President Obama Owes Los Angeles a Big Apology Over Traffic Jam

So Obama ties up traffic in LA for over three hours! So much for the fund raiser -how many votes did he lose with this stunt?

UPDATE: Over 11,000 of you folks have been gawking at the traffic  jam. come on. Someone figure it out!

I must admit, when I know, it wasn’t nice but….. for once Holyweird got a personal taste of this malignant narcissist that they love so well. It’s all about him. But then I read some of the comments made from the readers on her page and well, I had remorse. So here tis….

“This is the worst traffic jam I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been trapped here for over three hours because President Obama and a group of Hollywood insiders are having a fancy fundraiser. 

Someone apparently decided that Obama’s $30,000-a-plate dinner at the house of “West Wing” producer John Wells necessitated shutting down most of the major east-west through streets in Los Angeles.

As of this writing, they are saying that large stretches of Olympic Boulevard will be shut until 9 p.m. I have also seen indications on the road and on the radio that huge portions of Pico and Santa Monica boulevards are also closed.

Those of you who are familiar with Los Angeles know that closing these three streets mean the entire city will be gridlocked. On LaPeer and Olympic, I was literally barricaded in on a small, residential block for over an hour with at least 50 people for over an hour.” Read more here at the wrap

For some great comments from the peasants of LA– glad to know they are alive and well. Easy to forget. Go to Gateway Pundit Maybe there is some hope for California!

LA Jindal will build sand berms to fight oil

What about trying this?

What about trying this?

I heard this morning that the EPA was insisting on an “impact study” before beginning the berm idea. Jindal’s response in the vernacular was “screw you.”

In neighboring Jefferson Parish an emergency manager commandeered all 40 boom-laying boats hired by BP which were sitting idly at Grand Isle as oil sloshed onto beaches.

Bloggers and callers to a radio talk show cheered the dramatic action late Saturday night, promising the official their votes if he sought elective office.

Earlier in the day, WWL-AM radio station repeatedly replayed a taped interview in which a Coast Guard official in Terrebonne Parish took the blame for not ordering BP to do more, then flippantly said: “I guess I’m just slow and dumb.”

While on the topic, whoa Sarah, best not to wade into the weeds on the “Obama gettin paid off by the oil companies.” You’r just giving it to the left wingers.  “Drill Baby Drill” is not on the top ten list of hits right  now. Love you, but a wrong turn here IMHO.

With oil pushing at least 12 miles into Louisiana’s marshes and two major pelican rookeries now coated in crude, Gov. Bobby Jindal says the state is working on chain of sand berms that would skirt the state’s coastline.

Jindal visited one of the affected nesting grounds Sunday. Jindal and officials from several coastal parishes say the berms would close the door on the oil still pouring from a deepwater gusher about 50 miles off the Louisiana coast.

The berms would be made with sandbags. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also is considering a broader plan that would use dredging to build sand berms across more of the barrier islands.
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