Biden on Russia invading Ukraine: “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion…”


The Biden’s are welcoming a Russian attack on Ukraine… what better way of getting rid of the Hunter Biden problem. What better way for the Hunter’s China problem go away than an attack on Taiwan.

“I looked at them (Ukrainians) and said:‘I’m leaving in 6hrs. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a b***h. He got fired.”-Joe Biden. I don’t think Biden likes Ukraine, or maybe it’s just Ukrainian prosecutors he doesn’t like.

Then there is the little matter of potential black mail by either China or Russia with the threat to “spill the beans.” Am I the only one thinking about this?

Anyone who saw the press conference was in for a real treat. I will leave it at that.

“They say that the final decision on Petro Poroshenko will be made after President Zelensky meets with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Soon we will find out the degree of controllability of Zelensky and the plans of the States for Poroshenko.”

Well if they are blasted all to hell I guess no worries…

Hunter Biden called business associate ‘the chief spy of China’

So many have a copy of Hunter’s laptop. Getting old with all of these little teasers. Rudy we know has it, the government has it, the DOJ, CIA and anyone who is anyone.

Yet Pop is the President.



The best of the swamp.

24 Responses to “Biden on Russia invading Ukraine: “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion…””

  1. Baysider Says:

    “a minor incursion” is a test of reflexes and resolve. Plus what Mark and Bunk said.

    Here’s another “a minor incursion” from history. You decide. The Siege of Tourane by Spain and France. Spain had a missionary issue – the locals weren’t too friendly – and asked the French if they would go together for a little quick gunboat diplomacy. 1858. Just a few days to teach ’em a lesson. Those few days turned into weeks. Then years. A punitive campaign got very bumpy but saw half the country subdued in 20 years. Just couldn’t stop. Eventually, Spain split but France put down roots. Too much $$$ to be had. Then, through a complicated political kaleidoscope of its day, the Americans ‘helped’ them out when they got cornered, and picked up kinda where they left off.

    Ever hear of Tourane? Sure. You know it by the name Da Nang.

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  2. Bill Heffner Says:

    No one should pay attention to anything that Biden says in settings such as this. They are the crazed ramblings of an utterly unhinged derelict. The wreck of one who was never more than marginally intelligent, and has now become senile with no capacity remaining for rational thought. We knew this before the election of 2020, and allowed him to be placed into office regardless.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I have to say with the team he has..,,. Rice, Power, Jarrett, et al, there never was a war they didn’t like….. they loved their Arab Spring….hard to believe they would not want us to be dragged into something with Russia… but he is now a senile stubborn old mad… anything goes.

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    • Mustang Says:

      We may even end up somewhat thankful and relieved that Dr. Jill is actually running the show. She’s one of those American success stories we keep hearing about … from au pair to surrogate president. Is this a great country, or what?

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    • peter3nj Says:

      “I’m sorry, what was that last question’? Don’t I know what”?

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  3. Mustang Says:

    There was a time, long ago, when the American president was a strategist. A chess player if you will. And what the president of the long ago didn’t know, there was a massively intelligent, knowledgeable, clever, resourceful, Machiavellian advisor or two standing off to his left and right, to whisper in his ear.

    I honestly don’t know who the last of these presidents was, but it’s been a while. Maybe it was that fellow who made a comment on an open microphone, later claiming that he was joking and didn’t know the mic was hot. I think what he said was, “If those hostages are not released by the time I’m inaugurated, I’ll make a parking lot out of Tehran.” Right. A professional broadcaster didn’t know the mic was open. But in any case, the hostages were released, as I recall, on inauguration day in 1981.

    Watching President Jimmy Carter flail in front of news cameras for 444 days was at least interesting, if not instructive. Each night, as I recall, the president would appear on camera and explain to the American people what he was not prepared to do to secure the release of American Embassy hostages in Tehran. And each time the president identified one additional thing he was not prepared to do, the enemy wrote it down. Within a short time, the enemy, the Iranians, had compiled a rather comprehensive list of things that Carter wasn’t going to do. And it didn’t take a genius very long to use deductive reasoning to figure out what Jimmy Carter would do — which, as it turned out, was nothing. Nothing at all. Oh, sure … he did “authorize” Operation Eagle Claw, which did no more than provide some amusement to the Iranians and the Russians, who had just recently invaded Afghanistan.

    Now we have another president — oddly, another Democrat — who is uncannily similar to his former boss, who also decided to do nothing in response to an enemy attack against U.S. diplomats in Benghazi, known as the Benghazi fiasco. Joe Biden, in the rich Democratic (I have not a clue) tradition, thinks that a minor invasion of a sovereign country is not something that he would find disturbing. The Russians have added that to their growing list of things the United States won’t do.

    This is not Biden’s fault. Joe Biden has been a thoroughly and consistently STUPID man for his entire tenure in public office. There is nothing Biden has done since assuming the office of the presidency that is inconsistent with anything Joe Biden has ever said or done in the past 40 years. No one should be surprised to see Biden listening to his earpiece before answering reporters’ questions. He was, for the entire time of the press conference, relying on the sage advice of Joey Tribbiani, who played Doctor Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives: he smelled the fart.

    No, this is not Biden’s fault. Biden sits in the oval office because the American people also have no clue about how dangerous the world is in the opening decades of the 21st century. They think that just anyone can become president. Well, I suppose there’s a good reason for Americans to think that. Lately, just “anyone” has become president. And the Russians, Iranians, Chinese, North Koreans are highly amused. In fact, I’m guessing that the Russians almost can’t wait until we send our nonbinary infantry division against them in a soon-to-be-announced global crisis. Although I suppose that is one way to rid ourselves of transgenders. And who knows, with Biden’s skill in Chinese Checkers, maybe that’s the president’s long-term strategy.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for the memories…. indeed I do recall those wonderful days of yesteryear, Almost a complete redo….. now a new generation can experience those days. Except this time the President is playing with the big boys… no Iran…. it always starts off with an incursion or a bullet going somewhere it shouldn’t, and ticking someone off. Going to be a bumpy ride.

