Thanksgiving – ‘Over The River And Through The Woods’

The good news is that many more of us this year will have the opportunity to go ‘Over the River’ but not so sure how many of us ‘through the woods.’ A short rendition of the tune as a reminder of this well- worn song that many of us loved as a child.

Then an acknowledgement that we are indeed entering into the first Sunday of Advent. Add some wonderful old Christmas cards with some music and it surely fills out the nostalgia. The days of the Christmas cards. How well I remember those days of sending and receiving then hanging them on our fireplace.

This video below is a flashback to times gone by. . . . . . an era that has come and gone, but which is a near unspoiled era that typifies a pure and simpler way of life. There were no cell phones or iPads, no televisions or Blue Ray players, no Facebook or Twitter either. This video card focuses on family and a long past wonderful way of life. . .

A brief introduction and then some old time Christmas joy to help us get into the mood of the season.

You may enjoy it in full screen.

An Old Fashioned Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving!

I Took the Red Pill And Here Are The Headlines – See Anything Wrong Too?


Here are the headlines. It looks to me like there is not a lot of sense to it.  Pick your favorite and drop a comment. Joe excelled this week. A few of his remarks and activities or lack thereof this past couple of days are included.



Here is the Father of Rittenhouse’s “victim.”


Alice in Wonderland



Have a great day.

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