Interior Secretary Deb Haaland tells Hawley She is Unaware China controls Critical Minerals for EVs.

While Energy Secretary Granholm gets most of the attention, it is the Secretary of Interior Haaland that controls all the leases of oil and gas, and more importantly the vast minerals of the U.S.  My favorite gal, Interior secretary Haaland presented herself in one of the most extraordinary hearings yesterday that was worth the price of admission. Anyone who has been around Bunkerville knows she never disappoints in her utterances. Without further adieu let the ignorance begin. Sadly, all the wonderful hearings that the House has been having is get zero coverage. P.S. Biden is still drawing down our oil reserves



Here we go –

At a Senate Energy Committee hearing on Tuesday, Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) questioned Sec. Deb Haaland about President Biden’s budget request. Haaland nailed once again.

Haaland has not complied with the law of issuing a five year plan for leases,

Oh this is a good blast from the past!

The coup de grâce –  a total disgrace.

Biden’s Interior Secretary Completely Dumbstruck Over Simple Questions on China and Production of Critical Minerals

A deer caught in the headlights who knows nothing.


A good review of our gal –

Manchin Attacks Interior Sec Haaland in Energy Hearing: ‘It shuts Everything Down!

Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior has been flying below the radar. She has been a very busy Indian Chief dispensing heap big wampum for her fellow Indian tribes. Better yet, she was planted in her position to restrict any further energy development, period. We would know nothing about her except for a hearing yesterday.

The low point comes when Manchin shows Haaland a memo which claims what she said at the hearing when she hasn’t even spoken and essentially bans drilling and yet she claims knows nothing about nor has seen it. Why? Because the law demands leases by June 30. More from Manchin later.

The coup de grace

Interior Sec. Haaland Confronted On Anti-Energy Memo Released During Hearing: “This Shuts It Down” Manchin rocks- 11 months ago at a Senate Hearing

Biden Interior Sec Can’t Say If It’s Better To Produce Oil In US Than Venezuela: “Not An Economist”

(11 months ago)

Keep in mind:

Biden admin cancels massive oil and gas lease sale

Biden blocks U.S. mining rare earth projects – Yet Cuts deals with Canada, Japan

Biden admin blocks mineral mining on 225000 acres of land

But I have a surprise ending… thar is money in shutting down our own mining..

U.S. offers cash to Canadian critical minerals projects …

(U.S. gives money to Canada for research)
There was a pot of gold at the end of President Joe Biden’s jaunt to Canada. It’s going to Canada’s mining sector. 

Better yet?

Biden Smuggles Corporate Green Welfare Scheme …
Biden Smuggles Corporate Green Welfare Scheme Through New Critical Minerals Agreement with Japan. March 28, 2023 — Press Releases — 

WASHINGTON, DC – Without any notice to the American public, the Biden Administration announced today they have entered into a critical minerals agreement with Japan that would send tax dollars to foreign corporations that produce electric vehicles (EVs) and open the door to future payouts to other countries.

Of course the topper

Biden Shuts Down 2 Nuclear Power Plants, 4 Hydroelectric Dams, 1 Refinery

Biden is still drawing down our oil reserves. The very best of the swamp.



33 Responses to “Interior Secretary Deb Haaland tells Hawley She is Unaware China controls Critical Minerals for EVs.”

  1. Baysider Says:

    My Gawd. Can you imagine her in Prime Minister’s questions?

    Plus what SF said. And Mustang expanded on.

    Okay, one does expect a higher ability to think on your feet when in her position. Mr. B was very smart and knew his subject backwards, forwards and inside out. He could think circles around most colleagues. But he was measured. No shooting from the hip. Stopped. Broke it down and addressed the answer coherently. So I’m very used to “measured.” That’s not even REMOTELY what we’re seeing here. EVASIVE is more like it. I saw her in an interview last year that “some folks still grow up not even knowing about Emmett Till.” And, worse, about Thomas Sowell. Including her, evidently.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The interesting part is that this is her third time at hearings with the expected same questions and apparently never occurred to her to do any Prep. The June 20, 2022 was a deadline defined by law. Yet, she does not comply, now under a court order to hand out leases. For some reason I caught the first one in 2022 that went on for several hours and from them on I knew her testimony was worth the price of a movie. I am sure yours was well worth the watch..

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      • Baysider Says:

        She rides her hobby horse of Indian culture and ‘first peoples’ contributions, while bemoaning vast accomplishments of second peoples. She actually sounds quite thick headed. Hard to imagine she’s the daughter of a marine officer.

        Liked by 1 person

      • bunkerville Says:

        B.. if not for second people she would still be heap big squaw…there I said it. she was so delighted in the take out of the four dams – Kalmath dams so the salmon can run. Not so much those EV’s that need to run on electricity.


  2. The Night Wind Says:

    Here’s another ‘blast from the past.’ Trump knew about this problem and tried to do something about it:

    But, ‘Orange Man Bad!’ And now apparently we’re relying on Tiananmen Trudeau for most these since the Junta’s stopped the program here and is embargoing China.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Excellent addition to the story…. thus an answer to the question given to her as to whether she had read the 2017 report. Well done.. at some point I will have to include a link to your post when this topic comes up again… and they always do…time and time again.


  3. kommonsentsjane Says:

    Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Via Arlin’s Report.

    As I stated before – more – EQUITY – not qualified – but “fits the Democrat’s bill”. It is a sad state of affairs. My suggestion is – if the Democrats want equity – at least put someone in as her co-host to teach her the ropes instead of sending her out on her own to always hanging herself.

    Guess I better sign off – Google is blinking the screen and that means they are going to “turn out the lights.”


