Ex-CAIR official sentenced to prison

Why no sooner had we posted our story Cair which supports Hamas, applauded by Whitehouse, then we find this gem today. Earlier Valerie Jarrett had nothing but praise for CAIR.

CAIR, of course is interested in  a “campaign to reshape children’s opinions“. Ifyou think this is going to stop with bullying, think again. So now we have Eric Holder and the DOJ monitoring kids over bullying, and let us have CAIR reshape our children’s opinions. We have doubled down. Recall earlier this week?  Feds tell Schools they must spy on kids, even at night

Perhaps we might have one week when the stories that will determine the fate of our Nation will receive the attention She so desperately needs. There are those in the White House who are either naive or treasonous.

A former Council on American-Islamic Relations official will serve more than a year in federal prison for violating U.S. sanctions against Iraq, according to a Justice Department spokesman.

The FBI in 2008 charged Muthanna al-Hanooti with conspiring to work for a foreign government and with making false statements to FBI agents. On Friday, the former CAIR regional director was sentenced to serve one year and one day in a U.S. prison during a federal court hearing in Detroit. Prosecutors had sought a sentence of 46 months.

Al-Hanooti’s home was raided by FBI agents, who also searched the offices of his front group, Focus on Advocacy and Advancement of International Relations, which al-Hanooti operated out of Dearborn, Mich., and Washington, D.C. FAAIR claims to be a consulting firm raising awareness of Sunni Muslim grievances in Iraq, butinvestigatorssay it’s a front that supported the Sunni-led insurgency in Iraq

The FBI alleges Mohammed al-Hanooti, an ethnic-Palestinian who also emigrated from Iraq, raisedmoneyfor Hamas. In fact, “al-Hanooti collected over $6 million for support of Hamas,” according to a 2001 FBI report, and was present with CAIR and Holy Land Foundation officials at a secret Hamas fundraising summit held last decade at a Philadelphia hotel.

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