Obama’s strategic ISIS plan: Use the Free Syrian Army’s Terrorists

Last week the Free Syrian Army couldn’t be trusted. But then Obama has to come up with a plan. So what was bad last week is a great plan for our no plan President. Better yet, let us have chemical Assad help us out. I can’t wait until Wednesday for our Commander in nothing to lay out his almost plan. Great plan.

Via NY Times:

… In the interview on Sunday, Mr. Obama said he envisioned the Free Syrian Army’s providing the ground presence needed to confront ISIS in Syria. He said that until a moderate Sunni opposition emerged, there was no real hope of ousting President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. But the opposition has been fractured, and the moderate militias are viewed as far less capable than ISIS.

“Our attitude towards Assad continues to be that through his actions, through using chemical weapons on his own people, dropping barrel bombs that killed innocent children, that he has foregone legitimacy,” Mr. Obama said. “But when it comes to our policy and the coalition that we’re putting together, our focus specifically is on ISIL.” (ISIL is the name used by administration officials for the militant group.)

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