NSA experts say DNC ‘hack’ was an inside leak job, not the Russians

Former NSA experts say it wasn’t a hack at all, but a leak—an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system.

No less than William H. Binney, the master-mind behind all of that nasty stuff that the NSA does to Americans including storing every keystroke out in the Utah storage center, is on board with this story. Anyone who has been around my blog knows I am a big fan of his. An inside job. Now what does Mueller do with this information? How about Debbie dearest and her BFF the Awans? What are their part?

Four members of VIPS are currently concentrating on the task at hand. They are: (1) William Binney, the NSA’s former technical leader who also designed many of the programs now in use by the agency; (2) Kirk Wiebe, a former senior analyst with the NSA’s SIGINT Automation Research Center; (3) Edward Loomis, the former technical director at the NSA’s Office of Signal Processing; and (4) Ray McGovern, former chief of the CIA’s Soviet Foreign Policy Branch.

But let’s get to it. In a LONG windy post put out by uber liberal THE NATION, we learn this:

…Lost in a year that often appeared to veer into our peculiarly American kind of hysteria is the absence of any credible evidence of what happened last year and who was responsible for it. It is tiresome to note, but none has been made available. Instead, we are urged to accept the word of institutions and senior officials with long records of deception. These officials profess “high confidence” in their “assessment” as to what happened in the spring and summer of last year—this standing as their authoritative judgment. Few have noticed since these evasive terms first appeared that an assessment is an opinion, nothing more, and to express high confidence is an upside-down way of admitting the absence of certain knowledge. This is how officials avoid putting their names on the assertions we are so strongly urged to accept—as the record shows many of them have done…….

“The metadata established several facts in this regard with granular precision: On the evening of July 5, 2016, 1,976 megabytes of data were downloaded from the DNC’s server. The operation took 87 seconds. This yields a transfer rate of 22.7 megabytes per second. These statistics are matters of record and essential to disproving the hack theory. No Internet service provider, such as a hacker would have had to use in mid-2016, was capable of downloading data at this speed.”

What is the top possible speed? Somewhere around 16 megabytes per second. According to Skip Folden, a former IBM program manager and independent analyst, 22.7 megabytes per second is beyond unlikely under the circumstances–unless you’re downloading the files directly using a storage device like a USB drive. He said:

“A speed of 22.7 megabytes is simply unobtainable, especially if we are talking about a transoceanic data transfer. Transfer rates of 23 MB/s are not just highly unlikely, but effectively impossible to accomplish when communicating over the Internet at any significant distance. Further, local copy speeds are measured, demonstrating that 23 MB/s is a typical transfer rate when using a USB–2 flash device (thumb drive).”

As to the report’s second contention–that the Guccifer 2.0 documents were tainted to cast curious eyes toward Russia–Folden notes that a simple peeling away of the documents’ top layer of metadata shows the sloppy and intentional misattribution.  More at The Nation Abbreviated opinion at Law Newz

For anyone who hasn’t seen the Binney interview, I will include it.


Reminder that the CIA hacked Senate computers in 2014

Who is hacking whom? Russia?  Let us not forget John Brennan the nefarious head of the CIA. Has it been that long ago that we forget 2014 when the CIA broke into the Senate Intelligence Committee? Remember they sent criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

Then we have the Obama who hacked Merkle’s phone, interfered in both Russian and Israeli elections. Just who do we think pulled off these deeds? The CIA.

The nefarious John Brennan spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee and what else? 

WASHINGTON — An internal investigation by the C.I.A. has found that its officers penetrated a computer network used by the Senate Intelligence Committee in preparing its damning report on the C.I.A.’s detention and interrogation program.

The report by the agency’s inspector general also found that C.I.A. officers read the emails of the Senate investigators and sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department based on false information, according to a summary of findings made public on Thursday. One official with knowledge of the report’s conclusions said the investigation also discovered that the officers created a false online identity to gain access on more than one occasion to computers used by the committee staff.

Following the briefing, some senators struggled to maintain their composure over what they saw as a violation of the constitutional separation of powers between an executive branch agency and its congressional overseers.

“We’re the only people watching these organizations, and if we can’t rely on the information that we’re given as being accurate, then it makes a mockery of the entire oversight function,” said Sen. Angus King, an independent from Maine who caucuses with the Democrats.

Read more here: McClatchy for the full background.

For more

The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere – The …

Oct 13, 2016


Russians and Exxon team up to explore for oil, anywhere but the U.S.

Apparently, I am one of few who find this at least somewhat of interest. Drill, Baby, Drill does not include the United Sates. This comes on the heels of my hearing on Fox Business, that the reason the Stock Market is taking off is because of the S & P 500, over half  of the investments are overseas. So the world move on, and we are apparently to remain in the back seat. Yes indeed, a Sputnik moment. One big happy family.Yes, the World Economic Summit in Davos where we are getting our clock cleaned World Economic Summit – Faces of Davos. P.S. Geitner just joined the merry group.Here tis:

Exxon Mobil Corp. and OAO Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil producer, signed a $1 billion accord to explore for oil and gas in the deepwater Black Sea.

The partnership with Exxon may include oil refining at a later stage, Rosneft Chairman and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechinsaid today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Rosneft will hold 66 percent of an exploration joint venture and Exxon the rest. Exxon Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson said drilling will cost as much as $1 billion and the U.S. company will make the initial investment in the project. The first well may be drilled in 2012.

Exxon and Rosneft currently work together at the Sakhalin-1 project off the coast of Russia’s Sakhalin Island. The Black Sea block, called the Tuapse Trough, covers 4,300 square miles at depths between 1 kilometer and 2 kilometers and has 70 prospective structures, according to the Rosneft website.

Sechin said it informed BP Plc of the upcoming agreement with Exxon after Rosneft and BP agreed to swap shares and explore the arctic Kara Sea earlier this month.

Rosneft also has an accord to explore a neighboring deepwater Black Sea block, Val Shatskogo, with Chevron Corp.

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