January 6 – ‘The Truth Is Going To Come Out, They Cannot Stop It’

Tucker Carlson had a spine tingling program last night that should chill any red blooded American. Citizens that have nothing to do with the events on January 6 in D.C. are being investigated including  seizing documents when no crime is even been charged. Good portions of the show are out on YouTube and worth a visit. I have included the full show with the opening monologue in which he warns about today’s D.C. events. We shall see if it stays up.

We are hearing precious little of the “Commission” and it’s time to pay attention.

POLITICO reported this morning on a 36-page memo from Col. Earl Matthews, who served as the top attorney to the chief of the D.C. National Guard on Jan. 6, that undercuts senior Army officials’ characterization of their response to the Capitol attack. The memo accuses two generals of lying to Congress.

Matthews’ memo, sent to the Jan. 6 select committee this month and obtained by POLITICO, includes detailed recollections of the insurrection response as it calls two Army generals — Gen. Charles Flynn, who served as deputy chief of staff for operations on Jan. 6, and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt, the director of Army staff — “absolute and unmitigated liars” for their characterization of the events of that day. Matthews has never publicly discussed the chaos of the Capitol siege.

Politico puts its spin but still facts are stubborn things. 

You think?

Here is a taste:


Rough language in tweet:


Here it is including his opening monologue. A highlight not to be missed starts about 5:30. Thanks Rumble

The best of the swamp.

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26 Responses to “January 6 – ‘The Truth Is Going To Come Out, They Cannot Stop It’”

  1. The FBI Provocateurs | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] recently reported by Bunkerville, “The truth is going to come out; they can’t stop it.”  I think this is true, but […]


  2. Baysider Says:

    Professor Desmet maintains larger populations (global??) are needed for the hardest totalitarian systems, as more are drawn into the Mass vortex. HIS STRATEGY: You must continue to speak, to keep our story in the public space, and make sure you can survive outside the system.

    “In my opinion, the most important thing for people to do is to continue to speak out. Even if it’s just to say that you don’t agree with the mainstream narrative: because mass formation is provoked by the specific voice it’s gotten used to. Really, you have to take this literally. Totalitarian leaders know this very well: they start every new day with thirty minutes of propaganda, in which the voice of the leader constantly penetrates the consciousness of the population. So without mass media and without the ability to confront people, time and time again, with the voices of the leaders, no mass formation could continue as long as it continued in Germany and then in the Soviet Union. And the opposite of this is also true: if other voices are available in the public space, then the mass hypnosis will be disturbed.”

    They were addressing the totalitarianism forming around the WuFlu, but it’s equally applicable to today’s topic. “Democracy dies in darkness.” Yes, we must speak.

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  3. Baysider Says:

    This is why the Swamp wants the ‘vaccine’ passport. That’s just a convenient stalking horse. It’s about instant access to mountains more info than these subpoenas willprovide. All on the Blockchain, available to ‘trusted’ partners across the globe in one spot. And untrusted ones who want to plant disinformation or do globally what Twitter is now doing account by account.

    This witch hunt (at minute 5+) is beyond chilling. Where are the people who inveighed against the Patriot Act in 2001 because your library records might be seen (and I agreed, btw)? The fact that no one appears to be clamoring for the identity of the ‘man in red’ suggests a nefarious conclusion – of course.

    The lockstep media narrative is congealing a dangerous psychological condition identified as Mass Formation.
    We need meaning and social connectedness free of irrational anxiety. The lockdowns served to take those away and result in a widespread and unwarranted willingness to participate in absurd strategies from which new ‘solidarities’ emerge to carry on a heroic battle with a designated target. It’s worth listening to Dr. Mattias Desmet talk about how fields of attention narrow to a small part of reality, and makes us very intolerant to differing voices. The narrative has caused people to attach all their anxieties to an identified target, protecting the collective and destroying dissonant voices. They use it to damage both election and health care integrity. Once I reviewed Desmet’s interview, I came back to see your post in a new and even more frightening way.

