Tlaib and Omar face the voters next week in a primary showdown


A sleeper story that looms like a beacon of hope that two of the Marxist congressional “squad” members could be dispensed with next week in a primary show down. Less likely would be a loss of Omar but Tlaib is another story. Here tis:

In seven days, Rep. Rashida Tlaib will defend the congressional seat she won in 2018. Her opponent is Brenda Jones, the Detroit City Council president whom Tlaib defeated by just 900 votes out of 90,000 cast in that year’s primary. One week later, Tlaib’s fellow “squad” member, Rep. Ilhan Omar, will try to stave off challenger Antone Melton-Meaux.

Tlaib faces a tough fight. As Dave Weigel of the Washington Post points out, Tlaib’s narrow 2018 victory came in a primary that featured a splintered field. Nearly two-thirds of voters supported one of Tlaib’s rivals. All of the candidates who ran behind Tlaib and Jones in 2018 have endorsed Jones this time around. One of them is Ian Conyers, a former state senator and grandnephew of former congressman John Conyers.

Is Tlaib more popular now than she was in 2016? Probably not.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar’s opponent faces no shortage of money. As Scott has noted, Antone Melton-Meaux, is flush. He has raised $3.7 million. This enabled him to run a steady stream of direct mail and TV ads against Omar. According to Weigel, these ads portray Omar as “aggressive” and corrupt, emphasizing some of her fundraising scandals. One such scandal involves a misuse of funds for travel, which Omar paid a 2019 fine to settle. The other focuses on her funneling campaign money to her (latest) husband’s political consulting firm. More at Power Line

Omar’s voters will get exactly what they deserve if they put this crook back in congress. On second thought why has she not been held accountable for her illegal acts? If this had been a GOPer the Dems would have had their teeth set in like a good pit bull and not let up until she paid the price.

Other than this, all is well in the swamp.

Angela Davis confirms our worst fears about Joe Biden, lends her support


Angela Davis, an avowed Marxist has been spinning her wares in colleges educating our youngins in the finer points of revolution. Now she tells us what we conservatives had already feared.No better candidate than Joe Biden. I will round it out with just who is behind Black Lives Matter for those still questioning. Such as the

US Office of Special Counsel Says It’s All Right for Government Workers to Promote Black Lives Matter While at Work

Let’s start with Davis’s take on VP candidate Biden.

For a good refresher on who exactly Angela Davis is, the National Review gives a fine outline and worthy of a read since she is the gal behind our democratic candidate for President.

“Remembering Joe Biden’s Newest Fan, Angela Davis”

“I don’t see this election as being about choosing a candidate who will be able to lead us in the right direction,” she said. “It will be about choosing a candidate who can be most effectively pressured into allowing more space for the evolving anti-racist movement.”

Angela Davis: ‘This moment holds possibilities for change we have never before experienced’

On  July 13, 76-year-old radical Angela Davis was trending on Twitter due to her endorsement of 77-year-old presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Bravely we go into the future, I guess. While no politician can control who supports them, apparently numerous pundits believe that the Davis endorsement is worthy of celebration (though most also carefully avoided noting her blessing was made on Russian propaganda television).

Just who is Angela Davis?


Angela Davis, the Angela Davis, former Communist Party USA vice presidential candidate, former Black Panther, ’60s relic, and Mother of Woke Academics, would be the one to confirm what conservatives have been saying all along?

Speaking on the Russian propaganda outlet RT News, in a post that has since been taken down by the chaos-sowing outlet:



This is what conservatives have been saying all along, warning for months that Joe Biden is a weak, addle-pated, nearly senile vessel who will serve as a perfect mask for drawing in voters who imagine he’s still a moderate Democrat and still sentient.  Fact is, he’s got a big extreme political machine behind him, snaking into the void to seize power and set the agenda to a level no witting American would elect if such a wild-eyed agenda were presented openly. More at American Thinker

In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera’s Steve Clemons, veteran American Angela Davis offered some crucial insights into the meaning of the Black Lives Matter rebellion, its place in history and the strategic challenges it faces. In the interview, she honors “the impact of these amazing gatherings that have happened everywhere in the world in response to the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and Tony McDade and Rayshard Brooks and others,” and considers how this movement might transform American institutions.


“Of course, the real work happens after the dramatic demonstrations … what we’re going to have to do is to take up each institution, schools for example. The demand to get cops out of schools is so important because schools, especially in Black neighborhoods and neighborhoods of other communities of color, have begun to replicate the environment of police stations and prisons. So this is the beginning, I’m hoping, of a long process of self-examination and transformation of the institutions that constitute society.

