Was the Federal Government involved in Whitey Bulger’s murder?


Why was a feeble wheel chair bound 89-year-old Whitey Bulger moved from Florida to a notorious maximum security prison? Segregated since he was convicted, he is immediately put into general population upon his arrival at Hazelton Federal Prison. Murdered within a day. Murdered before he was even processed? This story has a lot more to be troubled by, and it’s not that it was pay back from a fellow gangster for revenge. We will learn that he was wheeled to an area without cameras and brutally murdered. We will learn that he may have been ready to testify and sing, involving possibly high level FBI officials in the informants program.The informants program. Sound vaguely familiar?.

Here we go:

Reports that Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger had been murdered hours after being transferred to a federal maximum security prison in West Virginia shocked the public on Tuesday, and immediately raised questions about the circumstances surrounding his death.

How was the inmate, who was reportedly in ill-health, murdered so quickly after arriving in the new prison? And how was it that guards weren’t monitoring such a high-profile inmate, particularly since it came out in his 2013 trial that he worked with the FBI for years ratting out rival mobsters to help consolidate his power in the Boston underworld?

While the federal government hasn’t released any more details about Bulger’s death, the Daily Mail and TMZ have managed to dig up some information that, if accurate, could indicate a motive for what may have been a killing tacitly sanctioned by senior law enforcement officials. According to the Mail, Bulger, who was confined to a wheelchair at the time of his death, had been talking about outing people in the upper echelons of the FBI’s informant program.

The suspicious circumstances of Bulger’s death would suggest that there’s more to the story than a routine killing. For one, Bulger was seemingly arbitrarily transferred to the Hazelton facility in West Virginia, which had been the site of three other inmate killings over the past year. Sources also said Bulger hadn’t even been processed when he was killed. So, apparently, somebody in the prison population had been tipped off that he was coming. When he arrived, Bulger was mixed in with the general population, leaving him vulnerable.

The Massachusetts Democrat last year introduced the Confidential Informant Accountability Act – which calls for congressional oversight into the selection and use of confidential informants. It’s possible that Bulger was set to open up to someone on Lynch’s team with claims of abuses in the program.

Bulger’s lawyer, for one, blasted the Bureau of Prisons in a statement, accusing it of unilaterally converting Bulger’s life sentence into the death penalty. More at

Zero Hedge

Author Michele McPhee discusses the death of notorious criminal James ‘Whitey’ Bulger shortly after his prison transfer and what her sources are saying about the killing.

Geraldine Ferraro -Revisionist History and Mob ties

I have been listening to the revisionist history of Geraldine Ferraro. When I heard that Fox was going to have a special on her life tonight, I felt compelled to put my fingers to the keyboard. Are we to forget the various scandals that plagued her? She got a gig with Sarah Palin on election night, and for that she became rehabilitated. I was looking for resources when I came across an excellent posting by Battleswarm. He has a great review of her disastrous run with Mondale, as well as my interest. Does no one wonder why she disappeared from view for so many years? It was a documented case of the press withholding information that would/could affect an election outcome. It seems that history is doomed to repeat itself.

From Battleswarmblog:

…But the main reason I bring up Ferraro’s death is to exhume an obvious instance of biased political reporting. In 1992, when Ferraro was running in a four-way Democratic primary race against left-wing favorite Elizabeth Holtzman, Al Sharpton and Robert Abrams for the Senate seat held by Republican Al D’Amato, The Village Voice published a piece called “Gerry and the Mob,” documenting the extensive ties between Ferraro’s husband John Zaccaro and organized crime, just a few weeks before the primary. In the course of doing so, The Village Voice revealed that they had all the information back when Mondale picked Ferraro as the Vice President, but had spiked the story because of the “historic” nature of her candidacy. Ferraro ended up losing a race she had been leading to Abrams, which made her so bitter she refused to campaign for Abrams, who ended up losing to D’Amato by 80,000 votes.

We can only imagine what information will come forward after Obama is gone. And sooner or later he will be gone. The MSM is on course to destroy any and all Republican candidates that will be forthcoming. And hide anything that would be an embarrassment to Obama.

Oxford Dictionary of Political Biography:

Ferraro retired from politics after the defeat of the Democrats in the 1984 election and returned to private practice. In 1992 she attempted to make a political comeback, contending the Democratic nomination for US Senator for New York. Inevitably the scandals of 1984 overshadowed her campaign and dashed her hopes. She accepted an appointment from President Clinton to represent the USA at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights Conference in Geneva in 1993.

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/geraldine-ferraro#ixzz1HpuO878D

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