    Hemingway’s book is worth it alone to learn how private money (Zuck Bucks) embedded a radical cadre within public election processes directly. Green Bay had a NY activist running their City Clerk’s election process with keys to the central counting facility and access to all the machines before election night. He even tried to get direct access to the city’s voter database, but settled for daily reports of who and hadn’t voted by precinct. All this info to Dem activist teams. Republicans were left to pursue legal means which were stymied by activist courts and local Dem-controlled urban areas. This went on all over battleground areas. And it spawned a dangerous coalition to “Vote at Home” using sanitary buzz words like “safety”, “equity” and “Fairness.” They boldly state “Voting is not and cannot be one-size-fits-all.” Wrong! It MUST be or we’re back in Jim Crow.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      A well thought out comment and I thank you.. I will check out your link. We can count on this virus never to go away.. why should it.. it will go on forever because it gives them all they need. Just look at Austrailia and their internment camps over Covid.


  4. geeez2014 Says:

    BUNKERVILLE….That info given on Tucker last night is honestly THE FIRST TIME I’ve truly believed America could be over (and, as you know, I’ve got bloggers who mostly keep telling me that and I keep fighting back with some weird optimism I never thought I had much of)….Last night, I sat there thinking “This can’t BE”…. I believe that hit me most when Tucker said TWO people who were ‘visited’ by the Feds had computers and cells taken and THEIR SMALL COPIES OF THE CONSTITUTION! WHAT??? So, wait…if you have a copy of our constitution, it needs to be brought in as evidence because YOU MUST BE A PATRIOTIC NUT?
    That scared the S**t out of me, I don’t mind saying 😦

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  5. Baysider Says:

    I will listen and comment more later, but LOVE that Solzhenitsyn quote. I am finishing up Mollie Hemingway’s book Rigged on the 2020 election. The force and energy the left has behind it to infiltrate even the election process itself, taking it over in ways I did not know about, is sobering. They welcomed the 2020 rioting because the looting, burning and destruction of a lawless state of being energized them! Tells us a LOT about our enemies. They diddle with the election process because, like robbing banks, “that’s where the money is.”

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I want to read her book….if only we had some GOPers who cared. its the old Cloward-Piven… have to keep people interested… Especially check out the video at the 5 something mark… why the media and Fox is not covering this beats me.


  6. Brenton Hancock Says:

    They want the truth to come out. They want you to know they will set you up and lock you up if you poke your head up. It’s the long con.

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  7. Mustang Says:

    There is a tradition where, faced with an important decision, and before making it, a senior officer will query his staff for their advice. The conversation would go something like this: Based on the facts as we now know them, what are our courses of action, and why? The first to answer should be the most junior subordinate present so that he or she will not be in any way intimidated by what a more senior officer has to say. In many cases, the junior’s response omits any “political” considerations because the political virus never sets in until much later in the career progression. And when the most junior has had his say, it then goes to the next senior, and so on. All the while, the more senior officers are (hopefully) thinking carefully about what’s been said. He may even be taking careful notes to help them add to the discussion. In the end, the decision-maker has several courses of action that he must consider before making his decision.

    But, of course, senior officers do not give up their human frailties simply because they pin on a third or fourth star. At 0230, there was no staff present to offer advice. At 0230, it was likely that “all the facts” weren’t in. I would not want to be in a position of deciding as weighty as that one without knowing all the facts. And if my understanding is correct, the “incident” was long over by the time the question of DCNG even came up. So, why the hurry in making a poor decision? But that being the case, it is completely natural that neither the 2-star nor the 3-star would want to admit to making a poor judgment call. At the time, apparently, both were “in the zone” for promotion. We err in thinking that senior officers in today’s military services value “integrity.” They will allow nothing to get in the way of their promotion, especially the truth.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      My hunch goes that in the end, it was fine to have the incident go full bore and come what may was fine. If in fact the FBI and CIA were involved in instigating or intended to entrap citizens we have a story that needs to be told.
      The post was getting long, but the “kahki colored pants” seem to be the costume of those roaming D.C the past several days with zero coverage. One can only ask why.
      You are the man to keep us on track with the military and I thank you for your insight.

      Just who are these people?

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  8. markone1blog Says:

    It looks like the 36-page memo is only a portion of your post.

    This 7 December insurrection and the 6 January Democrat committee incrimination of conservatives proves the Democrats must change their name from “Democrat” to either “коммунист” or “Nationalsozialist.”

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  9. markone1blog Says:

    I started a post on this 36-page memo detailing the lies of those two generals to the Congress. Thank heavens for this one colonel who tells the truth and lays out the facts in a way that they cannot squirm out.

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