Government Headed for Requiring Contractors to Disclose Green House Emissions Including Defense UPDATE

This at the same time a spokesman won’t answer whether the tanks headed for Ukraine will use depleted uranium ammo. Biden wants government contractors now to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. Anyone else wonder if they will then pick and chose contractors? The best part is that it includes the defense department contractors  Here we go:

The statement that follows that Biden is “looking for” public comment is an oxymoron. A government agency has written the “rule” and now is simply posting in the Federal Register as required. Comments?

The Biden administration is seeking public comment on a federal rule that would require government contractors — including the defense industry — to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and for the worst offenders to release a plan to reduce emissions in line with Paris Agreement levels. (Worst offenders? So the government will now pick and chose which contractors they will approve and others they will bankrupt as the “worst offenders.”)

Is America back in the Paris climate agreement?

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order for the US to rejoin the Paris Agreement.

That’s for sure.

This rule is a critical first step in holding weapons contractors accountable for their impact on the environment.

So far, many of the comments have come from industry groups in opposition to the rule.

— and there’s no time for delay because the comment period ends February 13.

Then the second Intercept Email I received announced:

On the other hand….


A Biden official wouldn’t disclose whether Bradley Fighting Vehicles will be equipped with the anti-tank rounds, linked to cancer and birth defects.


THE WHITE HOUSE is unwilling to say whether the U.S. will provide depleted uranium anti-tank rounds to Ukraine, according to the transcript of a press briefing, despite decades of research suggesting the weapon causes cancer and birth defects long after the fighting ends.

At a background briefing on January 25, an unnamed reporter asked the unnamed “senior administration officials” at the session whether the Bradley Fighting Vehicles now being sent to aid in Ukraine’s defense against Russia would come armed with the 25 mm armor-piercing depleted uranium rounds they’re capable of firing. As the reporter noted, firing these radioactive rounds “is part of what makes them the ‘tank killer’ that Pentagon officials called them.” The administration official who responded declined to answer, saying, “I’m not going to get into the technical specifics.”

…But the technical specifics of these weapons could have dire consequences for Ukrainians. Depleted uranium is a common byproduct of manufacturing nuclear fuel and weaponry, and, owing to its extreme density, ammunition made from the stuff is a fantastic way of punching through the thick armor of a tank and igniting everyone inside.

But these anti-tank rounds also happen to be radioactive, extremely toxic, and have been linked with a variety of birth defects, cancers, and other illness, most dramatically in Iraq, where doctors reported a spike in birth defects and cancers since the Gulf War, when the U.S. fired nearly a million depleted uranium rounds, and the 2003 invasion of that country.

Source: The Intercept

Mustang has his thoughts,…

I have known about “depleted” uranium ammo and cancer/birth defects.  Nothing new about that.  The U.S. government doesn’t care what happens to the troops.  Case in point, Operation Tomodachi in 2011.  Marines and sailors of the Washington, Blueridge, Essex have already started dying from exposure to nuclear radiation from Japan’s destroyed nuclear reactor – and, of course, the VA is already trying to deny medical claims.

So let’s make sure the Defense contractors meet the Paris Peace Accords and let’s send “depleted” uranium ammo to Ukraine. The logic is the usual government logic that comes from the best of the swamp.

18 Responses to “Government Headed for Requiring Contractors to Disclose Green House Emissions Including Defense UPDATE”

  1. Russia: ‘U.S and German Tanks Sent to Ukraine Will Include Uranium Ammo’ | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Government Headed for Requiring Contractors to Disclose Green House Emissions Including Defense UPDA… […]


  2. Baysider Says:

    This is teeing up to intersect with the proposed WHO treaty/rule changes that will allow the WHO to declare the climate as a health emergency and control all economic and social activity, along with your expenditures, online posts and pretty much everything else. Just like they practiced the past 3 years after Bill Gates and the intelligence officials held a work session to develop best practices for implementing totalitarian controls. Who here thinks they haven’t had a download on that one to fix ‘lessons learned?’

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Off topic:
    From the You can’t make this stuff up file.
    Last Thursday surprisingly a buddy of mine Mel C. a Division I college basketball official showed up as my partner at my high school game. I jokingly asked if the NCAA finally dumped his sorry ass. He said his game in Albany scheduled for that night was cancelled due to the forecast of inclement weather so he was filling in for my scheduled partner who was under the weather ( pun unintended.) Bottom line: not a snowflake fell in Albany that night. ..not the first time either. Who the hell is running The National Weather Service these days?

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  4. Mustang Says:

    I can think of no reason to moan about one party’s policy and not the other. Neither party is trustworthy, and no political party has loved its troops as much as those troops loved their country.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Post Script

      By now, everyone knows what PTSD is. There have been a lot of names for it over the years. Hardly anyone knew what PTSD was at first; everyone knew what shell shock meant. For some reason, the government decided that it needed a more complex name. Anyone who’s ever been in combat has PTSD. Everyone. But you know, those darn veterans kept demanding better treatment at the Veterans Administration. For example, when suffering from suicidal thoughts, they wanted to see a therapist before the six to an eight-month waiting list. Did the VA hire more therapists? Of course not.

      What the government did do, though, was finagle the system in its favor. Those youngsters serving in combat, having PTSD, and having the audacity to complain about it … well, the Obama administration instructed the military medical services to classify those “troublemakers” as sociopaths, claim that their problem was pre-existing, and separate them from active service with “other than honorable” discharges. That way, they wouldn’t get any VA benefits. Problem solved. Well, not really solved, but the way the government sees it, it’s someone else’s problem.

      I’m surprised anyone wants to join the U.S. military these days.

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    • Baysider Says:

      “The U.S. government doesn’t care what happens to the troops.” 😢😢😢
      This is so true. Shown over and over again. Like the old anti-war said “when will they ever learn? When will they e-v-e-r learn?”

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    Since things always change with the Biden regime, are they still committing to not providing the depleted uranium armor?


  6. peter3nj Says:

    Why not just load up the biplanes with toxic gas and spray us down and end it all in one fell swoop?

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    Oh, but what’s most important to the Biden regime: what are their pronouns?

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    • peter3nj Says:

      Them and they,
      Biden claims to have hung with the homies at the basketball courts, grew up in Puerto Rican neighborhoods, was first in his law school class, invented the ice cream sundae. When will he reveal the total number of secret documents they, them republicans planted in his crib?

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