Breaking Bad: Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bundy Rancher- What Happens with an out of control government

Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy Ranch Dispute.

Let’s get one thing straight: The real issue here is how the FBI and other so-called ‘law enforcement’  entities can infiltrate, instigate unlawful conduct, and even plant false evidence to entrap groups they don’t like. These murders would never had happened if the citizenry were PROTECTED by the law. Protected even to the point of arresting government agents, trying them for entrapment, and punishing them with heavy fines, long jail terms in maximum security facilities, and even execution. The Principles of Liberty should be sacrosanct with those chosen to uphold it held to the highest standard.


The Waco siege was a siege of a compound belonging to the religious group Branch Davidians by American federal and Texas state law enforcement and military between February 28 and April 19, 1993. The group was suspected of weapons violations and a search and arrest warrant was obtained by the ATF. The incident began when the ATF attempted to raid the ranch. An intense gun battle erupted, resulting in the deaths of four agents and six Branch Davidians. Upon the ATF’s failure to raid the compound, a siege was initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the standoff lasting 51 days. Eventually, the FBI launched an assault and initiated a tear gas attack in an attempt to force the Branch Davidians out. During the attack, a fire engulfed Mount Carmel Center and 76 people.

For more on Waco:

Clintons Waco Slaughter April 19th, 1993 – 25th Anniversary

Ruby Ridge:

This same FBI sniper went on to Waco, where spent rounds were found in his position. This denial of justice spurred the actions of Tim McVeigh in Oklahoma City. I’m saying when you sweep governments immoral actions under the carpet without so much as a how do you do, it tends to piss off some of the more unhinged people in society.


What is going on now must stop now. Pushing people to the end of their string. This will not end well with whats going down. Let these glimpses of past history be a lesson.

The cliff note and ending of the Bundy Grazing Land Dispute. I did many posts on the subject. The final chapter. This js what happen when the government destroys one’s way of making a living and as well as their families for generations. Pushed too far.

Bundy Clan charges dismissed, citing “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” by FBI, prosecutors

I would be remiss not to post the concluding paragraph to this story of how badly things can get out of hand when the government uses its force for nefarious purposes. That being the FBI and Bureau of Land Management. I have heard nothing in the news about this. What a disgrace. I have done tons of posts on the topic starting back with the story in Bunkerville when we first heard of the Bundys and the ranching debacle that got this whole thing started. For the background first:

Cliven Bundy case declared a mistrial, Misconduct by FBI, BLM

Bunkerville and Bundy – the real story about the fight and timeline   

Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro in Las Vegas dismissed a jury seated last month for the long-awaited trial of Cliven Bundy, his sons Ryan and Ammon Bundy and self-styled Montana militia leader Ryan Payne.

The decision is the latest in a string of failed prosecutions in Nevada and Oregon against those who have opposed federal control of vast swaths of land in Western states.

Jurors acquitted the two Bundy sons of taking over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon for more than a month in early 2016 and amid calls for the U.S. government to turn over public land to local control.

In the Nevada case, Navarro faulted federal prosecutors for failing to turn over all evidence to defense attorneys.

“The government is obligated to disclose all evidence that might be favorable” to the defense, the judge said.[…]

When everything goes as bad as it can. The murder of Lavoy Finicum shooting. When the government choses not to deescalate it breaks bad. When a man loses his livelihood.

Two camera angles of LaVoy Finicum shooting – Video

Finicum was shot three times in the back. He was an Arizona rancher who took part in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover in Oregon.

Finicum was driving the truck that carried Ryan C. Bundy, 43, Ryan W. Payne, 32, Shawna Cox, 59, and Victoria Sharp, 18. In the Jeep behind them was driver Mark McConnell, 37, Brian D. Cavalier, 44, and Ammon Bundy, 40, the public face of the occupation. They were bound for a community meeting 100 miles north of the refuge in John Day.

Here is a video that I bet few have seen. For the first time we see not just the fuzzy unclear overhead police angle, but actually footage and words of those taken inside the Finicum car at the exact time of the police ambush. And really that is what one can only conclude if one watches this side-by-side clip of the two angles. Here tis:

Two camera angles of the LaVoy Finicum shooting demonstrate what tends to happen when people fail to prevent the government from becoming out of control.

(I am surprised that it is still available. WARNING very disturbing.)

In a video shown at a Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office press conference today, the aerial FBI video of the LaVoy Finicum shooting has been synced with a cellphone video Shawna Cox recorded from within Finicum’s truck. Be sure and stop back for the ending. Reid, money and China.

Postscript:  The usual conclusion.  In this case Reid, his offspring, money and China.

