Mooch’s new food czar to bring ‘Food Justice’

If we thought that Mooch’s last food czar was a tough one, wait until her latest pick gets rolling. “Food justice” is the name of the game, and one can bet that the phone and pen will be out in full force. By contrast, I will give you a clip of John Adams to encourage those of us who are discouraged. Almost all of our founders lost everything so that we might enjoy Liberty. Let us not forget the sacrifices they made and not dishonor them

First Lady Michelle Obama named the new Executive Director of Let’s Move on Thursday, Debra Eschmeyer, a self-described “food justice” activist who believes that all aspects of food production and consumption should be “shared fairly.”Eschmeyer was asked in an interview in May 2011 what her definition of “food justice” is.

“I was an editor of ‘Food Justice’ (the new book by Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi) so I spent several years thinking about the definition,” she said. “Food justice seeks to ensure that the benefits and risks of where, what, and how food is grown, produced, transported, distributed, accessed, and eaten are shared fairly.”

“It represents a transformation of the current food system, including but not limited to eliminating disparities and inequities,” Eschmeyer added.

Food Justice, published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), argues that the food system needs to be “transformed” because of too many fast food restaurants and “food deserts.”

Eschmeyer said during the interview she focuses on everything from “food policy, Farm to School, school gardens, school food, rural sociology, obesity, dairy policy, commodity policy, food justice … basically from seed to stomach. The whole gamut.”

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