Peace Through Military Power in D.C.



by Mustang

According to Reuters News Agency and Politico sources, up to 21,000 national guard troops were authorized for service inside Washington DC to provide security for the Biden inauguration.  They continue to serve under Major General William Walker, Commanding General, District of Columbia National Guard (which is the only national guard unit that answers directly to the President of the United States through the Secretary of the Army).

According to official national guard officials, their mission is to provide a back-up force to the District of Columbia Police Department, a federal agency, with infantry, communications, air guard, logistics, and coordination responsibilities with all other supporting agencies.


According to General Daniel Hokanson, Chief, National Guard Bureau, the national guard’s “first priority is to protect people and property and the safety and well-being of our national guard personnel and their families.”

The typical mission of the national guard, supporting state governments, is (a) to support civil authorities whose capabilities are insufficient to meet current requirements, (b) protect the life and property of all US citizens, (c) protect critical US infrastructure (d) provide humanitarian assistance during disasters and domestic emergencies, and (e) support law enforcement agencies.  In Washington, D. C., the national guard has been authorized to carry loaded weapons to protect individual members of Congress and their staffs.

Apparently, the President, his cabinet, personal staff, Congress members, and their staff are living in fear for their lives.  To the amazement of any clear-thinking person, the mission seems hardly justified since no one is authorized to carry firearms inside DC except government officials.

The costs associated with this deployment of national guard personnel, funded by the US Department of Defense, suggests that instead of serving in Washington “on loan” from their various states, the federal government federalized these weekend warriors at an estimated cost of around $550.00 per day/per guardsman – or roughly $11.5 million per day.  Their “tour of duty” has been extended through the end of March 2021, equating to around $460 million.

In contrast to the difficulty earmarking money for the southern border security wall, which Trump actually intended to provide security to American citizens and communities located near the Mexican border, the decision to expend forty million dollars to protect the political elite from radicals took all of about forty seconds.

The basis of the threat, the justification for national guardsmen, to begin with, was an FBI assessment that Trump supporters posed a clear and present danger to the “orderly and peaceful” transition of power to the new administration.

According to my sources, the FBI assessment took place in the third stall of the FBI building’s executive washroom.  An entire “division” of national guard expeditionary forces seems a bit of overkill, however.  Still, nothing is too good to protect the lives and well-being of Nancy Pelosi and her sidekick, AOC (who, along with Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut, was a distinguished veteran of the Vietnam War).

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Hurricanes – Lessons and how I survived and you can too


A year ago exactly, Hurricane Irma strafed the west coast of Florida. At first, we were given promises via the “European model” that the West Coast would be spared. Any moment it would veer east and sail off to landfalls other than Fort Myers. For a week prior to landfall, we had watched it move west, inch by inch. Those pretty little lines didn’t seem to want to hold fast with a determined path. Anyway it was a Cat one. Florida has had those. Lots… we can manage. Heck, there already had been two false alarms with the hurricanes meandering benignly out to sea

Then to our horror, not only did Irma move west, it was now a cat two, then three, then 4 – catastrophic. And the bull’s eye? Fort Myers.

Let me cut to the chase…Don’t let this happen to you! Clearly it was time to move out. It seemed that there was time. But there wasn’t. Not even close. Mandatory evacuations were implemented.

No motels in the Florida were available. I headed North. Filled the car with all the stuff I could with a certainty that I would never see my home again. Gas lines were everywhere by this time. Less than half a tank by now. It was time to call it quits. Florida on its main highways have overhead billboards giving updates on traffic usually. Now it was telling you to call Red Cross and find the nearest shelter. I had reached a good distance almost to the Georgia border. I would live and survive.

First don’t do what I did. Don’t wait. Don’t end up in a shelter if you have the finances and transportation. It’s not fun. I spent three days in a shelter on the florida border with other kind souls who were worried about us and took wonderful care. I was one of the lucky ones. This shelter had just opened up in a school for the overflow. The Lord took care of me big time. There were about 60 of us.

Why move out? Because there are not even close to enough shelters to care for the millions who are on the move.

Second. Gas. It’s a big problem. Going North everyone is filling up with cans and their cars. After the storm it’s even worse. Fuel trucks are allocated to the National Guard and first responders. Diesel will be trucked in first. The government wants the tractor trailers to haul in food and water and supplies. Most of the supermarkets had been emptied out. What was left probably had spoiled. Even after I got back home after the storm, it was close to at least ten days before gas was half plentiful. The 1970’s gas lines were back.

Download Gas Buddy app. Gas Buddy

It works best on the phone.

It will be a godsend. Good Samaritans will be kind enough to let you know as soon a station re-opens, which is an on and off proposition, and what the prices are and if all grades are available. It’s good to have anyway. Easy shopping. You don’t need the premium app.

Finally, let us not forget that the National Guard, and all those who take care of us have families and homes and they are just as worried as we were. Yet they willingly sacrifice for us. Don’t burden them if you don’t have to.

If I have not done enough to scare the you know what out of you, let me give you a couple of clips of the Fort Myers shelter. For those who had neither the money or transportation to escape. Be safe. Get out-of-the-way. Train, bus, car. You won’t regret it.


Here is an update on the worried folks who were trying to get in. 500 shelters for hundreds of thousands evacuees.


The epilogue. My House was spared.  A month later I decided to return North and am living happily ever after.


