NH Shaheen conspired with IRS targeting plan

This sure is a block buster story. A day late and a dollar short to hit the news? These Dems indeed have lost their moral compass. One more reason for GOPer to get out there to the polls. Here we go:

Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was principally involved in a plot with Lois Lerner and President Barack Obama’s political appointee at the IRS to lead a program of harassment against conservative nonprofit groups during the 2012 election, according to letters exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not want to publicly release 2012 correspondences exchanged between the IRS and Jeanne Shaheen at her personal Washington office: the agency delayed releasing the information to a major conservative super PAC multiple times, even threatening to see the super PAC in court, according to emails. (RELATED: Lois Lerner And Fellow IRS Official Announced Targeting At 2010 Conference Before Both Of Their Emails Went Missing)

“The IRS is aware of the current public interest in this issue,” IRS chief counsel William J. Wilkins, a White House visitor described by insiders as “The President’s Man at the IRS,” personally wrote in a hand-stamped memo to “Senator Shaheen” on official Department of the Treasury letterhead on April 25, 2012.

More at Daily Caller

Scott Brown sells out to Fidelity..will vote for Finance Reform bill

Scott Brown won a special deal for Fidelity in the Finance Reform bill. Fidelity, head quartered in Boston, you must be so pleased. Ah, we had such hope for you Scott Brown. For shame, when you had said no. Just another thief. Fidelity Investments even has a page devoted just to you! They are tickled pink at you and Snowe and Collins.Meanwhile, us “little people,”..  “small people” get screwed once again by Big Business and Government.  And I sent you a couple of bills. May I have my money back??

Brown, who has, by his own admission, carved out deals for Fidelity Investments, State Street, and MassMutual, among other Massachusetts based financial institutions can’t make Durbin’s point any clearer. In addition he’s argued for major loopholes in the Volker Rule that would allow firms to continue to gamble with taxpayer-backed capital.

Fidelity News that you should forget-Read Here

Any time someone alludes to Brown having filled or taken Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat, Brown quickly responds coyly with, “it’s the people’s seat.” It’s become apparent that the people’s seat is for sale.

Now that Scott Brown has managed to score the same backroom deals he opposed during his campaign run for Senator of Massachusetts he’s threatening to vote for the financial reform bill he’s said he was against. Sound confusing?

It really isn’t when you consider Brown is among the top five congressional recipients of “contributions” from the finance/insurance/real estate industry. An impressive rank to have achieved compared to the other four who have spent years in the Senate. Some of the biggest contributors to his campaign committee include political action committees and employees associated with FMR (think Fidelity Investments), Bain Capital, Credit Suisse Group and Barclay’s, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The usual story of Scott Brown’s election to the Senate in MA is that he was put there to kill health care reform. But all the money he’s getting from the finance industry makes it clear that they were hoping he would also be the 41st Republican to kill financial reform. According to his profile on OpenSecrets.org all of his top campaign contributors are financial companies.

In April of this this year, Brown was asked for his opinion on the financial regulatory reform bill. ” I can’t support it ,” he said. When asked what areas he thought should be fixed, he replied: “Well, what areas do you think should be fixed? I mean, you know, tell me. And then I’ll get a team and go fix it,” he said, talking to a reporter who wanted to know what kind of changes he hoped to see. Huff Post not so far off.  Read more: Richard Zombeck: Scott Brown Has Put the People’s Seat Up For Sale


Obama of Borg – Meet the Collective -or another miracle?

Resistance is futile – or is it? Remember the Massachusetts Miracle, with Scott Brown? They said it couldn’t be done? The choice is ours. Take a look at the Massachusetts Miracle to get fired up. The Manchurian Candidate Borg is going to be the other option.


Now is the time. The  fight begins.

Steady Drumbeat: The Government is broken

Directly from Bunkerville:

Lets not forget  the plan: You always need a crisis. The crisis is  now a “broken government” “Gridlock”. “Partisan politics”. I suggest the government is not broken, Rather, its acting exactly as it should. Obama with a Democratic congress including a filibuster-proof senate, could not get any of  his radical agenda off the ground. What happened was the will of the people. So now we crisis again, we go back to the well, and apparently start his agenda once again.  I take exception to the  LA Times article and Glenn Beck. Infighting? Well, until Scott Brown came through, the Republicans were not even in the game. So everyone move to the right, and you will find consensus, not a broken government. Just as Reagan and Bush did. We should be proud. Proud of being a Republican. Up to now we have saved the country from the Abyss.