“And I want to talk about the importance of understanding the impact of global capitalism, because that is often the elephant in the room that is largely responsible for the seemingly perpetual existence of racism. Capitalism is racial capitalism, and I think we need to confront that today and move in the direction of envisioning and hopefully building a socialist society.”

Scroll down a paragraph at the link for an interview that reveals more at


Angela Davis: ‘This moment holds possibilities for change we have never before experienced’



From a previous post:

Angela Davis: “Capitalism is racial capitalism”


Everything other than this is doing well in the swamp.






Agenda 21 alive and well in New Zealand

If we think that we here in the U.S. are the only ones who are under the United Nations, this post from New Zealand sets us straight. The Demise of Christchurch City New Zealand blog gives us a glimpse into how this malevolent plan is taking place throughout the world.  Here we go:

Are we experiencing a communist infiltration sponsored by the United Nations?

New Zealand has United Nations Agenda 21 inserted into key legislation such as the Resource Management Act and the Local Government Act.

Here is a page from the Ministry for the Environment Website. Read it carefully!www_mfe_govt_nz_laws_meas

These look horrifying green to me, but they only border on communism.

You must check out this exam script exemplar from the NCEA course “Education in Sustainability” Exemplar 3 2008 exam else you will miss the point of this blog! Remember that this examination candidate was between 16 and 17 years old. Behind him or her are teachers, heads of department, headmasters, curriculum creators, government officials, Minister of Education and ultimately the Prime Minister himself. All responsible for the repugnant things this candidate is regurgitating and eventually going through life thinking what he or she has “learned” at school is and reasonable.

I found these on the governments NZQA website.

What is perhaps more shocking are the examiner’s comments which are in red over each page.

This is only one of a number in a similar vein.

Yes- The base authorities for the course “Education in Sustainability” are Agenda 21 and the Brundtland Report!

If this is not an attempt to breed little communists at high school and send them out into the community armed with very little understanding of the consequences of what they have learned, then will someone enlighten me as to what it is.

Conversely, if you have any civic responsibility, perhaps you should email the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education ask for an explanation.

Please feel welcome to comment.

What do you think of the views expressed in this exam paper and more important, the views of his instructor. Here is the link again (Exemplar 3 2008 exam)

Roger 13/03/13

Looks like we got more Teaparty folks than Marxists at Marches in D.C.

Looks like even paying folks to show up on  a Saturday gathering in D.C., was not quite enough. 

ED SCHULTZ: Hold it right there! Before we get to her answer, I could get every union head in this country, I could organize every progressive group in this country, the main bloggers (he got that and then some -ed.). This could be The Ed March. Folks, 300,000 people on the heels of six months’ promotion, that ain’t no big shakes!

This is no sign that there’s going to be any big turn of events when it comes to the ballot box and there will be no Democrats in the congress. This is no tea leaf about, “well gosh, they’re coming in November.”

Six months’ promotion, NBC News says 300,000 people. I bet I could do that! I bet I could do that with this radio show and my TV show and six months’ production, six months’ promotion, if I had the budget I could equal that march. I know I could! I know I could!

I know that I could get Leo Gerard, I could get the Service Employees International Union, I could get AFSCME, I could get all these–I guarantee you, I could do more than 300,000! It ain’t a big deal! More at Hot Air Here

(Via Radio Equalizer)

Was Obama a Committed Marxist in College?

John C Drew sheds light on Obama’s early years in college. Three interviews, well worth the time, Be sure and check out the complete  Breitbart interview that follows which is very long, but worth it.
Here is the link to the Very long but complete Breitbart interview:
The Obama college years remain a black hole in Obama’s past. We really don’t know much about Obama’s college years other than the first few college years were a blur of drug usage and partying.
Now a college professors who knew Obama in college is shedding some light on the Obama college years. Drugs may not be the only thing Obama dabbled with in college. The professor posted a blog and has conducted interviews on Obama’s intrigue with Marxism.

This story isn’t new. The mainstream media including Fox News ignored the story. Dr. John C. Drew claims he was a Marxist as well when he enrolled in college himself.

Drew had an encounter with Obama to specifically discuss Marxism. He was dating a girl who knew Barack Obama. His girlfriend came home one day excited wanting Drew to meet this man, knowing their philosophical views were similar. They eventually went out to dinner, drinks, partied, and discussed each other’s Marxist views. Drew discusses more about the conversation in the  Breitbart TV video interview Drew describes himself as a serious Marxist, including being an enemy of the US government, while he was in college. When they met, Drew describes Obama’s views were parallel with Drew’s views. He was one of the brotherhood, ready for revolution. Obama wasn’t just an explorer of intellectual Marxism. He embraced Marxist Leninism.

