Freed Cuba Alan Gross ‘My ordeal due to U.S. belligerence UPDATE’

 We are selling out the Cuban freedom fighters to save your sorry ass? When you had no business trying to set up internet equipment in Cuba? Cuba just gave Russia permission to set up a spy center. Anyone remember that Cuba almost started WWIII by allowing Russian Nukes to be set up inside their border aimed at us?

Russia ‘to reopen Cold War Cuban listening post used to spy…

Daily Mail

Jul 16, 2014

Russia has agreed to reopen a major Cold War listening post on Cuba that was used to spy on America, it was reported today.

Moscow-based daily Kommersant claimed Russia and Cuba have struck a deal ‘in principle’ after President Vladimir Putin visited the island last week.

Citing several sources within Russian authorities, the respected daily wrote: ‘The agreements were finalised while President Vladimir Putin visited Havana last Friday.

Conservatives on Fire : So, Obama wants to pick a fight with Russia, create chaos in the Middle East, screw over Israel, place sanctions on Cuba’s puppet,Venezuela, but he wants to normalize relations with Cuba. If somebody can make sense out of all of that, please enlighten me. Please!

At a news conference in Washington, Mr. Gross said he supported Mr. Obama’s move toward normalizing relations with Cuba, adding that his own ordeal and the injustice with which Cuban people have been treated were “a consequence of two governments’ mutually belligerent policies.”

“Five and a half decades of history show us that such belligerence inhibits better judgment,” Mr. Gross said. “Two wrongs never make a right. This is a game-changer, which I fully support.”

More NY Times Earlier today I posted:

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