It has been reported that there were over 50 ranchers in the Bunkerville area. Now down to one. What is clear is that this story is more than a rancher not paying the BLM grazing fees. What we do know is that Harry Reid has his long dirty fingerprints in this story. While the Bundy family may not be the most articulate, soon we hear from others what the BLM has been doing to ranchers. You betcha. Here we go:

The son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Rory Reid, is the primary representative for ENN Energy Group, a Chinese energy company seeking to build a $5 billion solar panel plant on a 9,000-acre Clark County desert plot in Laughlin, Nevada.

ENN scored big when Clark County commissioners unanimously voted to sell the Chinese company the public land for just $4.5 million, despite the fact that it was appraised at $38.6 million.

Sen. Reid has been one of ENN’s biggest supporters, having recruited the company during a 2011 trip to China. According to Reuters, last month Sen. Reid tried to “pressure Nevada’s largest power company, NV Energy, to sign up as ENN’s first customer.”

This isn’t the first time the Reids have come under fire for alleged cronyism. In 2003, allegations emerged that Nevada industries frequently lobbied Sen. Reid through his well-connected relatives.

In conclusion written in 2010:

Written in 2010, this prescient statement is included for “whatever happened”:

It is again gauche to suggest that the U.S. government is a serious threat to our liberty. While the left at times appropriately condemned Bush’s war making, warrantless wiretapping, violations of habeas corpus and flouting of due process, the left has now become resigned to the precise policies being carried out by their hero Barack Obama. Just as important, they have forgotten what it meant to be more afraid of their government than of their fellow Americans upset about that government. All this Bush-era despotism continues unabated, but now it is seen as unseemly, unpatriotic, hateful, and even criminal to suggest that the U.S. government has authoritarian practices and totalitarian designs.

Note: The Bunkerville blog has no association with the Bunkerville location.

The best of the swamp.

10 Responses to “Breaking Bad: Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bundy Rancher- What Happens with an out of control government”

  1. Baysider Says:

    Lookie here, story in today’s Post about the computer repairmen with Hunter’s laptop who said FBI agents threatened him to stay silent. I quote the NYPost: “The repairman, who had volunteered to hand the laptop over to the feds two months earlier, said the alleged threat came after he made a joke, telling them: “Hey, lads, I’ll remember to change your names when I write the book.” … Agent DeMeo paused and turned to face me,” ‘It is our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things.’” Same attitude. Humorless. Do they always do things the hard way with cooperative people?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. markone1blog Says:

    Refresh my memory. Has anyone seen any restriction on a recording of the George Floyd ordeal or do the Big Tech Overlords only put restrictions on videos that advantage the conservatives?

    Oops. I answered my own question.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Baysider Says:

    The video – that’s a sideline of the Bundy case I did not know, and I know little about the argument there. After seeing it, I saw this 2-minute video the man they killed made the day before. Hear him talk about how the feds’ demeanor changed over time from friendly exchange to hostile. It will echo notes of the raid on Trump.

    There is a balance, clearly, between infiltrating potential troublemakers and leading the effort. I would expect lawful authorities to try to get the drop on criminals. Now, we have criminal authorities trying to get the drop on citizens they disagree with (J6 witch hunts for one). The first thing I thought when I read that they would not show Trump’s representatives a subpoena – and then waiving something they said was a subpoena from too far away to read – was “what a perfect setup to doctor evidence. No trail. No witnesses.”

    When states went rogue in the rule of law, the feds stepped in. Who steps in now? Well, Catherine Fitts makes a case for state governments to step up, with specifics, but it’s certainly not going to be my state!

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  4. Bill Heffner Says:

    Connect the dots between rigged elections and a federal agency which openly raids the home of a former president. This is a government which no longer even pretends to answer to the will of the people because it openly controls the elections and knows that it cannot be voted out of office. It tells lies that it knows will not be believed and does not care. It acts in ways that openly violate the constitution and knows that it will not be called to account. There is only one way to correct this situation, and the American people do not have the courage to do it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      Sadly why this post today. I spent the week posting about the coming disaster…the final push creating their praetorian guard of 87,000. Larger than the Israel and Great Britain Army. More armed individuals than the the US Marine corp.
      The “tell” was when Biden and his son waved from Air force One giving us the finger literally as they were rumaging through Trumps wife’s clothes.

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  5. nrringlee Says:

    Rogue Federal Agent. Rogue Federal Agency. Rogue Federal Government. Anyone see a pattern here? When the administrative state can change the very meaning of words at will law loses its meaning but not its deadly consequences for those caught in the cross hairs of ideological battles. Change the meaning of one word and you change everything in federally regulated businesses. If you don’t believe me take a good look at the five hundred or so revoked Federal Firearms Licenses over the past year. These revocations are based upon twists of regulatory language disconnected from the legislative intent of the baseline statutes. This is how tyranny works.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      I thought this would end this disastrous week with the vote today today that will probably end our Republic as we know it. 87,000 thousand coming soon… We should have appreciated where we were headed but too many blinded.


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