AZ Democrat: I Want My Generation to Kill Golf, ‘Self-Interested Parts of the Agriculture’ Industry

Something for a Saturday to remind us just how far left the left can go. I was looking forward  to sitting down and enjoying watching a round or two of golf on the golf channel this weekend.

Next weekend, Tiger Woods will be back at it, and we will see if he can do a repeat and continue his winning streak. I have many happy memories of a round of golf with my father on a Saturday. Enjoy it while you can.

Democratic state senator Juan Mendez (Ariz.) on Monday called for Arizona to adopt provisions of the Green New Deal because he wants to be “part of the generation that kills golf” and the “greedy parts of the agriculture business industry.”

Mendez participated in a press conference on “Earth Day” with Democrats and environmental activists, where he touted his support for the Green New Deal.

“I’d rather be part of the generation that kills golf and self-interested, greedy parts of the agriculture business industry than the one that killed the planet,” Mendez said. “I have no concern for just one industry’s future. I’m here to protect our shared future, and that does not have to include alfalfa just because it’s safe market choice and has high yields.”

The Green New Deal is a 14-page economic stimulus resolution that was released in February by self-described democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D., Mass.) that aims to fight income inequality and climate change. The American Action Forum study offered an estimate in February of the Green New Deal costing up to $94.4 trillion, or over $600,000 per household in the United States.

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Environmental Lawyers Target American Toilet Paper


Interesting isn’t it? One of the first “tells” in a declining democratic country is apparently the need to restrict by price or by other means diminish access to toilet paper. Venezuela a case in point.

Chicago Tribune

After socialists run out of other people’s money, the people eventually run out of something almost as precious as money:

It’s happening right now in Venezuela, once a socialist, oil-rich paradise and land of great shortstops. But Venezuela is fast becoming a thoroughly failed state.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen here. A nation without toilet paper is a nation ungovernable. The social chaos, the whining, the aggravation — not to mention the horror of alternative methods, like cobs of corn — would just drive people insane.


Now they are coming for our toilet paper. We are greedy users. And we don’t use the right kind.

Furthermore, it turns out that consumers – you and me – prefer pristine looking toilet paper to ugly, unbleached, 100% recycled stuff. It turns out few of us are prepared to pay extra for TP that has a higher ratio of recycled content. While TP manufacturers are criticized in this report, we are the real problem since we’re the source of that “demand for virgin fiber.”

From the report:

It is time to reexamine current norms of tissue production and consumption. It is also time for companies to act more as global citizens and usher the world into a more sustainable paradigm. Fortunately, solutions promoting healthy forests and a healthy planet already exist. Companies and consumers simply need to embrace them.



We have been led to believe that good forrest management is no forrest management. Just look at the tremendous fires we had last year. Good forrest management is cutting and removing timber from time to time. New growth offers food resources for animals. Sick and dying trees need to be removed to control the spread of disease.

But now we are under attack by the Greenies. It is at our peril not to respond to their court challenges as well as their lobbying.

“Everyone’s standard of living drops as daily necessities become more costly”

Here we go:

The Issue With Tissue: How Americans are Flushing Forests Down the Toilet is a real report. It was released last week by the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC).


Described as one of America’s “most powerful environmental groups,” this outfit is a band of lawyers and lobbyists. Rather than doing something useful with their lives, they spend their time harassing businesses who employ people in small logging towns, including many First Nations/native Indian/indigenous breadwinners.

Nothing is ever good enough for these parasite lawyers. Even when forestry companies bend over backward to satisfy their demands, the goalposts keep shifting.

This report declares that “FSC and FSC-Mix certification are not enough” (p. 18). Over at the FSC website, we read that:

FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests…

But the parasite lawyers deem this insufficient. Why?

Because, these protocols don’t alleviate the significant demand for virgin fiber. Only transitioning away from forest content by incorporating post consumer   recycled materials and alternate fibers will stop the needless and unsustainable use of trees for throwaway tissue products. [bold added, p. 18]

Honestly, one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. First of all, trees grow on trees. They’re another kind of crop. Humans grow them, harvest them, then grow more of them.

If the harvesting of this crop takes place in “responsibly managed forests,” there’s nothing unsustainable about it.

The NRDC’s use of those other morally-charged terms – needless and throwaway – is no accident. These people are pushing an extremist agenda that looks a lot like religious fanaticism. They consider it sinful for humans to feed their families by cutting down trees so that useful products can be made from them.

More at Parasite Green Lawyers Target Toilet Paper

For full report:

The NRDC press release about the TP report is here.

”WASHINGTON – A new report takes the largest tissue companies to task for destroying North American forests and exacerbating the world’s climate crisis.

The 31-page report can be downloaded here.


CA Fires of Hell? Thank Obama and the Environmentalists


The fires of Hell have descended on CA – thank the environmentalists. This was a disaster waiting to happen and not the cause of so-called climate change. Better yet, we Americans who live in that vast space located between the coasts could have given you a clue. We could have told you what was happening. But then again, it was those who probably never step into a woods made the policies. One of the few legacies of Obama that has now born fruit.

