Sunday Respite – ‘Prelude’

Yanni – Prelude. The video takes on a surprising political bent. Wishing everyone a good day.

River of birds in migration

Bunker is heading south. So will catch you when I can. So……

Sunday Respite – Tibetan Music

Music to chill. With a Tibetan flute. A little slow getting off but worth it. Have a great day.


Sunday Respite – ‘The Story of My Life’

The Piano Guys have another good one out. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Story of My Life (One Direction – Piano/Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys

Sunday Respite – ‘On Sacred Ground’

Yanni – On Sacred Ground. Anyone who has an opportunity to see Yanni in concert is in for a real treat. I enjoy his eclectic approach to the new age genre. Lots of his concerts are out there on You tube, but the sound suffers in quality compared to his albums. If you want to get into the zone, try some of his slower pieces. Make it a great day.

Sunday Respite: Vangelis – Himalaya

Here is a piece that takes us to another place. Some beautiful photography. Hope you enjoy it for a Sunday Respite.  Go to full screen for the best visual. You know,that little button at the bottom of the screen on the right!

The Himalaya Range or Himalayas for short (English pronunciation: /hɪˈmɑːləjə/ or /ˌhɪməˈleɪ.ə/; Sanskrit: हिमालय), Tamil:emaya malai, meaning “abode of snow”,[1] is a mountain range in Asia, separating the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. By extension, it is also the name of a massive mountain system that includes the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush, and other, lesser, ranges that extend out from the Pamir Knot.

The Himalayan mountain system is the planet’s highest and home to the world’s highest peaks, the Eight-thousanders, which include Mount Everest and K2. To comprehend the enormous scale of this mountain range consider that Aconcagua, in the Andes, at 6,962 m (22,841 ft), is the highest peak outside Asia, whereas the Himalayan system includes over 100 mountains exceeding 7,200 metres (23,622 ft).[2]

The Himalayan system, which includes outlying subranges, stretches across six countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Some of the world’s major rivers, the Indus, the Ganges, the Brahmaputra, and the Yangtze, rise in the Himalayas, and their combined drainage basin is home to some 1.3 billion people. The Himalayas have profoundly shaped the cultures of South Asia; many Himalayan peaks are sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Sunday Respite – Money makes the world go around

This seemed to be an appropriate pick for a Sunday, considering we just got through with the Democrat Convention where the biggest money grubber was just nominated for President of the United States.

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