Sunday respite: ‘Mary did you know?

For those wishing politics, the various votes for the Omnibus Budget Bill including the Cruz amendment with a breakdown of individual votes can be found at an earlier post:

Vote Tally Count Omnibus budget bill -UPDATE PASSED!

Omnibus ‘Crap Sandwich’ budget bill passed without reading it

This says it all now doesn’t it? Still not caring enough to read the bill. Too anxious to get their sorry a** home for the Holidays. The 296-121 vote  breakdown of the vote tally from Gov Track here: Gov Track Keep your eye out for the GOPers who voted for this. The next primary let’s send them home.

“I rise in strong support of this bill. I urge my colleagues to support this piece of legislation. None of them have read it. Not one of us has read every page in this bill,” Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said on the House floor about the $1 trillion spending bill that would prevent a government shutdown. The Hill

Hoyer is in the House Democratic leadership. 

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), who voted for the omnibus spending bill along with 146 other Republicans, called the measure a “crap sandwich” and said he wished it cut more. “I have consistently said throughout my time in Washington that the American people deserve more from their government,” he said. “This bill is a crap sandwich! You definitely do not want to bite into it, you cannot stand the taste, but you know you have to eat it.” The Hill 

No sir, you do not have to eat it, and you do not deserve to be in the Congress. You are a disgrace.

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