Diseases are devastating the Forest. It’s the worst of both worlds, small fires are not allowed to burn allowing forests to rejuvenate with new growth and browse necessary to sustain animal life. Appropriate logging has been stopped or severely curtailed thus limiting barriers to these hellish fires as well and help keeping forests healthy.


“Hotter, drier, longer forest fires we are witnessing today have nothing to do with dangerous manmade climate change. They have a lot to do with idiotic forest mismanagement policies and practices.”


This past week, The New York Times reported on California’s wildfires stating that “Since 2012, according to state emergency management officials, there has not been a month without a wildfire burning — a stark contrast to previous decades, when fire officials saw the fall and winter as a time to plan and regroup,”


As California burns, many Californians have been asking why the dramatic increase in wildfires in the last five years? Except for Governor Jerry Brown. Governor Brown claims that devastating fires are the “new normal.” Supporting Obama-era regulations have resulted in the new normal: an endless and devastating fire season.

What’s the significance of 2012?

Obama-Era Eco-Terrorism through Environmental Regulations

Under Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, “the Obama administration finalized a rule governing the management of 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands, establishing a new blueprint to guide everything from logging to recreation and renewable energy development,” The Washington Post reported in 2012. “The rule will serve as the guiding document for individual forest plans, which spell out exactly how these lands can be used.”

These Obama-era regulations introduced excessive layers of bureaucracy that blocked proper forest management and increased environmentalist litigation and costs — a result of far too many radical environmentalists, bureaucrats, Leftist politicians and judicial activists who would rather let forests burn than let anyone thin out overgrown trees or let professional loggers harvest usable timber left from beetle infestation, or selectively cut timber.

In a 2016 Townhall column, Paul Driessen explains:

Eco-purists want no cutting, no thinning – no using fire retardants in “sensitive” areas because the chemicals might get into streams that will be boiled away by conflagrations. They prevent homeowners from clearing brush around their homes, because it might provide cover or habitat for endangered species and other critters that will get incinerated or lose their forage, prey and habitats in the next blaze. They rarely alter their policies during drought years.

The resulting fires are not the “forest-rejuvenating” blazes of environmentalist lore. They are cauldron-hot conflagrations that exterminate wildlife habitats, roast bald eagle and spotted owl fledglings alive in their nests, boil away trout and trout streams, leave surviving animals to starve, and incinerate every living organism in already thin soils … that then get washed away during future downpours and snow melts. Areas incinerated by such fires don’t recover their arboreal biodiversity for decades.

Read the full thing over at the  Daily Wire  that covers the works on this terrible practice.

Bloomberg: ‘I am going to slow down the elevator’

Instead of outrage, there is merely the slow desensitization of Americans that this is the new normal. The government intruding into every single aspect of our lives. If one prefers a dictatorship, NYC and Bloomberg show us the way. So we slow down the elevators, place them in out-of-the-way locations. What could go wrong. Best part? This is the new “Low Income housing” that we are supporting. Oopsie, “Affordable Housing” apparently the new term.

The article stated that the “affordable housing” development features murals and music along the stairway, with elevators located farther away from the front door that are “programmed to move at a slow pace.”

The design of the 124-unit, $37.7 million building not only encourages using the stairs but offers a free gym, an outdoor fitness park with exercise machines and a flower garden for children, adults and senior citizens. The building also has an indoor garage.

Arbor House’s outdoor fitness park sports “a tai chi spinner” for senior citizens who move the wheels with their arms, leg presses and a giant-size chess board with 4-foot tall chess pieces children can pick up and move.

The indoor gym has stationary children’s bikes with video games attached to a screen.

The New York Daily News reported on July 17 that the billionaire mayor has an elevator in his $30 million townhouse. – I just thought I would point that out.

As part of his ongoing campaign to transform New York City into what he calls “Fit City,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg is promoting “active design” for low-income housing developments being built there, including plans to prompt residents to use the stairs and rooftop gardens for growing “healthy” foods.

In 2010, the Bloomberg Administration and other public and private sector groups issued the “Active Design Guidelines,” which promotes car-free neighborhoods, encourages “physical movement” inside buildings and “improves access to nutritious food.”

In March, the 124-unit, $37.7 million Arbor House was opened in the Bronx, according to a July 31 Newsday report. Check out the full story if you want to be outraged.


“One witty slogan posted on a staircase door reads: ‘If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise,’” the Newsday article stated.

The Arbor also features a 10,000 square foot, rooftop hydroponic garden where vegetables will be grown, the article stated.

“If this building was five miles south in Manhattan it would be a luxury building,” Les Bluestone, co-founder and partner of Blue Sea Developmen.


Obama mocks us, laughs at us over Pipeline

This one really ticked me off. Maybe it was the morons sitting behind Obama smiling as he spoke, forgetting that their  a**es are getting gored every time they go to the gas pumps to fill up their cars.

Maybe it was his Rasputinesque grin, evil to the core as he lied through a faux smile.

In the end, it was his mocking us, smirking at us, knowing exactly what he was doing and no one gives a darn and he knows it.

