I Took the Red Pill And Here Are The Headlines – See Anything Wrong Too?


Here are the headlines. It looks to me like there is not a lot of sense to it.  Pick your favorite and drop a comment. Joe excelled this week. A few of his remarks and activities or lack thereof this past couple of days are included.



Here is the Father of Rittenhouse’s “victim.”


Alice in Wonderland



Have a great day.

17 Responses to “I Took the Red Pill And Here Are The Headlines – See Anything Wrong Too?”

  1. Baysider Says:

    Huber’s father takes the cake. I saw his son’s record. Two assaults on family members. A history of violence. Maria Shriver does not understand self defense? Even with a dozen videos? The kid on the slide is tops!

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  2. Terri D. Says:


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  3. Thanksgiving – ‘Over The River And Through The Woods’ | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

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  4. Always On Watch Says:

    I feel as if I’m living in some kind of hellish universe!

    Up is down, down is up. Right is wrong, wrong is right.


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  5. Adrienne Says:

    I really am coming to the conclusion that none of this will end without a hot war. And this from someone who lives in North Idaho and experiences almost zero in the way of Wuflu nonsense. I can’t imagine my life if I lived in Washington, Minnesota or Michigan or any of the “crazy” states. I’d probably be in jail by now.

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    Looks like we again made similar posts.

    You showed the inane direction of the left through various tweets (I especially liked the tweet where the Daily Mail exposed AOC and Tlaib complaining about low bail when they are part of the movement that created low bail like that).

    Similarly, I blogged on how the case of Andrew Coffee (where he won part of his case through proving he was defending himself and his girlfriend) undercuts the socialist narrative. In the second half of the post, I argue that the 10 lies identified by Miranda Devine were put out by socialists because they cannot afford for us to realize that we can defend ourselves.

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  7. Mustang Says:

    We probably need to keep voting for Democrats. And also, defund the police, hire a few more leftist judges, and confiscate firearms. That’ll fix everything.

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  8. Linda Says:

    …and there is a story today on Breitbart and Fox how Joe and his minions used a fake WH set yesterday to deliver his message…AND I am telling you there is only one reason why a fake set is being used…because the fake Joe knows he is committing a felony if he was in the real WH. Just saying…keep taking the red pill.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Why do they keep letting kids around Joe is my question.

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      • Linda Says:

        I don’t know…and why do parents allow it? Sigh—and… Turkeys are fine, my employer has .58 cent per pound Shadybrook turkeys and Butterballs are $1.39 a pound. No shortage here. Hams are fine too. But none at Walmart (either or). I think it depends on who the supplier is. I know Aldi’s is pretty low on both. It’s ok to have to work, its time and 1/2 as is Black Friday.

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  9. peter3nj Says:

    For those of us living in the past it’s hard to shake the images of “The FBI” starring Efron Zimbalist Jr.
    In the late 50’s through the early 60’s my brother and I traveled from Jersey to the City and onto Brooklyn via public transportation to grandma and gramma’s house on Bay 26th Strret unmolested and always lived to see another day.

    My brother and I were up at 5:00 am six days per week to deliver our morning paper routes before going to school and the money we earned was given to mom to help out since our step dad was fond of stopping at a tavern or two after work most days.

    My best friend in grammar school Steve and I while skate boarding almost daily never had cause to beat someone with our boards.

    Back to reality:
    A jerk who gets shot and killed while attempting to beat a guy with his skateboard is lauded by daddy as a great kid who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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