Dershowitz’s sexual allegations against him and his strange Laura Ingraham interview


The Dershowitz interview by Laura Ingraham last night was strangely odd and peculiar to say the least as he attempted to defend himself against sexual allegations. The high point came early, and his continued filibustering didn’t add to any credibility  .. comments made:

Dershowitz is usually very confident but he looks very shaky here. He says Bill Clinton was never on Epstein’s Island …? He’s was on the flight manifest 26x…Cmon man.

Wow Alan said he met Epstein through lady Rothschild. Like that added credibility to his statement.

Oddly, Laura dove deep to try and save Dershowitz, and got him to change the topic to Al Gore, as it looked like Dershowitz was ready and willing to continue to shill for his old pal Bill. After all, he got Epstein off with a sweetheart deal years ago. It was a rambling effort by Alan to confront the demon chasing him, but as the saying goes “I think he doth protest too much.”

Anyway, good fun all around knowing there are at least a lot of people sweating as to where this is all going to go with Epstein’s little Black Book.

Dershowitz responds to Epstein accuser’s allegations against him


Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

Check out Whatfingernews. Best aggregator for conservative news.

Al Gore and his galloping paranoia – or how to sell his ‘sequel’

No doubt you have caught the new purge coming. Time to rid ourselves of our pets because they are adding to Global Warming. Whats happening? Russia, Russia, Russia wearing thin with the media? So lets’ resurrect Climate Change again. Let’s help Gore’s new sequel to his ” convenient lies’

While trolling through the news of the day,  I bumped into Al Gore who breeches into the news cycle. First glimpse was his pronouncement that he indeed had won Florida. Okay, the guy needs to feed the fake news cycle, I will let that one be. Then I bumped into this little video clip and what became clear is the poor feller had lost his marbles. I mean can you blame him? All but for some “hanging chads” he might have been king. So in case we weary of Trump just remind ourselves of the IED’s in the form of Gore and Hillary that we didn’t step on. Enjoy the clip… I think you will. We will learn about “rain bombs.”

CNN had a Town Hall meeting with Al Gore called “The Climate Crisis” where he made even more predictions about the end of the world from global warming.

Al Gore: ‘We need Fertility management to fight global warming’

On the face of it, this story could easily slide down into, so what else is new with the Goricle. Promoting once again, his Global Warming, Climate Change posture. Let’s take note though. These are simply de-sensitizing statements that are used to accustoming us to the Progressive logic. Of course Gore isn’t called a racist. And the trick to this is in the end, the method by which the Progressives wish to control population growth.

Former Vice President Al Gore raised eyebrows last week when he suggested that “fertility management” was the key to fighting global warming and promoting economic development in poor countries. Gore’s comments drew criticism from free-marketeers who said his remarks amount to “eco-imperialism.”

“Gore’s agenda for saving the world from global warming has always included population control,” Myron Ebell, director of global warming and international environmental policy at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Advocating population control specifically for Africa is just another form of imperialism.  Gore’s eco-imperialism is uncomfortably close to the original racist goals of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who advocated population control in order to control the number of black and brown people in the world.”

Read more: Daily Caller

Here is a refresher on Margaret Sanger

The Smithsonian is honoring one of the 20th century’s most notorious eugenics proponents, Margaret Sanger. American Life League exposes Sanger’s racist plan to create a “master race.”

John Kerry: ‘This Internet … Now Harder to Govern’ –

I don’t know what History books Kerry was reading, but it sure wasn’t the books I read. The Internet now is the problem with governing?  If true, master mind Kissinger was equally remiss in studying world history. Perhaps in their mind the world consisted of a few European nations. The two might want to slide over to Africa and China, throw in South America who had equal populations that were being decimated continually. I recall reading that there have been about 50 years of full peace where somewhere in the world a war was no going on. As far as the Internet, I suggest Kerry talk to Al Gore, after all, he invented it. How stupid to say these things in Brazil How stupid this man is.

Speaking to State Department personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil, on Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that “this little thing called the Internet … makes it much harder to govern.”

“I’m a student of history, and I love to go back and read a particularly great book like [Henry] Kissinger’s book about diplomacy where you think about the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the balance of power and how difficult it was for countries to advance their interests and years and years of wars,” Kerry said to a gathering of State Department employees and their families.

“And we sometimes say to ourselves, boy, aren’t we lucky,” Kerry continued.

“Well, folks,” he said, “ever since the end of the Cold War, forces have been unleashed that were tamped down for centuries by dictators, and that was complicated further by this little thing called the internet and the ability of people everywhere to communicate instantaneously and to have more information coming at them in one day than most people can process in months or a year.

More at CNS

Al Gore’s next Disneyland!

Time for a Saturday respite. Al Gore’s next Disneyland. Note the easy exit from the ride!

Video of the day: The human powered Ferris wheel

It’s a totally “green” Ferris wheel… but on the other hand, what would OSHA say?


