Just maybe GOP VA Gillespie might pull it off! UPDATE: Results here

7 PM: Polls now closed in Virginia. Gov. race results here. Results for House of Delegates and local races here.

Now wouldn’t that be sweet! How super. We recall the B-vites spending election night in a joyous mood watching those states click off one by one for the Trumpster!! Let’s see how many in the State pen are going to vote….

Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam are virtually tied in the race for Virginia governor, but with signs that Gillespie may have come from behind to take the edge in the campaign’s final days.

Both candidates are focusing on issues that drive their respective party bases in a test of whether the Old Dominion has swung to the left, or can return to its center-right balance.

For much of the campaign, Gillespie has focused on bread-and-butter issues that Republicans typically use to persuade swing voters, talking about job creation, economic growth, reducing regulations, and improving education and health care. He was also running behind Northam for much of the campaign, despite the fact that Gillespie is a very seasoned and capable political strategist and campaigner. More at Breitbart

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