Sunday Respite – All in the Family


I had all week, while still under the weather, to view a cascade of the most unbelievable news parade by in the form of so-called “news.” Had I been up to blogging, I would not have even known where to start. It seemed that each day brought more revelations that seemed beyond the former days headline. Which reality of it was dependent on which news source one was viewing or listening to.

Then I caught a couple of episodes of “All in the Family.” A program I am sure would not make muster these days. Yes these were the days when people were who they were, blemishes and all and we were permitted to laugh at it. Now it is heavy heavy heavy. The Progs are starting with much of what Hitler started out with. This time, it is Conservatives who it is perfectly all right now saying it would be best if we were dead. I didn’t mean this to be a rant on one of my otherwise respites. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon and visiting my fellow patriot’s blogs.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable Sunday. Those were the days weren’t they?


Sunday Respite – “Let it go”


This seemed to be a fitting piece for today’s respite. The Piano Guys in Let it Go. Wishing everyone a wonderful day!   GO EAGLES!!

Sunday Respite – It’s Snowing


I am cueing this up a bit early for Sunday as I needed a break from the politics. Maybe it’s just that there has been just so much “winning” this week!  I selected It’s snowing!… – music Sergey Chekalin. Actually, we have had a bit of a warm up today here on the East coast. Have a wonderful weekend and wish you much peace. I suggest watching the video in full screen and selecting 720p.


There are close to 3 to 4 million dreamers research states


We always knew there were more than 800k so-called “dreamers.” Just as we know there are more than 11 million illegal aliens. I have heard that number for decades.

Heads up folks, Mitch is now offering up a “fix” for illegals as a peace-offering to the dems. We may get the wall, but we will inherit millions of new democrat voters and we will never see a GOP in the White House again.


Sunday Respite – Bryce Canyon

I was fortunate enough in my younger days to spend a great deal of time camping in the Western States. One of my all time favorite places was Bryce. Here is a sound scape with some restful music. Have a wonderful day. I suggest watching it in full screen.

The stunning, out-of-this-world beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park, seen from the main trails and viewpoints in the park.



Sunday Respite – ‘Finding Beauty’


For today’s Sunday respite -A journey to another magical spot on our beautiful planet, accompanied by the passionate, uplifting and meditative music by Paul Lawler and Mark Holland, “Finding Beauty” out of the album “Planting the Seed”. Wishing everyone a wonderful day with much peace. I suggest watching it in full screen.


Sunday Respite – ‘Ready for the times to get better’


Doc Watson and “Ready for the times to get better.”  My choice for a Sunday Respite. A bit different than my usual mellow picks, but with all that went down this week it seemed appropriate. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday..

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