And you know who else is laughing at us? Why good old Warren Buffet as he makes his millions off of his Railroads.  Lets all sing along with Warren as he wishes China a great new year working on the Railroads. Throw in the Rockefellers as well.

Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC is among U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit from the Obama administration’s decision to reject TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL oil pipeline permit.
With modest expansion, railroads can handle all new oil produced in western Canada through 2030, according to an analysis of the Keystone proposal by the U.S. State Department. (Chuckle time)!

“Whatever people bring to us, we’re ready to haul,” Krista York-Wooley, a spokeswoman for Burlington Northern, a unit of Buffett’s Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A), said in an interview. If Keystone XL “doesn’t happen, we’re here to haul.” From: Bloomberg

US billionaire Warren Buffett has appeared singing and playing the ukulele on Chinese state television. The billionaire popped up on CCTV and wished the people of China “a happy new year.” The Lunar New Year of the Dragon begins at midnight on Sunday. “Your country has accomplished amazing things, and the best is yet to come,” Buffett told the broadcaster. The investor is well respected in China for his financial success.

The keystone pipeline is actually just one of several oil sands pipelines targeted by the Rockefeller Brother’s Fund. Ezra Levant calls it industrial sabotage and, based on their own Power Point, that certainly seems an apt description. H/T: Heritage  From Rockefeller Fund sabotages Keystone pipeline approval. The Rockefeller Brother’s Fund in a coordinated, 4-year, $28 million dollar campaign was on the march to defeat it.

The Keystone Pipeline project was expected to create tens of thousands of high paying jobs in the oil industry. The project itself would create 20,000 construction jobs. And the pipeline would bring oil from Canada and North Dakota to refineries in the United States.

But it was just a big pipe dream. Obama rejected the plan. (Bob McCarty)

Today Barack Obama mocked Republicans for pushing Keystone pipeline, a no brainer. Obama says the pipeline would only create 50 jobs. He’s not just offensive, he’s an idiot.

H/TLGateway Pundit

Women inmates in CA prisons sterilized without approval

Manipulating the system? As opposed to an illegal act? So now that is what it is going to be called?

 “Do I criticize those women for manipulating the system because they’re pregnant? Absolutely not,” said Martin, 73. “But I don’t think it should happen. And I’d like to find ways to decrease that.”

Doctors under contract with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmates from 2006 to 2010 without required state approvals, the Center for Investigative Reporting has found. At least 148 women received tubal ligations in violation of prison rules during those five years – and there are perhaps 100 more dating back to the late 1990s, according to state documents and interviews.

Here is a reminder of what our government is all about. Supreme Ginsburg has said it all. Think it can’t happen with this eco-terrorist regime? The Supremes will no doubt back it up. Soon, as soon as it has a majority.

President Obamas top science and technology advisor John P. Holdren co-authored a 1977 book in which he advocated the formation of a planetary regime that would use a global police force to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children.
It was only when another Internet blog obtained the book and posted screenshots that the awful truth about what Holdren had actually committed to paper actually began to sink in.

This issue is more prescient than ever because Holdren and his colleagues are now at the forefront of efforts to combat climate change through similarly insane programs focused around geoengineering the planet.

Farm bill is chock-full of agribusiness pork

Apparently, Congress has not received the message from the voters. It is going to be “pork’ on steroids. Amazing that these same people will present themselves for re-election in 2014. For the House, all of them. So while they wail about the massive over spending that is a threat to the survival of our nation, the debt we are burdening the next generations that will be impossible to repay, it’s spend, spend, spend. So they roll food stamps into the farmers pork bill. Better to see you my dear. And we do. A nice piece over at Hot Air that let’s us know what is going down while the thieves in chief spy on our behaviors.

This behemoth and pork-filled bill is going to be directing a full decade’s worth of federal policy, but it’s going to fly on through under the radar to the tune of a trillion dollars paying for all kinds of miscellaneous programs, like expanding broadband in rural communities and cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay; it’s nothing short of a raging party funded by the taxpayer’s dime, and everybody’s invited!

The Heritage Foundation points out, this is all a lot of hemming and hawing over what is a much more expensive bill than the last go-around, plain and simple:


As the WSJ points out, peanut, cotton, and sticky-rice farmers are going to be some of the big winners of the price guarantees in the bill:

The federal subsidy in the House bill guarantees farmers of Japonica Rice that if market prices drop below 115% of the average price of all types of rice, they will get a government payment to make up the difference. …

The move shines a light on guarantees against drops in commodity prices that are in some ways replacing the much-maligned direct payments to farmers Congress is seeking to end. Subsidies for products such as corn, wheat and cotton cost taxpayers about $5 billion a year. Rice growers have received a total of more than $2.6 billion in subsidies since 1995, according to the Environmental Working Group…

The sticky-rice provision won strong support from, among others, two Northern California lawmakers from neighboring districts, according to congressional aides and people working with the rice industry: Freshman Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a fourth-generation Japonica Rice farmer who sits on the House agriculture committee; and Democratic Rep. John Garamendi, a rancher and pear farmer.

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