Meatless Monday – Coming to your Company Soon

I had just read the Weekly Standard article that Obesity was the “New Global Warming, here is an issue governments can get fat on”, and the U.N. involvement when what should I get in my e-mail:

Imagine my surprise last week, when I learned my company was now going to “Meatless Mondays” in our cafeteria. The headline starts out, “Do you want to remain healthy”? Of course, and having an alternate thought would put me down as I don’t. Look, I don’t care if it is an option, But Humans like to be carnivores. What a surprise. Al Gore is knee deep in this. Clever. I might have left that pass, except for one of the five bullet points of the benefits:

“Helps minimize water usage”. Hey, our guys are smart, but to come up with this one? I was tempted to shoot off an e-mail to ask how these Meatless Mondays were going to do the trick, but I copped out. What I did remember, is that our company had just hired Sodexo to manage our cafeteria. Ah, the chase was on for me. Sodexo is an International firm, out of France.

First from Weekly Standard New Global Warming:

Obesity is the new global warming, and the battle plan for the crusade against it was published in the August issue of the journal Lancet. ,The document is entitled “Changing the Future of Obesity: Science, Policy, and Action.” Its appearance was timed to coincide with the September “High-level Meeting of the U.N. General Assembly” on noncommunicable diseases, with the intention of moving the fight to the international front burner.

Thus, obesity prevention “should be considered in relevant trade, economic, agricultural, environmental, food, and health agreements and policies.” The paper urges that the U.N. “coordinate policies and funding to prevent obesity … across its agencies” (maybe through a body like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?). The World Health Organization “should develop global standards, particularly for food and beverage marketing to children and for nutrient profiling.” 

Wealth redistribution is another familiar component of fighting the bulge. Since the poor among us tend to be fatter, government leaders are called upon to “ensure [that] taxation and social policies support reduction of socioeconomic inequalities that contribute to health inequalities.” Also, “increased investment in population obesity monitoring” will be required. In other words, tax the rich to make us thin. 

Sodexo website Sodexo The Better Tomorrow Plan (Two of 14)

Sodexo is a recognized leader in global sustainability. Sodexo wants to take its leadership to the next level with a sustainability plan that will affect 80 countries, 30,600 sites, and our 380,000 employees.

  • We will reduce our carbon intensity across all our operations and clients’ sites
    Climate change is expected to cause rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and damage to natural ecosystems over the coming decades. These consequences of climate change are projected to become the leading cause of hunger and supply chain disruptions in the near future. The two biggest sources of climate altering greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. are commercial buildings and agriculture. We at Sodexo are heavily involved in both of these sectors and feel that reducing our carbon intensity is not only the right thing to do, it is also an opportunity to reduce operating expenses and establish Sodexo as an important partner in our clients’ sustainability efforts.
  • We will reduce our water intensity across all our operations and clients’ sites
    Freshwater is the most essential natural resource to sustain life. Yet over a billion people in the world lack water for daily needs and severe water shortages are growing in the U.S. and around the world. We depend on an abundant and clean supply of water for a variety of our business functions and water scarcity will impact pricing, supply and the health of our employees, customers and clients. Many of the actions we need to take to reduce our impact on water supplies will save Sodexo money and provide greater value to our clients.

Now back to my Meatless Monday:

Meatless Monday is an international campaign that encourages people to not eat meat on Mondays to improve their health and the health of the planet

  • Institutional feeder Sodexo announced in January 2011 that it would be offering Meatless Monday materials to more than 900 hospitals in their network. [38] This effort was expanded in April 2011 when Sodexo provided materials to more than 2000 corporate and government client locations in North America, including Toyota, Northern Trust Bank and the U.S. Department of the Interior.[39]      
  • In December 2009, Al Gore formally endorsed the Meatless Monday campaign before EU Parliament. Gore now lists Meatless Monday as one of the Top 12 Things You Can Do Now for a better world on his Climate Crisis blog.[26]      Wikipedia                                                                                   

United States own ‘Arab Spring’ coming our way

Questioning with Boldness “Days of Rage coming to Wall Street this September” has done an outstanding piece on what is headed our way. Recall Al Gore and his call to arms? That we needed our own Arab Spring?  I had done a number of posts earlier on the names and faces of those who were behind the unrest in the Middle East.  Questioning picks up the story with the same cast of folks and more:

It’s about the riots in London and how they connect to the future of America. Well, we now know that many of the rioters are striking out at to “show the rich that we can do what want.” Does anyone really need me to inform you of who those rioters are? Do you still think that this stuff won’t happen here?

Earlier post of mine in June James Carville: Civil unrest is immniently possible

Al Gore calls to action on Current TV with Keith Overbite-Did you know Gore is co-founder of Current TV? Trivia of the Day

Questioning with Boldness:

Coming to Wall Street this September… A website has been set up for a U.S. Day of Rage. With links connecting them to the European Revolution website, let the dots start falling into place. On the website for the European Revolution, they define their Mission as:

“We are an informative platform in English that aims to support the ongoing pro-democracy protests throughout Europe. We believe in alternative and independent media, net neutrality, real participatory democracy, active citizenship and the common ideals put forth by the first protests in Spain. We understand this revolution is made up of global citizens facing global issues, therefore, one of our goals is to create a net of volunteers and activists from around Europe to fight for our common goal.”