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    So, Bunker, what is a “minor incursion?” Is it where you set up a base of operations for your future invasion? Is it a tenth of the nation? Or, in Obama’s third term (you know, the continuation of “let’s send MREs and blankets”), is it where you take ninety percent?

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    Biden’s response to the Newsmax question (where Rosen noted and then asked “A poll released this morning by Politico Morning Consult found 49% of registered voters disagreeing with the statement, ‘Joe Biden is mentally fit.’ [continued] Not even a majority of Democrats who responded strongly affirmed that statement. [continued] (W)hy do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?”) tells it all.

    Joe’s response: “I have no idea.”

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    • bunkerville Says:

      One need only watch his performance yesterday… watching him sundown in real time.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Biden underwent a microsurgical craniotomy of the right side of his brain at Walter Reed Hospital where he was taken in February 1988 after passing out in a hotel room following a speech he gave at the University of Rochester. A scan revealed an aneurysm at the base of his brain. The operation was successful. However, he was forced to return to the hospital for a second brain aneurysm operation on the other side of his brain three months later.

      And HE has his finger on the nuclear trigger. Double standard, anyone?

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  6. nrringlee Says:

    In order to turn a once-constitutional republic in to a rogue federal state you need to march in loads of corrupt political and corporate types. We are there. Biden is the poster boy for influence peddling, percentage taking corruptocrats. And the once democratic party loves him for it. Ya gotta respect the audacity of a guy who robs banks in a clown suit. Takes real stones. Or a complete lack of mental awareness. You decide. What better way to destroy the evidence of collusion and corruption in Ukraine than to grind Ukraine under the neutral steer treads of Russian armor? For a guy who has been characterized as one of the dumbest members of the select 100 Joe sure does throw the dice well.

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  7. Phantom of the Blogosphere Says:

    So last night, the walking Vegetable also known as Joseph Robinette Biden Jr .the 46thAmerican “President” of the United States. Finally gave his First News Conference. And needless to sat it was a TOTAL DISASTER. It was plain and simply Obvious that he called on reporters who had given their questions to him in advance, and that he was reading the pre-written (by Someone) ANSWERS to their questions. He wasn’t even trying to hide that fact, as he looked down at the papers in front of him and read the answers.
    And before I get into my comments, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank All You Fools who voted for this Incompetent Pile of Crap, who makes an IDIOT out of himself every time he speaks..
    To be honest, this wasn’t even a News Conference, at all, but a set-up of questions, and answers pre determined and not even softball questions. The only question that was omitted, was the question about his “Favorite Flavor of Ice-Cream”. The HIGHLIGHT of the speech for me was when the Newsmax reporter asked
    “Why do you think a large percent of the voters question your Mental Competence?”
    And he answered…..”I have no idea… Next question”. Having prepared notes helps especially with prepared questions, and answers.

    “Mr. President, your first year was a Complete Disaster….the country is in chaos…..what will you do differently in year 2.”
    Answer…”I’m gonna campaign for the Midterms.”
    And when the Newsmax reporter hit him harder than a New York Thug in the Subway, when he asked him why he thought that even the Democrat polls revealed so many people who have concerns about your cognitive capacity.
    He looked like a Deer in headlights after that one, and after Mumbling and Stuttering, and thinking about what to say for 90 seconds, he smiled and said, “People say lots of things”. He avoided answering why everyone thinks he’s incompetent. Saying “there’s more to get done”
    And now he’s even stooping SO LOW that he’s even is stealing lines from Kamala Harris, saying……”I”m gonna have to get out there more often.”
    After the first hour, he allowed the reporters to ask a few simple UN-REHEARSED questions. There was a sudden change, and there wasn’t any more pre-rehearsed questions. And all of a sudden he was calling on “opposing” reporters. And by the way, How Many Times Did He Say That John McCain Was His Friend?
    I think his handlers just got tired of covering his ass and decided “. Let’s just leave the Ole Jackass out there to defend himself”.
    And before he answered ANY of those questions he hesitated for a minute or two, thinking of his answer before he spoke, as he couldn’t maintain his train of thought long enough to complete a full sentence.
    When a reported asked him a question that he didn’t like, He really got nasty when he was given a tough question, and was far from the friendly, smiling Joey Biden that he appeared to be all evening.
    And at this time, I want to note that there weren’t any serious questions asked such as about the Economy, his failed Covid Policy Kamala’s job at the Southern Border, the Millions of UN-Vaccinated Immigrants being allowed to enter the Country.
    Not even any softballs, to be honest. But wen he was asked about the Mess he created in Afghanistan, his answer was that He Did The Right Thing, and that there wasn’t anything to apologize for.
    When a reporter from South America asked him “why don’t you come to South America?” Joey told him that spent most of his 8 years in Cental and South America as Vice President.. And started to blame Trump again. For what? I don’t know, but he didn’t need a reason. And asked the audience several times, “What is the Republican’s Agenda, what is their Platform”
    Frankly I always thought that it was the duty of the Party in Office to have a “Platform” and not the opposing Party.
    Anyway, what is Potatohead’s Agenda? The Destruction of America–he’s been doing it for a year. This Vegetable should really know that it is not about the Republicans Platform, it is about how Joe has SCREWED UP America in only one short year!
    And by the way, it looked like with Sleepy Joe was about to get us into a war with Russia by the way he spoke.
    And by the way, NO-BODY asked him about Pooping in his pants when he met with the Pope.

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