Oregon Governor gets Soros donation three days before refusing to send the National Guard to protect our borders


What coincidence. Three days after George Soros drops off a donation, Oregon’s Brown decides that her State’s  National Guard is staying home. No doubt just the first of many donations. Also as a reminder, Soros’s voting machines are being used in her State. So while the Left has us spinning with the Russia, Russia, Russia thing, Soros is infiltrating our election process with his voting machines. For more on our voting machines try an earlier post of mine.

Election Fraud? Add Microsoft’s Allen, Foreign Scytl election software, servers in Spain

Back to the story:

The Oregon RNC reported on Monday April 2nd, 2018, that the Oregon governor received a large donation from former Nazi collaborator and creepy billionaire George Soros –

Willamette Week is reporting that Governor Kate Brown has accepted “an unprecedented” campaign check from George Soros, a billionaire left-wing hedge-fund manager and campaign donor who resides in New York. This is Soros’ “first direct involvement” in Oregon.

“Kate Brown has consistently ignored problems facing everyday Oregonians and has instead used the office of Governor to make herself a national left-wing celebrity. Now, Brown is cashing in and taking big campaign donations from notorious leftist puppet master, billionaire George Soros,” stated Oregon Republican Chairman Bill Currier.

Three days later CNN reported –

Oregon’s governor says that if President Donald Trump asks to dispatch members of her state’s National Guard to the US southern border, she’ll “say no.” H/T: Gateway Pundit

Creepy and sinister Soros may have gifted Governor Brown to encourage her to encourage Oregon to keep his voting machines in place too. Oregon is one of 16 states that use Soros related voting machines.

Its website includes a flow-chart that describes how the company has contributed to elections in the U.S. from 2006-2015 with “57,000 voting and counting machines deployed” and “35 million voters assisted.”

Among the “case studies” that Smartmatic lists on its website as examples of its work are Venezuela, where it has been facilitating elections since 2004 when it “won a bid to provide Venezuela with a reliable voting system.”

It also lists Cook County, Illinois as another success story, when in “in 2006, Smartmatic signed what at the moment was the largest election automation contract in US history.


National Guard drills include actors playing ‘Right Wingers’

It wasn’t so long ago we posted that West Point was indoctrinating cadets about the dangerous Americans. The dangerous Americans were not ones we would think of first. West Point Think Tank warns of dangerous “Conservatives”

Now we learn that we have now moved on to the National Guard. Desensitizing them, dividing us once again. Us and them. Here we go:

A National Guard Drill earlier this month in California featured actors pretending to be angry Americans, screaming “right-wing” rhetoric at the soldiers.The exercise, which was sold to the public as a standard military exercise to help the guard deal with a hypothetical dirty bomb attack, included 200 national guard teaming up with local law enforcement units. But the weird thing about the drill is not the fact that the guard is training for a dirty bomb, it’s who they are training to see as the enemy.

Local footage captured a small part of the drill as National Guardsmen pushed back a group of actors playing American Citizens. One of the actors can be heard yelling, “I’m a sovereign citizen, I refuse to recognize you guys, I refuse to recognize you.”

Published on Apr 11, 2015

National Guard conducts Dirty Bomb drill in Richmond, CA April 11, 2015. Soldiers conduct riot control drill against “sovereign citizen”.

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Since Michael Brown died, 244 Teenagers Have Been Shot In Chicago

A few details to put this Ferguson thing all in perspective. Better yet, this is Rahm and Barry’s home boys who after all, could look like their boys in the hood. Here we go:

Almost 900 shootings and homicides in the past three months and not one is worthy of their attention.

While the events down in Ferguson play out, back in Chicagoland, HeyJackass reports that the same old bullshit continues day in and day out with nary a peep. In the 107 days since officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18 year old Michael Brown – 12:03pm, Saturday, August 9th – the following stupidity has taken place in Chicago:

  • 155 homicides (74% black males)
  • 725 shot & wounded
  • Six (6) 18 year olds killed: Kawantis Montgomery, Kamaal Burton, Tony McIntos, Alexandra Burgos, Rayvon Little, Johnathan Cartwright
  • 59 18 year olds shot & wounded
  • 29 teenagers (13-19) killed
  • 244 teenagers (13-19) shot and wounded
  • 10 shot (5 killed) by the CPD

Brutal, yet incredibly asinine and absurd to say the least.

After all, there have been plenty of opportunities to march, chant, throw stuff, break stuff, come up with a hashtag, etc… in the past few months, not only in Chicago, but all over the nation. So where is the national media? The cable news talking heads? The race pimpin’ super duo of Jesse and Al? The professional agitators and social justice warriors? The exploiting politicians? Almost 900 shootings and homicides in the past three months and not one is worthy of their attention.


H/T and more at Zero Hedge

Ode to the 40th Anniversary of Kent State Uprising

I remember well my parents talking about Kent State. To them it was simple logic. There are well-armed National Guard with guns. Looking at you. Students start throwing rocks. Bad idea. A wise student would thus retreat, go back to the dorm. You do not throw rocks at anyone. Not at well-armed National Guard troops. Nothing nuanced about this. Not that they were unsympathetic, but a “teachable moment” for me. You behave when the police request you to do something. You do not run. But then I grew up believing “my home was my castle”… no eminent domain our way. You could shoot intruders. We left our doors unlocked, because where I grew up, that was how it was. Keys in cars, doors unlocked. Oh, the good old days.

Today is the 40th anniversary of the anti-war protests at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. For those of you under 40, has the history recap:

On May 4, 1970 the Ohio National Guard opened fire into a busy college campus during a school day. A total of 67 shots were fired in 13 seconds. Four students: Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, William Schroeder, and Sandra Scheuer were killed. Nine students were wounded.

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