As for Beck, Bennett’s comment about his speech at CPAC was spot on. Enough of self-flagellation. We held firm. Even Snowe held out when it appeared a crazy 2000 page healthcare bill was going to be forced on us.

To say the GOP and the Democrats are no different, to say the GOP needs to hit a recovery-program-type bottom and hang its head in remorse, is to delay our own country’s recovery from the problems the Democratic left is inflicting. The stakes are too important to go through that kind of exercise, which will ultimately go nowhere anyway — because it’s already happened.


From the LA Times:

Reporting from Washington – As voters lose patience with political gridlock, the Obama administration is embarking on a strategy aimed at putting Republicans on the spot: Either participate in bipartisan exchanges initiated by the president, or be portrayed as the party of obstruction.

The new approach is part of a series of adjustments the White House is making as it deals with the aftermath of Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, which cost Democrats their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Right now, it’s not clear voters blame one party more than the other for paralysis in Washington. A recent poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal showed that voters are as apt to blame congressional Republicans as Democrats for the standoff. Virtually everyone surveyed agreed there is too much infighting in the capital.


Patrick Kennedy: Scott Brown’s candidacy ‘a joke’

Another one of the drug infested, alcoholic Kennedy’s opining on the world’s events. After Mass changed the Senate install date twice to accommodate the Dems for a win. Their arrogance goes beyond measure. PATRICK KENNEDY– Bull’s Eye on this guy next election.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) castigated Brown for having pushed to be sworn in ahead of schedule to permanently fill the Senate seat left vacant by the congressman’s father’s death in August.

“Brown’s whole candidacy was shown to be a joke today when he was sworn in early in order to cast his first vote as an objection to Obama’s appointment to the NLRB,” Kennedy said Thursday.

Kennedy was referencing some Democrats’ thoughts that Brown tried to bump up his swearing-in in order to give Republicans 41 votes, enough to filibuster the nomination of Craig Becker, a controversial nominee to join the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

See our earlier post “Craig Becker, next Marxist to be. https://bunkerville.wordpress.com/2010/02/04/nlrb-nominee-craig-becker-next-marxist-to-be/



May God be with you Scott Brown -another Paul Revere?

We can only hope that Scott Brown may remember one of his state’s patriots. Here is an edited Paul Revere’s account of that famous day. We come round full circle.

[Jeremy Belknap].

Dear Sir,

Having a little leisure, I wish to fullfill my promise, of giving you some facts, and Anecdotes, prior to the Battle of Lexington, which I do not remember to have seen in any history of the American Revolution.

In the year 1773 I was imployed by the Select men of the Town of Boston to carry the Account of the Destruction of the Tea to New-York; and afterwards, 1774, to Carry their dispatches to New-York and Philadelphia for Calling a Congress; and afterwards to Congress, several times.

 In the Fall of 1774 and Winter of 1775 I was one of upwards of thirty, cheifly mechanics, who formed our selves in to a Committee for the purpose of watching the Movements of the British Soldiers, and gaining every intelegence of the movements of the Tories. We held our meetings at the Green-Dragon Tavern. We were so carefull that our meetings should be kept Secret; that every time we met, every person swore upon the Bible, that they would not discover any of our transactions, But to Messrs. HANCOCK, ADAMS, Doctors WARREN, CHURCH, and one or two more. About November, when things began to grow Serious, a Gentleman who had Conections with the Tory party, but was a Whig at heart, acquainted me, that our meetings were discovered, and mentioned the identical words that were spoken among us the Night before. We did not then distrust Dr. Church, but supposed it must be some one among us. It was then a common opinion, that there was a Traytor in the provincial Congress, and that Gage was posessed of all their Secrets. (Church was a member of that Congress for Boston.) In the Winter, towards the Spring, we frequently took Turns, two and two, to Watch the Soldiers.

 From these movements, we expected something serious was [to] be transacted. On Tuesday evening, the 18th, it was observed, that a number of Soldiers were marching towards the bottom of the Common. 

