Flip-Flop McCain turns into front-runner


Drudge had this story as his header….from the AP, so what else is new. Fox reported this morning that he spent over 50 million– “left over”–from his presidential race just for this primary to knock off Hayworth. This report says 20 mil– either way, this left over bit has me stoked. Look, I am no fan particularly of Hayworth, but after the disaster you helped bring upon us, please go away. And not to spend your money, when so many close House and Senate seats were lost.. too much.  The only good thing out of your disaster was bringing Sarah out of Alaska.

“Once labeled a vulnerable incumbent, the four-term Arizona Republican is the clear front-runner against challenger J.D. Hayworth after spending some $20 million and casting his GOP opponent as a late-night infomercial huckster in a series of devastating ads. The primary is Tuesday.

McCain, who turns 74 on Aug. 29, has survived the deadly 1967 explosion on the USS Forrestal, 5 1/2 years in a Vietnam POW camp after being shot down near Hanoi and skin cancer. Politically, he has persisted through the Keating Five savings and loan scandal, and two failed bids for the White House.”

“I have stood up and led the fight as a fiscal conservative and a leader on national defense and a strong supporter of the men and women who are fighting and sacrificing for this nation,” McCain told a woman who questioned his record at a town-hall meeting last Thursday. Yea, fiscal conservative and border security.. flip flop.

Read more from AP here

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