Warrantless spying passes with GOP- vote tally count.

GOP and Feinstein join to fulfill Obama’s demand for renewed warrantless eavesdropping

H.R. 5949: FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization Act of 2012 (On Passage of the Bill) Vote and Bill for individual votes here

Tthe Senate on Friday morning passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by a vote of 73-23 and will send it to President Obama’s desk for signature.

No surprise is there? Feinstein makes the remark that there is not enough time to debate the bill. Typical progressive logic. Forget that the Senate has done nothing for months. Barely a ripple in the news. The Obama agenda continues without so much of many GOPer complaints. A few mild amendments were quickly dispatched with. I looked for a good recent video of the event while I still have the right to look at it. .The choices for comments were a piece from Russian news, Young Turks and Rand Paul. Paul gives us a bit of history on the matter. So here we go:

The worst of Dick Cheney while advancing Obama’s agenda.

Wyden yesterday had two amendments: one that would simply require the NSA to give a general estimate of how many Americans are having their communications intercepted under this law (information the NSA has steadfastly refused to provide), and another which would state that the NSA is barred from eavesdropping on Americans on US soil without a warrant. Merkley’s amendment would compel the public release of secret judicial rulings from the FISA court which purport to interpret the scope of the eavesdropping law on the ground that “secret law is inconsistent with democratic governance”; the Obama administration has refused to release a single such opinion even though the court, “on at least one occasion”, found that the government was violating the Fourth Amendment in how it was using the law to eavesdrop on Americans

But the Obama White House opposed all amendments, demanding a “clean” renewal of the law without any oversight or transparency reforms. Earlier this month, the GOP-led House complied by passing a reform-free version of the law’s renewal, and sent the bill Obama wanted to the Senate, where it was debated yesterday afternoon.

 The Democratic Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, took the lead in attacking Wyden, Merkley, Udall and Paul with the most foul Cheneyite accusations, and demanded renewal of the FISA law without any reforms. And then predictably, in virtually identical 37-54 votes, Feinstein and her conservative-Democratic comrades joined with virtually the entire GOP caucus (except for three Senators: Paul, Mike Lee and Dean Heller) to reject each one of the proposed amendments and thus give Obama exactly what he demanded: reform-free renewal of the law (while a few Democratic Senators have displayed genuine, sustained commitment to these issues, most Democrats who voted against FISA renewal yesterday did so symbolically and half-heartedly, knowing and not caring that they would lose as evidenced by the lack of an attempted filibuster).

The Guardian


Jordan begins ‘Arab Spring’ – U.S forces present

There is barely a mention in the press that Obama has stationed troops on the Jordan and Syrian border. At the time, October of 2012, the only voices were Kucinich and Paul, who complained that according to the constitution, he needed Congressional approval, but what the heck. Why is it important? Because Jordan will soon start its full “Arab Spring”. Since we don’t know or perhaps we do- that the Syrian anti-government forces are mostly of the Muslim Brotherhood persuasion, we are getting in bed once more with characters that do not mean us well. What are we doing in Jordan? Supposedly it is to keep our eye on the chemical weapons. Or are we helping to destabilize Jordan as well.  Jordan’s King Abdullah II has agreed to new elections next year, and we know how that goes, don’t we? Keep your eye out for the highlighted statement below:

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton phoned the monarch and backed his efforts to accelerate political reforms in the kingdom and implement economic reforms, a palace statement said.

BRUSSELS — The United States has sent troops to Jordan to bolster its military capabilities in the event Syria’s civil war escalates, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday, reflecting U.S. concerns about the conflict spilling over allies’ borders and about the security of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II fears such weapons could go to the al-Qaida terror network or other militants, primarily the Iranian-allied Lebanese Hezbollah — a vocal critic of Jordan’s longstanding alliance with the United States. Detroirt Free Press

AMMAN (Reuters) – Thousands of demonstrators chanted the Arab Spring slogan “the people want the downfall of the regime” in Jordan on Friday

The mainly urban Muslim Brotherhood announced on Friday it was joining the protests, lending the voice of the country’s largest opposition movement to demonstrations which had previously been focused on rural and tribal areas.

Abdullah cancelled a visit to London he had been due to make next week, Britain’s Foreign Office said, without giving further details.

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton phoned the monarch and backed his efforts to accelerate political reforms in the kingdom and implement economic reforms, a palace statement said.

Instability in Jordan would come at a dangerous time for the region, when Syria’s war risks spilling across borders and Israel is bombing Palestinians in Islamist-run Gaza. Yahoo News

The Arab Spring, sold to the U.S. public as a wave of democratic fervor overthrowing Muslim tyrants to establish liberty, has instead given a powerful stronghold to the Muslim Brotherhood from which to exert its will toward its ultimate goal of a Muslim caliphate.

The “spontaneous” attacks and demonstrations throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia were just the first message from the Brotherhood telling Obama who’s really in charge.

If U.S. troops become involved in fighting in Syria or Jordan, they will be working alongside the Syrian “rebels” who are Obama’s proxies in this war. Many of them are Muslim Brotherhood-recruited members of al Qaida, some of whom were even recruited from Afghanistan and Pakistan, fresh from fighting against our troops there.

Now with his Arab Spring plan’s failure in open view, and the State Department tripping over itself to cover up for the boss, Obama is willing to spend more American lives and money in a pointless war he helped start that threatens to ignite into a full-blown conflict between Russia and NATO, with the most likely result being the creation of a new Ottoman Empire.

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Fed feels earthquake? Ron Paul to have oversight

I’m sure good old Ben loved to hear this news. It’s about  time. Let’s first take a look at what the Fed has done to us.

