Fake Thanksgiving news on Trump and more ! (humor)

The original story on Trump’s Thanksgiving activities —that was ultimately deleted— Newsweek talked of excess and golfing, stone crab and his Rocky Balboa tweet, framing it in a way that would make Americans think the president is living it up on his golden throne, according to NOQ Report.


Trump’s past Thanksgiving meals have reportedly involved 24 dishes including turkey, stone crab, beef tenderloin, leg of lamb, scallops, ahi tuna martinis, lobster bisque and seven desserts.

One thing we do know, the man was at a photo shoot!


Missing from the Macy’s parade!

The Italians know how to treat our man.

From an Italian parade — “Donald Trump” as an emperor wearing very detailed armor. Note his Twitter Sword!

‘Twitter Is His Sword’: EPIC Warhammer 40k Trump Steals The Show At Italian Carnival

I can only imagine how much the snowflakes here would have a melt down if we had Emperor Trump in a parade …


Another look-




Fake news brought to you by Newsweek.


Happy Thanksgiving President Trump!

Other than that, all is well in the swamp

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Newsweek: Time to re-think the taboo on cannibalism?


Newsweek just published an article saying we should rethink the taboo on cannibalism. This is when you realize the evil, diabolical, anti-human, genocidal tendencies of the Left are real. The British magazine The Economist starts the ball rolling.

Earlier this week, I posted The Economist alarmed that poor people are eating more meat around the world

Poor people eating more meat means it is ‘bad news for the environment.’ That means they will live longer, healthier lives. More global warming. Poor people. They need to start thinking of the environment instead of survival and what not.

It included a chilling video that only a few years ago would have been unheard of to even consider publishing. If that wasn’t chilling enough, now we have Newsweek. It almost seems to be an orchestrated plan in attempting in de-sensitizing us.

Read the Newsweek post if you have the stomach for it. Breitbart picks up the tale.

Since cannibalism is found throughout the animal kingdom and therefore is something natural, perhaps it is time for humans to rethink the “ultimate taboo” against eating human flesh, Newsweek proposes in an article this week.

There is nothing necessarily unethical or unreasonable about eating human flesh, declare psychologists Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie of Lancaster University, but careful reasoning over the merits of cannibalism is often “overridden by our feelings of repulsion and disgust.

Adapting to the unfamiliar

”We suspect that we could adapt to human flesh if need be. Many people develop disgust for all kinds of meat, while morticians and surgeons quickly adapt to the initially difficult experience of handling dead bodies. Our ongoing research with butchers in England suggests that they easily adapt to working with animal parts that the average consumer finds quite disgusting.

While not going so far as to recommend cannibalism, saying “there is no need to overcome our repulsion for the foreseeable future,” the two authors suggest that humans could master their aversion for human flesh if they needed to.

Here an everyday ordinary woman feels compelled to respond and does it in a sobering and thoughtful way. Well worth watching. As she comments “The mask is slipping.”



Breitbart: Newsweek- Time to rethink the taboo on cannibalism

To end on a much happier note, I leave you with this….

Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

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Newsweek Sr. Writer Kurt Eichenwald goes wacko on Tucker Carlson UPDATE

I don’t know how Tucker gets people on his show. One thing is for sure, you are in for a rousing smack down. Tucker would make a great Press secretary. Beating up all those poor hapless reporters who are so full of themselves. Newsweek at one time was a standard subscription for anyone who had a penchant for politics. This interview gives us a glimpse into how far it has fallen. Tucker was trending on twitter big time after the interview. No wonder.  Worth riding out the beginning commercial in the clip.

UPDATE: bydesign001 COMMENTED:  was definitely MUST SEE tv but it didn’t end there. Eichenwald then went on a twitter meltdown. http://grumpyelder.com/2016/12/16/tucker-carlson-vs-newsweeks-kurt-eichenwald-eichenwald-has-twitter-meltdown/

Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host calls out Newsweek for alleged bias and asks reporter Kurt Eichenwald to his face whether he should even be allowed to cover President-elect Trump.

Newsweek Depiction of Obama as Lord Shiva upsets India

What will a buck buy these days? Why Newsweek. Yes, I agree he is Shiva destroyer of the world. Tina Brown, you did oh so good with your maiden voyage as Editor. Talk about pandering to your base. The new spin? Why the job is even too big for God. Poor Zero.

Newsweek’s depiction of President Obama on its latest cover has irked some Indian Americans who, fresh off Obama’s visit to the world’s largest democracy, are not happy with the image of the U.S. president as the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva.

The Newsweek cover shows Obama with several arms carrying policy issues while balancing on one leg. The headline reads: “God of All Things” with a subtitle, “Why the Modern Presidency May be too Much for One Person to Handle.”

Shiva, who is one of three pre-eminent gods in the Hindu religion along with Brahma and Vishnu, is considered the destroyer of the world, which must end, metaphorically speaking, in order to be reborn as a more universalistic place. However, the god’s purpose is not to foretell an apocalyptic ending. Read the rest at Fox News here

Rajan Zed argued that it was unnecessary dragging of a Hindu deity in American political wrangles by Newsweek to prove their point of view and urged Newsweek to publish a disclaimer about this on its website and the next issue with proper explanation of Nataraja, Siva, and Hinduism. Zed stressed that Hinduism was the oldest and third largest religion of the world with about one billion adherents and a rich philosophical thought and it should not be taken lightly. No faith, larger or smaller, should be ridiculed at.  India Travel Times

Anita Dunn is No Rogue – Fox, Dobbs, now Palin?

If that’s not enough Newsweek for you, enjoy senior editor Michael Hirsh wringing his hands this morning on CBS over Palin’s “disturbing” vindictiveness. This comes on the same day, mind you, that news is breaking about how Anita Dunn’s fantastically petty attack on Fox News did indeed come from the top, likely ordered by a guy who’s been known to act out the fantasy deaths of his political enemies with a steak knife.

No surprise here— how about Lou Dobbs, dirty fingers there  uh?…maybe you ought to worry a bit about the country- that’s right Anita- your hubby is stepping in to take up the Maoist cause.

In an interview with Al Hunt of Bloomberg, Anita Dunn offers a fairly definitive answer to the question about whether the President of the United States gave his stamp of approval on launching a war on FOX News:

HUNT: Just – just – just a follow-on on this. Was President Obama aware ahead of time that you were going to criticize FOX?

DUNN: You know, the – I am not a person who is known for going rogue, OK?

HUNT: Let me ask you about your famous broadside against FOX News.

DUNN: Absolutely.

HUNT: Was that just Anita Dunn talking, or was that something you and Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod planned ahead of time?

DUNN: Well, you know, Al, I am not exactly one known for going rogue, to use a popular phrase these days.



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