Supreme Gorsuch sides with the left in latest ruling, Ginsburg sides with Consevatives


Supreme Gorsuch sides with the left in a decision handed down yesterday. This after his decision a week or so ago Supreme Gorsuch sides with Liberals again on Indian hunting case

Not to worry, the case went 5-4 saved by the bell no less than by Ginsburg.

Just to put the icing on the cake, let us not forget back in February our star

John Roberts Joins Liberals in Blocking Louisiana Abortion Law

I wouldn’t get too excited that Roe v. Wade will be overturned anytime soon.

Neil Gorsuch


The best part is that moribund Ginsburg sided with the Conservatives on Monday in this latest case. Who knows, in the end we may be more than happy to prop her up after our conservative “Stars” sell us out once more.



The Supreme Court on Monday found that a criminal defendant can be sentenced for violating his supervised release, even if the release expires while he is incarcerated ahead of facing new charges.

The justices, divided in the 5-4 decision, ruled against Jason Mont’s argument that a district court shouldn’t be able to charge him for violating his release because the term had expired at the time of the new sentencing.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sided with conservative Justices Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh in the majority. Justice Neil Gorsuch joined liberal Justices Sonia SotomayorStephen Breyer and Elena Kagan in opposing the decision.

Chief Justice Roberts will allow Ginsburg to decide cases as long as she has breath


Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts is giving Ginsburg a pass unimaginable. The most important court in the land will find its oldest member, who cannot even remain awake at the State of the Union addresses, will be allowed to decide cases from home. Unable to participate in the questioning of those that appear before it, she will simply read transcripts. No doubt her student interns will be filling in for her, prepping her in retaining her radical agenda. In other words, as long as she has breath she will remain on the Court. It was reported that she cast the last vote while under heavy sedation from her hospital bed. Where is the reporting on this?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on Monday missing supreme court arguments for the first time in more than 25 years, as she recuperates from cancer surgery last month, the court said.

Ginsburg was not on the bench as the court met to hear arguments. It was not clear when she would return to the court, which will hear more cases on Tuesday and Wednesday and again next week.


Chief Justice John Roberts said in the courtroom that Ginsburg would participate in deciding the argued cases “on the basis of the briefs and transcripts of oral arguments”.

More at the Guardian

Despite that participation, Ginsburg was not expected to be able to ask questions Monday. That is significant, since Ginsburg is one of the court’s most consistent questioners. Last term, Ginsburg spoke at least once during every oral argument, according to an analysis by Empirical SCOTUS, one of only three justices to do so.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reportedly voted against President Donald Trump’s proposed asylum restrictions from her hospital bed, where she was recovering from lung surgery.

NBC News and NPR reported that Ginsburg cast the vote during her stay at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, where she is recovering after two nodules were removed from her lungs.

“Unfortunately, lung cancer is usually caught in an advanced stage after it shows symptoms, after it has already spread to the lymph nodes and elsewhere, and by then it’s only curable in a small minority of cases,” Dr. John Heymach, chairman of thoracic, head and neck Medical Oncology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, told NBC News on Friday.

“It’s possible, without knowing the specifics of her case, that early detection because of those broken ribs saved her life,” said Heymach.

She has slept through many of the State of the Union speeches. from some years ago. Here is one of her excuses. Too much wine. Cute.
At a panel discussion on Thursday, Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about nodding off during the State of the Union speech
Then we have this special moment.

As Pope Francis rose to address the assembled members of Congress and the justices of the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s head dropped and her eyelids closed in a repeat performance of January’s State of the Union address.

And just like the time before, it didn’t go unnoticed and people took to social media with their observations, including one that summed it up pretty well: “What an embarrassment.”

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