Obama czar Van Jones re-emerges

He’s Baaaack!!!!! You can’t keep a good marxist down, now can you.  

White House still listening to Jones’ advice

Van Jones, President Obama’s controversial former “green jobs” czar, is slated to address a major environmental forum next week alongside speakers from such major corporations as Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, Intel, Best Buy and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Jones has not remained in the background since stepping down from his White House position.

Jones is one of 20 advisers to the University of Colorado-based Presidential Climate Action Project, or PCAP, which draws up climate-policy recommendations for the White House and has been working with members of the Obama administration. The PCAP released a lengthy proposal last September to guide the environmental policies during the first 100 days of the 44th U.S. president, regardless of whether Obama or Sen. John McCain won the election.

William S. Becker, the PCAP’s executive director, confirmed to WND his group is “about to propose a new and more assertive strategy for President Obama to raise the bar on the U.S. climate goal, with or without Congress.”

Becker told WND his group’s initial proposals have received a “very positive reception from the moment we delivered (the 100-day proposal) last November to John Podesta, co-chair of Obama’s transition team.”

“We continue to work with some colleagues inside the (Obama) administration, as well as continuing to push for bold action from the outside,” he said.

Becker said the White House “adopted quite a few of our recommendations or variations of them.”

Jones resigned in September after it was exposed he founded a communist revolutionary organization and signed a statement that accused the Bush administration of possible involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Jones also called for “resistance” against the U.S. government.

Jobless Recovery and the World Trade Organization

Excellent clip of the history of the WTO and what has happened to the United States since 1995 and our involvement. Worth the time to take a look at. Reach your own conclusions.

Poor Obama– Bye Bye Statue

Wow. The hits just keep on coming for Obama. Just a couple of  months a go Indonesia, one of the many places that Obama was born or lived or went to school or whatever, unveiled a bronze statute honoring him. Lets talk about the “whatever”. He lived there while his Marxist Anthropologist mother was fermenting trouble. Remember how she met his father? Studying Russian in Hawaii? Every woman from Kansas as she was in the ’60’s was into Russian now weren’t they. Perhaps memories are starting to return to the older folks. The statue depicts a 10 year old Obama, it’s called “Little Barry.”

Members of the “Take Down the Barack Obama Statue in Menteng Park” group on Facebook say Obama has done nothing for Indonesia. They’re looking at a petition that’s been signed by 55,000 Indonesians who are mad that the statue isn’t of an actual Indonesian. They say the statue should be of someone who has actually accomplished something.

“Barack Obama has yet to make a significant contribution to the Indonesian nation. We could say Obama only ate and s (expletive) in Menteng. (Just what we think here, oh Indonesia)! He spent his subsequent days living as an American,” the web page says. “For the dignity of a sovereign nation, Barack Obama’s monument in Menteng Park must be removed immediately.”

Oh the inhumanity, the wound, will he ever recover?? I am sure we will send some money over there post haste to insure its survival! What a difference a year makes for hopenchange

Glenn Beck- Anita Dunn Reads the Little Red Book of Mao

20091015_adunn_250x250We have the Glenn Beck Video! Whitehouse Fox News Attack Dog, Anita Dunn may have over played her hand. According to the Washington Post, this lifelong political consultant is the only person in the communications department that “can withstand the blowback.” A veteran of the Obama campaign, she started work in Democratic politics in the Carter administration She’s known as a ruthless and smart strategist who is not afraid to fight with the media.This weekend, after White House communications director Anita Dunn forthrightly declared war on Fox News, some people thought she might have gone a little too far in explaining a tacit understanding in the Obama administration that they didn’t deal directly with the right-leaning network.Glenn Beck revealed a video tape of a talk given by Dunn to a High School Class in June where says she admires Mao deeply . She made a number of quotes from Mao and indicated he is one of her favorite Philosophers.

Dunn with David Axelrod, plotting to take over the world.

But there’s another reason she was picked for the Fox News fight — she’s only an interim communications director, filling in until the end of the year. If this whole skirmish backfires on Obama, she’ll be gone in two months and the administration will have time to distance itself. In other words, the communication team’s toughest member is also their sacrificial lamb. Might have been a mistake for the Chicago thugs.

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