GloZell Green: ‘We gots Obama as President cause he’s black

Let’s end the week on a low note by giving you one more of the countries latest and newest political analyst.  GloZell’s Greens’s hits on why Obama is our President. Yep, Middle East going down the drain, Bebe on the ropes, balls deflated, but heck, we gots us GloZell!

Forgot Fox news, Bizarre Glozell Green to interview Obama

Talk about appealing to Obama’s base. Here it is. I heard a Democratic pundit opine that this is a great way to talk to the voters. Forget what the world must think. This is the person who will be interviewing the President today on the important issues raised at his State of the Union Speech. Here we go:

Two days after the State of the Union address, President Obama will sit down for a round of unusual interviews. There’s a good chance he’ll get a question that none of his predecessors have ever had to answer.

One distinct possibility: “Mr. President, is you OK? Is you good? ‘Cuz I wanted to know.”

That’s the signature greeting of GloZell Green, the self-dubbed “Queen of YouTube.” Green is one of three YouTube sensations — the others are Bethany Mota and Hank Green — who will interview the president at the White House about the policies outlined in his speech. Viewers can follow along on the White House YouTube account, and ask questions via social media using the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama.

More over at NPR. Around 3:40 in the clip it gets to the fun part.

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