Bye-bye America, and Fox too. It was good to know you

What to even say today. I thought Trump was an honest man yesterday as he took on both sides of the violence that occurred in Charlotte. But that apparently took everyone over the moon.

We can’t talk about Antifa. That had become abundantly clear. I am not a racist. But I do treasure our history. The visual of the statute coming down in Durham haunts me. Civil war looms. This will not stand because as Trump said, there will be no end to it. So, I am done with Fox- with the Perino nugget included below. Bye Bye America.

Here is a tweet that sums up the situation:

After we blast Look Out Mtn off the face of the earth, might as well head to GA, start w/Stone Mtn b/c “fragile folks” simply can’t bare it

And to add insult to injury, Fox is now impossible to watch. Am I the only one who saw “Eboni’s” rant against Trump on “The Specialists?” I tuned in yesterday just to see if there was going to be an apology. Just more of the same. Bye Eboni.

And add “The Five.” Now this. Bye Perino.

Fox News New Low: Establishment Mouthpiece Perino Implies Pro-Israel Breitbart a Nazi Site

Fox News viewers were livid after Dana Perino—long suspected to be someone, like Megyn Kelly, who cares more about the opinions of elites in New York and D.C. than Fox News’ viewers—smeared Breitbart News as a site for Nazis on Monday.

It seems like the vapid Fox News host knows less about Breitbart News and the alt-right/new right than the Cuban Missile Crisis, which is saying quite a lot.

Perino lashed out at President Donald Trump on The Five for allowing Nazis and the alt-right to seek “safe harbor under his wing” before adding that “the alt-right doesn’t even believe in the Constitution of the United States.”

“These are people who, through, sites like Breitbart for the last two years come after people,” Perino said. “I thought Nazis were something that we dealt in the past … of course, I knew [there were] like little groups here and there … but that America had a handle on it.”

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