The value of the dollar remained extremely stable for 150 years, the Fed was created in order to “stabilize the value of the dollar,” and the result has been a 95% devaluation of the dollar in less than 100 years following its creation.

From 1776 to 1912 (136 years), the value of the dollar, relative to the Consumer Price Index, increased by 11%. A dollar could buy 11% more goods in 1912 than in 1776. Thus, if in 1776, you sat on your savings pile of $1,000,000 for 136 years, it would then be worth $1,110,000 in purchasing power (it will have appreciated in value by 11%). A loaf of bread for Thomas Jefferson cost the same as a loaf of bread for Lincoln 50 years later and again the same for J.P. Morgan 50 years after that. Read more: Dollar Stable until the Federal Reserve

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a longtime advocate for plans to end the Federal Reserve’s control of U.S. monetary policy, will assume the chairmanship of the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee of the House Committee on Financial Services when the 112th Congress begins in January,

“First and foremost, I want the subcommittee to actually begin talking about monetary policy,” Paul said. “The Federal Reserve has insisted that Congress has no role in monetary policy. But that’s not what the Constitution says.”

In Congress, Paul has been in the lead on this issue for years, sounding the alarm as federal budget deficits under President Obama have escalated in fiscal year 2010 to $1.3 trillion, while the national debt has mounted to nearly $14 trillion, a sum that nearly equals the nation’s gross domestic product.

“The Fed operates in secret,” Paul said. “What the subcommittee needs is to act like a monetary policy committee. What we need is an honest debate in which the subcommittee can bring to the American public views the Fed may never consider.”

He has explained that Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution assigns to Congress the right to coin money; the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 created the Federal Reserve. There is no mention of a U.S. central bank in the Constitution.

It appears Paul also will have a chance to pursue another long-standing dream, to get a thorough public audit of the traditionally secretive Federal Reserve.

“If the Fed does not respond to subcommittee requests for access to internal memos and other documentation of decision making, we have subpoena power,” he noted. “Still, I plan to start by making requests, then will see what happens.” WND

Clinton’s Famous Words to Voters ‘They’re Playing You’

I picked out some of the less memorable comments from  Bozo at his Kentucky stump. Ron took a bit of a dip too, when sliding into the Lewinsky visual. I saw a bit of a clip where he picked up the Alinsky tactic which the Dems have decided is the winning pitch. The Republicans are steeped in contributions from “foreign countries”.. prove that you are not.

“Be mad,” he said. “They are playing you, and you know it.”

Clinton spoke for almost 30 minutes in the heat during a rally for Attorney General Jack Conway, a Democrat who is locked in a tight U.S. Senate race with Republican eye surgeon Rand Paul.

Molly Coffey, 18, of Mount Vernon, squealed with excitement after getting her picture taken with Clinton, who served from 1993 to 2001 and remains one of the most popular politicians in Kentucky and the country. Keep squealing Molly!

 More Here

The Republican agenda will add $1 trillion to the national debt, he said, referencing among other things the intention of retaining tax cuts for the richest Americans.”

Clinton warned that if Republicans retake control of Congress, they will “turn America back over to the wealthiest, most selfish corporate special interests that have killed jobs in this country.”  Gag reflex

Paul tried to take some of the luster off Clinton’s appearance by bringing up the Monica Lewinsky affair and questioning the former president’s character during a stop in Shelbyville on the third leg of a bus tour he began Monday.

“I’m not sure I can trust a guy who had sexual relations with an intern,” Paul told reporters. A very clever comment Ron

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From Weasel Zippers  — hey, Bozo,  Zero–you may not want to go there.

Foreign related Pacs give more to Dems

Total: $12,204,154
To Dems: $6,517,903
To Repubs: $5,581,701

Only American citizens (and immigrants with green cards) can contribute to federal politics, but the American divisions of foreign companies can form political action committees (PACs) and collect contributions from their American employees. Here’s an indication of the foreign-connected interests behind these PACs, based on the headquarters of their parent companies. Click on a continent to see country-by-country detail.

(Country breakdown here)

Tea Party Clueless About U.S. Tax Dollars Funding Bailout Heist

yes, your ATM is for Europe

Amazing there has been little if any discussion about the impact of the Billions of our Bucks heading over to Europe. Swaps and derivatives maybe over my pay grade but I got it. Bucks out mean less for me. They would prefer we remain ignorant, but I think I got the plan. Demon inflation is just around the corner- the cruelest tax of all.

Silence from anti-tax movement on bailouts is deafening – and dangerous.

Hat Tip:Paul Joseph Watson from:  Prison Planet.com

In addition to Americans picking up the tab for the IMF’s bailout of Europe, they will also be waving goodbye to further unknown billions in the form of Federal Reserve credit swaps, with the Fed directly sending U.S. dollars to European banks. And don’t believe for a second that you actually have a right to know to which foreign entities these untold billions are heading – because Ben Bernanke refuses to tell us.

As CNBC hosts Joe Kerne and Rick Santelli pointed out yesterday, the Tea Party movement seems largely clueless about the fact that a huge chunk of the $1 trillion dollar bailout heist being pushed through to save the face of global economic governance is being funded with dollars looted from American taxpayers.

Founded on the principle of keeping taxes low for the benefit of the economy, the Tea Party movement has seemingly ignored the biggest and most insidious stealth tax – inflation – which as Ron Paul highlighted yesterday, will only soar as a result of this latest bailout.

“Could you really tell the American taxpayer, you can connect the dots between them and Greece? I mean are they paying for some lavish benefits in Greece right now?” asked CNBC’s Kerne.

Thanks to Survivial Station for a good heads up: http://blog.survivalstation.org/tea-party-clueless-about-u-s-tax-dollars-funding-bailout-heist-52525.html

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