 I returned at Night thro Charlestown; there I agreed with a Col. Conant, and some other Gentlemen, that if the British went out by Water, we would shew two Lanthorns in the North Church Steeple; and if by Land, one, as a Signal; for we were aprehensive it would be dificult to Cross the Charles River, or git over Boston neck. I left Dr. Warrens, called upon a friend, and desired him to make the Signals. I then went Home, took my Boots and Surtout, and went to the North part of the Town, Where I had kept a Boat; two friends rowed me across Charles River, a little to the eastward where the Somerset Man of War lay. It was then young flood, the Ship was winding, and the moon was Rising.  While the Horse was preparing, Richard Devens, Esq. who was one of the Committee of Safty, came to me, and told me, that he came down the Road from Lexington, after Sundown, that evening; that He met ten British Officers, all well mounted, and armed, going up the Road.

I set off upon a very good HorseI saw two men on Horse back, under a Tree. When I got near them, I discovered they were British officer. 

 In Medford, I awaked the Captain of the Minute men; and after that, I alarmed almost every House, till I got to Lexington. I found Messrs. Hancock and Adams at the Rev. Mr. Clark’s. I likewise mentioned, that we had better allarm all the Inhabitents till we got to Concord; the young Doctor much approved of it, and said, he would stop with either of us, for the people between that and Concord knew him, and would give the more credit to what we said. We had got nearly half way. Mr Daws and the Doctor stoped to allarm the people of a HouseIn their Front was an Officer on Horse back. They made a Short Halt; when I saw, and heard, a Gun fired, which appeared to be a Pistol. Then I could distinguish two Guns, and then a Continual roar of Musquetry; When we made off with the Trunk.

 The day after the Battle of Lexington, I met him in Cambridge, when He shew me some blood on his stocking, which he said spirted on him from a Man who was killed near him, as he was urging the Militia on. I well remember, that I argued with my self, if a Man will risque his life in a Cause, he must be a Friend to that cause; and I never suspected him after, till He was charged with being a Traytor.

Thus, Sir, I have endeavoured to give you a Short detail of some matters, of which perhaps no person but my self have documents, or knowledge. I have mentioned some names which you are aquainted with: I wish you would Ask them, if they can remember the Circumstances I alude to.

I am, Sir, with every Sentment of esteem,

Your Humble Servant,

Paul Revere

Col. Reveres Letter.



NLRB nominee Craig Becker, next Marxist to be?

UPDATE: OBAMA DOES END RUN-Senate had voted down Becker in February- Here is the vote tally:https://bunkerville.wordpress.com/2010/03/28/senate-voted-no-to-craig-becker-now-obama-dones-end-run/ Now Obama does Appointment, The People be damned.

The hearing for Craig Becker is today. We can only hope that Scott Brown gets seated in time. Obama marches on, packing the deck with his marxist friends. Where are the Republicans?? Missing in action once again.

According to the WSJ:  Big Labor might not even need card check if Craig Becker has his way. “He is Andy Stern’s go to guy,”According to the WSJ. He is currently the associate Counsel for Andy Stern. 

Craig Becker is President Obama’s nominee to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and you should be afraid…very, very afraid.


Mr. Becker wrote that employers should be barred from NLRB proceedings:

“On these latter issues employers should have no right to be heard in either a representation case or an unfair labor practice case, even though Board rulings might indirectly affect their duty to bargain.”

The NLRB has two primary functions: one, to prevent and remedy unfair labor practices, whether committed by labor organizations or employers, and; two, to establish whether or not certain groups of employees desire labor organization representation for collective-bargaining purposes, and if so, which union.

Becker will be the third person on the five person Board and the second Democrat thus giving them majority on the Board. To say that Becker’s views are “extreme” would be an insult. His views of employer-employee relations invites thoughts of hammers and sickles.

Mr. Becker wholeheartedly believes that employers and workers preferences are second to union goals, namely increased membership. The NLRB is entrusted with interpreting and enforcing the NLRA, laws which apply to nearly every American business. As a member of the NLRB, Mr. Becker would be able to implement his radical ideas and shape labor laws for the indefinite future.

Just as Mr. Becker views employers as obstacles to increased unionization, he similarly views workers ability to democratically choose union representation as problematic:

“Just as U.S. Citizens cannot opt against having a congressman, workers should not be able to choose against having a union as their monopoly-bargaining agent.”


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