Bunkerville did an excellent exposé on the people behind the uprisings and specifically how it was tied directly to our State Department. In their report, the group identified as April 6 was created from an organized “summit” in Mexico City titled “Alliance of Youth Movements Summit”. This summit was even detailed on our own State Department website HERE.

However, the historic relevance of the “Revolutionary Youth Movement” doesn’t end in 2009 with our State Department and Hillary Clinton… it goes all the way back to the 1960s in America. From Wikipedia:

“The Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) was the section of Students for a Democratic Society that opposed the Worker Student Alliance of the Progressive Labor Party. Most of the national leadership of SDS joined the RYM in order to oppose PLP’s party line and what they alleged to be its attempted takeover of the SDS leadership structure, particularly at the 1969 SDS convention in Chicago.

A must read and more at Questioning with Boldness

For more info on how Obama is going to work this try  Gibbs to join Facebook, White House will control Social Media

Al Gore now into Population Control

We have been down this road before. Now we are moving into population control. Right out of the Progressive’s playbook of the last century. This whole Progressive movement is getting very predictable. First the old and sick must go, now we move on to one child per family. Baby girls the first to be eliminated with an excellent article from the WSJ. Well worth reading the whole article.

From Watts up with that:

Not content to make a fool of himself confusing weather and climate, Al has now decided to lecture empower women on how to reduce the population for the benefit of the planet.

More vid and comments at Watts up with that

The War Against Girls from the Wall Street Journal

Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons . . .”Sex selection typically starts with the urban, well-educated stratum of society,” she writes. “Elites are the first to gain access to a new technology, whether MRI scanners, smart phones—or ultrasound machines.” The behavior of elites then filters down until it becomes part of the broader culture.
High sex ratios mean that a society is going to have “surplus men”—that is, men with no hope of marrying because there are not enough women. Such men accumulate in the lower classes, where risks of violence are already elevated. And unmarried men with limited incomes tend to make trouble. In Chinese provinces where the sex ratio has spiked, a crime wave has followed. Today in India, the best predictor of violence and crime for any given area is not income but sex ratio.. .Continues:

The War Against Girls

Al Gore, Van Jones, Lisa Jackson to speak to 10,000 youth activists

We are so far behind this curve. We must get to our youth. They are literally being brainwashed. Recall our earlier post: NY Schools Curriculum features Van Jones lesson plan. Here is a snippet:  Van Jones Police Brutality lesson plan

And then we have Obama announces creation of a conservation youth corps of America.. I just read that the SEIU is heavily involved in this.

Let the indoctrination begin…
Former Vice President, Nobel Laureate and junk scientist Al Gore will give the keynote address next month to 10,000 youth activists at the Power Shift 2011 conference in Washington DC.

Van Jones and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will speak to the youths too. (Power Shift 2011)

For four days, young leaders will come together for Power Shift 2011 — a historic summit where activists will get the skills they need to create clean and just energy solutions in communities around the country and around the world.

The brainwash summit will be held in April.
PR Newswire reported:

Former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore will join 10,000 youth activists at Power Shift 2011 as the opening keynote speaker on April 15, 2011.

Gore, who is chairman of the Alliance for Climate Protection, will be speaking about climate change and how we can take action to solve the climate crisis.

For four days, young leaders will come together for Power Shift 2011 — a historic summit where activists will get the skills they need to create clean and just energy solutions in communities around the country and around the world.

“I’m coming to Power Shift because I truly believe we must lead the world to a clean energy future, and young leaders are the driving force behind the movement that will make it happen,” Gore said today.

Sponsored by the Energy Action Coalition, Power Shift 2011 will feature a range of prominent voices. In addition to Al Gore, leaders such as Van Jones and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will join the conference.

Gateway Pundit

Castration Helps Reindeer Handle Climate Change

Researchers say they forage for food better, then share it

When Al Gore heard this, he said, finally there is an answer to this burdensome thing. We de-populate the planet, and create a warm and fuzzy for our fellow man. What could be better?

The indigenous Sami peoples in the Arctic have found a way to help reindeer survive the ravages of climate change—but we’re guessing the deer don’t like it too much. Fluctuating temperatures have been a challenge for the reindeer, because melting snow often refreezes and forms ice over the pastures they feed on. Sami researchers have found that castrating male reindeer allows them to more easily break the ice, in part because they keep their antlers later into winter.

It also makes the males more likely to share their food with calves that would otherwise starve to death. “To make herds more resilient in the future, we need to relearn the traditional knowledge of castration,” one professor tells Reuters. Specifically, they’re aiming for “half-castration,” which renders animals sterile, but able to produce testosterone. More at Newser

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