DOJ Sets Sights On ‘Far Right Activist’ Joke Tweet Creator Douglas Mackey


The Feds claim he “intimidated” and “suppressed” voters. Who remembers Ricky Vaughan? Tucker Carlson is highlighting Ricky’s (aka Douglas Mackey) wrongful imprisonment for a joke tweet. His judge? Bruce Reinhart, the Epstein judge who also signed off on the Trump raid. Isn’t it amazing that the DOJ seems to know where to find these “friendly” judges. It took four years to get this rolling. Just in time for the next election cycle. Who is intimidating whom?

ImageDouglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, made an initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart in West Palm Beach on Wednesday morning. The complaint and affidavit in support of an arrest warrant was filed under seal in the Eastern District of New York. Mackey was a resident of New York at the time. (Source)

Here is Reuters headline May, 2021:

U.S. steps up pursuit of far-right activists in 2016 voter suppression probe

SAN FRANCISCO, May 26 (Reuters) – The indictment of a far-right internet activist on charges of interfering with the 2016 U.S. election reflects a strategic shift by the Department of Justice and sets the stage for new cases against more prominent right-wing actors, according to people familiar with the matter.

Federal prosecutors debated for years whether and how to pursue criminal cases against Americans suspected of disseminating false voting instructions to manipulate the election, three people with knowledge of the discussions said.

While some officials wanted to bring a multitude of charges, others felt it would be too difficult to bring a voter-suppression case based on online messaging, the people said. The hurdles include free-speech rights, the difficulty in establishing intent and the challenge of showing that anyone failed to vote because a specific person misled them.

But after former President Trump’s Attorney General William Barr resigned in December, a compromise emerged: One charge to start, against a demonstrably influential person, where evidence pointed to a real impact, the sources told Reuters.

The Department’s first target is Douglass Mackey, who was identified in 2018 as the man behind the Twitter persona ‘Ricky Vaughn.’ Authorities arrested him in January on a rare charge of “conspiracy against rights” for falsely telling people they could vote by text.


What comes to mind is the old question: “If someone tells you to jump off the bridge would you do it? Is there no room for humor anymore? Anyway, the purpose of this of course is to intimidate. Even if found not guilty he will run up one heck of a legal bill.


The media weighs in.

This is headline response to Mackey’s arrest: “Far Right Influencer.” “Far Right Twitter Troll.” All in lockstep.  Far Right, Far Right, Far Right….. The same lockstep as for the FBI raid on Trump.

If the response to the Trump raid  all looks “synchronized” that is because it is. Remember “Journolist” when discovered that was replaced by “Cabalist” and “Gamechanger Salon”. These two might have been replaced also, but all of them are where lefty media types coordinated their stories. The same with Douglas Mackey.

“A judge would not have signed off on that if there were not evidence”…..ah, so like the FISA warrants then?

Nobody is above the law indeed.


The best in the swamp today.

23 Responses to “DOJ Sets Sights On ‘Far Right Activist’ Joke Tweet Creator Douglas Mackey”

  1. jazz Says:

    What’s glaringly obvious is that DoJ/FbI always manage to find judges who are pedophiles, seks predators, and engagers of underage teenage male seks.

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  2. Eric Says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    Long live Ricky Vaughn!

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  3. Baysider Says:

    “No politics involved”
    Well Kash Patel says in his training as a federal attorney in the DOJ they were told to absolutely NOT to go after a political figure during the election cycle to avoid undue influence.

    Your Dems graphic says it all.

    “Misinformation” to defraud citizens? How about canceling thousands of legit votes by manufactured ones illegally trotted out to drop boxes by far left activists? Or dropping charges against actual groups actually intimidating voters at the polls? I’m sure they’d have no trouble ginning up a fake voter who claims ze was fooled into not voting by this meme.

    And Google did NOT conspire to subvert the 2016 (and likely 2020) election with sophisticated algorithms that controlled search results to shift opinion? Proving that is the same problem with proving a ‘case’ against Mackey. Finding the injured party. They are only found in gross numbers. Google subverted. Mackey engaged in open and clear free speech. It’s appalling and even more appalling that we’re first hearing of this now.

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  4. nrringlee Says:

    Elections have consequences. Leftists get away with this because Republicans let them get away with this. and far worse. It is time for sane Americans to stand up and just say no. When humor is outlawed against one side we have become a Banana Republic.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I think that is where we are and apparently an excuse for more coming,

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    • Baysider Says:

      Parents who could not stand authority conflict with their children are not the sort that will be willing to try to stand up to the withering fire in the public space, a fire rages to destroy your person, character and job or business. They’re feeling closer to winning and willing to let rip with their true totalitarian nature (of the left). No pretense now.

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  5. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I sincerely wonder when they will come to my door.
    And how I will react.
    And how they will react.
    I speak out loud every broadcast.

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    Isn’t Reinhart the judge that refused to allow Trump to take Hillary in his court?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      He recused himself as I recall.

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    • Baysider Says:

      Yes. He recused himself with prejudice against Trump. It’s easy to find in his social media posts before he became a judge.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        In truth he is a magistrate. Not approved by the Senate. Someone the district appoints to do the “grunt” work as mentioned by Jonathan Turley. I wondered why in the world he took on the Trump case now as well. It at least should have been one of the regular judges.
        Both he and Garland are conflicted and not sure why Trump is not working to remove them.Perhaps he is….

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  7. peter3nj Says:

    Elvis 8/17/1977. RIP.

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  8. peter3nj Says:

    Kudos to the left. Is the assault on Mar Lago the first misdirection shot across the bow with more to come as the Democrats prepare to steal elections at every level with little or no pushback by an again unprepared GOP, a GOP relying on an electorate offering pretty much no pushback against the wrecked economy noose tightening around their neck? Will the mushrooming costs in preparing their kids for the upcoming school year win a couple of votes for republican candidates, does Stacy Abrams on her way to sweeping into office in Georgia set off any alarm bells? The jig ( pun intended) is up yet the right is clueless while counting on a red wave. Meanwhile Biden’s well prepared DOJ and FBI stand weaponized may well swoop in on anyone or any organization offering resistance to the upcoming election fraud. Goebbles would be proud. It bears repeating: Mar Lago = misdirection. IMO.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Here in my media market -PA- it is non stop ads from the Dems…. some one is pouring in millions. I see few if any GOP ads…The Dem ads are good. Wizard candidate Oz is no where to be seen and the local GOP is complaining like crazy.. The GOP Gov race has not a prayer. The Dems have him with quotes that makes even my hair stand up on end.

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  9. Mustang Says:

    “:::reflects a strategic shift by the Department of Justice and sets the stage for new cases against more prominent right-wing actors,” doesn’t sound like America to me. Just saying, a new normal where citizens are persecuted for political affiliation. How is that a republic.

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