Sarah Palin Rides to the Rescue! 23rd NY District.

WonderWomanSarah Palin has endorsed a third-party candidate over the GOP-backed contender in New York’s congressional special election, saying her own party has abandoned its core values. She was backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over Republican Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava in the 23rd Congressional District race. Scozzafava is  aligned with Democrats and that is an understatement. Scozzafava favors card check, and everything else left of center. Take a  look at the this site for info.  Siena Research Institute (Oct. 11-13, 617 LV, MoE +/- 3.9%  If it walks like a Dem, talks like a Dem, it is a Dem.

Owens 33 (+5 vs. last poll, Oct. 1)
Scozzafava 29 (-6)
Hoffman 23 (+7)

Why lefties fear strong women like Liz Cheney

Wolff (and Maureen Dowd) try to damn her by saying she’s part of some dark Cheney enterprise, but the reason they loathe her isn’t dear dad. She’s what they fear most, a rock star with outreach, a feminine woman who isn’t a feminist, a conviction politician who crosses culture lines easily, and isn’t easily set up or mocked.

She’s Palin-Plus (Palin, plus pedigree), who Palin would be if she had been marinated from birth in the Beltway political culture, plus a top-ranking school and a mother who was one of the first stars of “Crossfire,” and minus the embarrassing ex-almost-son-in-law, the moose, and the family drama.

Conservative Spotlight: Smart Girl Politics

“Conservative women activists are on the rise,” according to Teri Christoph, executive director of Smart Girl Politics. SGP is a brand-new conservative organization using social media and grassroots activist methods to get conservative women involved in politics.

Next year’s summit will be held in Washington, D.C. “They want to learn to go up on the Hill and lobby their congressmen, [and] how to effectively communicate with them,” she says. “We thought it’d be interesting to bring them [to D.C.] and give them hands-on training, because they’re fired up and want their voices heard.”  

In the future, SGP will also be able to highlight many of the conservative bloggers writing on their site in their online magazine, Smart Girl Nation. “Conservative women are unapologetic about their beliefs and traditional values, and that is threatening to many people,” she says. “I also can’t help but wonder if the left doesn’t see us as easy targets because we don’t have that ‘sisterhood’ that kicks into gear when one of their own is attacked. Smart Girl Politics, of course, hopes to change that.”Getting Ready

Girls Getting Ready! (Thanks to King Shamus for the pix who got it from whoever) and got it from Whoever)

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