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  4. Bill Heffner Says:

    I have been watching the growing threat of a “writer’s strike” with considerable interest. Normally, I tend to be on the side of the union, having worked in industry and been a union worker myself, but having watched the steadily diminishment of the quality of television programming…

    I’m not talking about all the “social messaging” stuff, like Grey’s Anatomy where a female doctor is righteously performing an abortion on principle in Washington state because Texas has outlawed the procedure, and a minute later is weeping over her inability to save a baby from dying in the womb after a car accident.

    No, I’m talking about prime time shows with dialog that sounds like a Victorian fantasy and plot lines that appear to have been written by a dimwitted girl in the sixth grade. I finally realized that we are looking at the result of “diversity” in hiring screen writers. You can’t hire them based on their writing ability, you have to hire based on the “intersectionality boxes” which they check off, and so you have a highly diverse writing staff which produces crap, and now they want a raise.

    Every time I watch a television show that I used to enjoy, now, I think about these writiers wanting more money and how much they not only don’t deserve a raise, they don’t even deserve to keep their furshligginer jobs.

    Biden’s cabinet is precisely in the same mold. Hired for their intersectionality rather than for competence, they are a mob of idiots who cannot even think coherently

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    • Mustang Says:

      Bill is correct. The problems we have in this country today are a direct result of affirmative action programs. Haaland, for example, benefits from a magnificent paying job because she is an Indian, a single mother, the daughter of a combat veteran, and obtained her law degree from a degree mill. Her law school is ranked 91 of 192* law schools in the U.S. It is unique because it teaches Indian Law.

      If you observe Haaland answering Congressional questions, that’s what Indian Law is like, as well. Here’s a truth teller about Haaland’s law degree. She never bothered with the Bar exam, meaning she cannot practice law in any U.S. state. And this is the moron responsible for managing mineral and oil leases in the United States. Her annual salary is $221,000. Before that, she worked at McDonald’s. Affirmative Action — that’s the ticket. In her current assignment, Haaland is illiterate. She is no more qualified to serve as Secretary of the Interior than the Haitian is qualified to serve as White House Press Secretary — but they were both hired for the same reasons: demographics.

      Now multiply this travesty times the abominable areas in our government: cabinet posts, judgeships, members of Congress, worst-performing corporations, and may, God forbid, your heart surgeon.

      Who appoints cabinet officials? The president. A reminder that elections have consequences. Does the interior department affect many of us? Not directly, but with Haaland at the helm, she’s siphoning off millions to fill the pockets of the Native Indian population. That is, with tax money, of course. Money that was at one time in your pocket because you earned it.


      *Around two dozen law schools are ranked as tied at 147, so no law school ever gets down to number 192. Source: U.S. News & World Report.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Thanks for the update on her background…The amazing point for those of us who caught her Senate hearing last June when she was given many of the same questions and answers by the Senators, she gives a complete repeat and had zero interest in remembering the China questions and answers… that is what I call a slow learner… your insight into her educational background confirms that she knows Zip and wishes to remain knowing zip.


      • peter3nj Says:

        Who woulda thunk a real Indian could do more harm than a fake Indian.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Mustang Says:

        IMO the real one’s aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, so I find it puzzling why the fake Indians try to emulate them. A head scratcher. Maybe you’ll look into it and give me a clue.

        Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      Bill.. the reason many are turning to the old time TV shows from back in our day… try Peacock… Me TV and enjoy the show


  5. markone1blog Says:

    Regarding the video titled “Biden Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Totally Dumbstruck Over Series of Simple Questions on China,” did you notice that Haaland concluded with, “Congressman, I know that energy independence is a priority of President Biden” (voice trailing off at the end, because she knows damn well she is lying through her teeth).

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  6. A. L. Luttrell Says:

    Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    Joe Biden’s morons carrying out Joe Biden’s destruction of America agenda! (Arlin Report comment)

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    Please remember to not get distracted by the Biden regime talking points. While they may speak of their policies being inclusive of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” policies — their practice proves that their policies push a “Diversity, Inclusion, Equity” (DIE) stance.

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  8. Silverfiddle Says:

    Excellent finds! Not surprising. Nothing personal against the Interior Secretary, but this is what happens when government puts people in positions based on their tribe (apologies, no pun intended) or identity/intersectionality instead of qualifications.

    What a story Biden and the Dems had: Noble Native American daughter of the land appointed Interior Secretary!

    Can we just see a return to simple competence from our government?

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  9. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Thanks for the commentary on Interior Sec. Haaland.
    I woke up to audio of the interchange on the radio, but missed the explanation.

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  10. peter3nj Says:

    …”The American People” who are clueless as to how the open border now waiting to explode or why gasoline, home heating oil, electricity, groceries once commodities now bordering on luxury when they can be found, inflation inflation inflation etc etc, clueless not only as to why used cars when you can find one mechanicly sound with 100,000 miles on them sell for close to what a new car sold for several short years ago. All this and more only scratches the visible surface while media continues its program in hiding what is being done behind closed doors to destroy American sovereignty, independence and the old buzzword “ democracy.”These same “Ametican People” who will leave in power Biden and the men and women behind the curtain so they can finish the job Obama, and some of Bush Jr started 15 -20 years ago are dumb beyond clueless. Watching and listening to phony star struck rat bastards like Manchin who f___k their own constituents on a regular arrogantly attacks “The Squah” for her behind the scene handiwork. Talk about this POS-pot calling the kettle black. Sadly these hearings will as always amount to a pile of 💩 as our world is turned upside down with runaway criminality from the streets to the halls of power. Next!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      I was shocked when I read he sold off 6.5 million barrels last month taking in .4 leaving 6.2 the final figure yet our gas prices are rising…. so he is going to empty it… I can find nothing in the news.

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