Taliban Heralds the “Islamic Emirate Army” With Largest-Ever Convoy Of US Armored Vehicles

Those that are pulling Biden strings have made sure that the USA remains in chaos.This distracts and insures no attention is given to Biden’s military blunder in Afghanistan. First a clip when Biden still had a good portion of his marbles and a chilling insight as to how far he has slipped.

Then an update on how things are going in Afghanistan. Finally a refresher when Afghanistan was a destination for tourists and women prospered. Women were in government and the largest attendees at Kabul University. Weep for them. The little Afghan girls. All of the Americans and those who supported us and remain terrified and in danger and were left behind. The news cycle has moved on but not for these folks.

Biden In 2007: You Leave Weapons Behind In Middle East, They’ll Be Used Against Your Grandchild

Zero Hedge:

The Taliban on Tuesday inaugurated its “Islamic Emirate Army” in the large city of Kandahar in Afghanistan’s south by showcasing a lengthy parade of armored vehicles taken from US and NATO forces.

While it’s not the first time since conquering the country in August amid the rapid US troop withdrawal that the Taliban has held military parades touting its newly acquired Western hardware and weaponry, the Kandahar parade did appear to involve the most US-supplied vehicles ever on display at once

According to the AFP description of the event which featured what looked like hundreds of US military vehicles in a line that stretched as far as one can see:

The Taliban hold a military parade in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city and the militants’ spiritual heartland, using former Afghan and international forces vehicles and helicopters to inaugurate their new “Islamic Emirate Army”.

A convoy of military vehicles drove down Kandahar’s main road, which links the airport to the city center, past onlookers while religious music blasted from loudspeakers. The Taliban defense minister recently announced military units would be reorganized and renamed.


And on the family front? She’s nine. While ‘we’ obsess over pronouns, and slavery abolished 250 years ago.

Afghanistan – The Taliban ban music, execute musician

For Afghans, the day the music died coincided with the Taliban takeover of their country. Nothing drove home that fact than the horrific killing of Afghan folk singer Fawad Andarabi, who was executed by the Taliban for playing music.

The singer’s son said that the Taliban came to their farm and shot his father in the head. They targeted him because of his fame for playing the ghichak, a bowed lute, and preserving the traditional songs about his country.

Afghanistan was not always this way. The story that Afghanistan was always a primitive society where women had no rights is a perpetuated falsehood. Now another generation of women are condemned to a life that is inconceivable.

For those who may not have seen this.


Afghanistan’s Golden Age: The Land Where Women’s Rights Were At Par With Western Nations | NewsMo

Afghanistan of the 50’s and 60’s looked completely unrecognizable! The land where women’s rights were at par with Western nations. Take a look at this video for more.

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