Acorn Replanted – Former Leader, Bertha Lewis Back In The Game

Here is the headline:

Dem NYC Mayoral Candidate Thanks Ex-ACORN Chief Bertha Lewis’ New Group For Helping Him Win Primary, Lewis Rants, “We’re Baacccck, The Right Wing Will Have To Deal With It”…

de Blasio, will turn New York City into a Marxist state. Good luck New York. He is otherwise known as, drum roll please :

The candidate’s official biography is that Bill de Blasio is his third legal  name.

The man who could become the city’s 109th mayor was born Warren Wilhelm Jr.  on May 8, 1961, in Manhattan, his birth certificate shows.

In 1983, fresh out of New York University, he petitioned a Manhattan judge  to formally change his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, according to legal  records.

And in December 2001 he petitioned a judge in Brooklyn to formally change  his name again, this time to Bill de Blasio.

Read more: NY Daily News

Via NY Post:

ACORN’s former leader is back on top.

Bertha Lewis played critical behind-the-scenes roles in the victorious Democratic primary campaigns of both Bill de Blasio for mayor and Kenneth Thompson for Brooklyn district attorney, The Post has learned.

“We’re baacccck. The right wing will have to deal with it,” Lewis chuckled.

Lewis, a co-founder of the Working Families Party, was an early backer and adviser to de Blasio.

ACORN’s successor group, New York Communities for Change, endorsed de Blasio for mayor in early spring, and a Lewis protegé, NYCC field director Harold Miller, helped run de Blasio’s field operation.

So it was no surprise that Lewis stood behind de Blasio during his primary night victory speech last Tuesday.

Or that de Blasio tweeted, “Thanks to nychange members for coming out tonight!”

Lewis said she played an even larger role for Ken Thompson, who toppled longtime Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes.

I picked up this video below from a Fox interview this morning. Bertha Lewis and her hateful rhetoric that is embraced by the next NYC Mayor. Kiss the city good-bye. The interview gives us a glimpse into the so-called “regionalism” that will be embraced. You know the drill. The suburbs kick into the city. We who live in the suburbs are kicked back into the cities to live. Good Luck NYC.

Acorn’s Founder Wade Rathke’s Wife fired!

Just hanging out

Just hanging out

ACORN boss Bertha Lewis has fired Beth Butler, common law wife of disgraced founder Wade Rathke, is reporting: Butler said she was fired because she refused to fire members of a land trust board whom national ACORN leaders wanted ousted. She said ACORN national is “going out of business” and wanted the board gone to seize control of its funds and assets. She called the ordeal “all completely inappropriate and unethical.”

Well isn’t this getting interesting. Going to get good soon. Hey, No Bell prize winner Obama is stopping by New Orleans- why not the 9th ward where all your good friends are that helped you so many ways? You are? Great!

Butler, who has worked for ACORN for 37 years,  said her  real sin in the eyes of the national organization’s leaders was a failure to concede to their demands. In particular, she said, she had led resistance to a demand to turn over the land trust, called the ACORN Community Land Association of Louisiana, to the national group.

“NOLA.COM reports that “We were told by national ACORN that we had to give it up to them, ” she said. “We got e-mails threatening our jobs because we didn’t push the land trust people to hand over property and money to the New York people who took over ACORN.”

 Butler passed along an e-mail message from Lewis calling Butler’s behavior regarding the land trust “unacceptable.”

The national entity is also making a play for roughly $90,000 in hurricane relief money controlled by the local group, Butler said.

“It’s hardball here, ” she said. “Our local resources are being spirited to New York. ACORN Louisiana is the most lucrative chapter in the country, and we knew they were aiming to take us over. There’s a major meltdown in ACORN. They’re trying to scramble all of us who would fight them.”

ACORN’s criticism of Obama’s original itinerary — essentially, that it was too short and did not include a stop in the Lower 9th Ward — was voiced by Vanessa Gueringer, an unpaid volunteer who heads the group’s Lower 9th Ward chapter.

“I’m thrilled that he’s coming, ” Gueringer said of the president on Saturday. “But, ” she added, “we want to see that change that you ran your platform on. We want to see the hope that symbolized your campaign in our neighborhood.”(Right- we want to have our revolution, remember? Us sitting down together  like friends in  the pix)??

The day after Gueringer’s remarks, the Obama administration announced it was adding a stop in the Lower 9th, at Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School.- oh,  a Charter school? Like the one  you defunded in D.C. as soon as you got to D.C.?? 

Butler’s sacking came two days after local ACORN leaders criticized President Barack Obama’s planned itinerary for a trip to New Orleans this week  —  comments that drew an immediate rebuke from ACORN’s national leaders.

Well now, you know you don’t diss the Prez, don’t you know??

Gueringer said Monday that she has not received a phone call or an e-mail message from the White House expressing any vexation with her comments.

She said the episode simply provided a convenient smokescreen for ACORN leaders to fire Butler.

 As reported before  by AmSpecBlog  Acorn  was planning massive layoffs  by Matthew Vadum

A credible source claims the embattled left-wing advocacy group ACORN is poised to announce massive staff layoffs but an ACORN spokesman denies this is the case.

A credible source close to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now revealed that the activist network intends to lay off all staff members operating out of its New Orleans headquarters. All information provided by the source to this reporter in the past has turned out to be correct.

 Guess we are going to hide the bodies. Is this not where all of the tentacles of Acorn’s many groups flow out from? Hmm wonder if they will be packing up all of the books while they move on out?? Best before any investigation.

Political Director at the White House is from ACORN

Here’s another lie. Obama doesn’t know anything about ACORN because there are a lot more pressing issues going on than that story. Hmm, yep, he will be flying around with Oprah and MO to make a pitch regarding Chicago hosting the Olympics. PLEASE!!!

“…Newly discovered evidence shows the radical advocacy group ACORN has a man in the Obama White House.

This power behind the throne is longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard. He holds the title of White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush’s White House.

Evidence shows that years before he joined the Obama administration, Gaspard was ACORN boss Bertha Lewis’s political director in New York.”

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