Crackerpiece Theatre: A Translation of the Zimmerman Trial

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day. I don’t have much energy or wish to opine on the heavy concerns of the day. I caught this over at McNorman’s blog, stop by as he has good stuff. Nothing offensive meant by this. It was just funny to me.

Published on Jul  1, 2013

In this edition of Crackerpiece Theatre, we tackle the mysterious dialect used by Rachel Jeantel during her testimony at the George Zimmerman trial! With special guest translator and cracker expert, Alistair McCrackerton.



Al Gore’s next Disneyland!

Time for a Saturday respite. Al Gore’s next Disneyland. Note the easy exit from the ride!

Video of the day: The human powered Ferris wheel

It’s a totally “green” Ferris wheel… but on the other hand, what would OSHA say?


So God Made a Liberal

H/T: Always on Watch. Something for a Sunday break.


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

Best wishes go out to everyone for the coming year. Thank you for taking the time to pass my way, and to those who have shared your thoughts. I appreciate the new and old “virtual” friends who feel very much more than that. For those who have not seen any snow, some nice pictures in the video,


Sunday respite: ‘Oh come, oh come Emmanuel’

Sunday, a time for reflection at this special time of year. Sugarland does an unusual and moving rendition of this timeless piece.


Biden poses with Rapper who called for death to U.S. military

This must make the military feel real good. Especially all those who served in South Korea and the Korean war. Maybe short boy would prefer living under North Korea’s regime. Just last night’s playtime for Obama, our party man. How much did this party cost?

Eight years ago, however, the “Gangnam Style” K-pop singer advocated the murder and torture of US military personnel and their family members.

The K-Pop star who once advocated killing and torturing American soldiers and their family members was photographed last night alongside the Vice President of the United States.

Demi Lovato ™@OurGirlDemetria

Demi with Chris Mann, Diana Ross, Megan Hilty, Scotty McCreery, Joe Biden,Conan O’Brien and PSY tonight! #2

A sample of PSY’s lyrics:

Kill those f*cking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those f*cking Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully

H/T:Weasel Zippers and Twitchy

Carol of the Bells – Boston Pops

 Carol of the Bells, music and lyrics by Peter J. Wilhousky, adapted from the original Ukrainian choral work “Shchedryk” by Mikola Leontovich. Performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra, conducted by Keith Lockhart.

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