolution that recently took place. Click to enlarge.

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