McAuliffe goes low with terrible anti-Youngkin ad, pulls the race card


McAuliffe takes the low road and pulls out an attack ad over the top. Not enough? No doubt their internal polls reveal trouble with the Black vote and disinterest in the election. Pull out the race card. Keep digging.

By 2 November, the gubernatorial election day, McAuliffe will have stood on stage three times with Georgia’s Stacey Abrams – the top architect of turnout strategy for minority voters.

Abrams’s plan is direct: bring enough Black voters to the polls and they will support Democrats to victory over 90% of the time.

But many party regulars knocking on doors to boost turnout are noting fatigue.

After a bruising campaign that focused on the Black electorate in the presidential race run against the backdrop of a global pandemic which disproportionately affected them, many Black voters are weary.

Wait a minute. Didn’t he just say the other day (maybe yesterday) that VA had the best education system in the country?

Ahead of Tuesday’s election, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has promised to increase the amount of nonwhite teachers in the state in order to “diversify” its educational system.

McAuliffe attended a campaign event in Manassas on Sunday to rally support against his opponent, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. The Virginia Democrat lamented that while 50% of Virginia students are racial minorities, roughly 80% of Virginia teachers are white. McAuliffe also offered a plan to change that, according to Fox News .

“If you go teach in Virginia for five years in a high-demand area — that could be geographic, it could be course work — we will pay room, board, tuition, any college, any university, or any HBCU here in Virginia,” McAuliffe said during the rally.

ActBlue, the organization that helps Democrat candidates and progressive groups raise money from individual Americans, released an appalling 30-second ad, with the theme of “This is Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia,” claiming “If Glenn Youngkin is elected no one is safe!”

Yes, no one!

The abhorrent attacks on the businessman were not received well by political consultants.

Meanwhile Youngkin takes the high road.

H/T: PJ Media

We can only hope. 

Kamala Harris warns McAuliffe loss could doom Dems in 2022, 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday warned that a win by Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin in Virginia’s gubernatorial election could doom Democrats in the 2022 congressional midterms and even the 2024 general election.

Harris gave the frank analysis, which is likely to be cited often by Republicans if Youngkin does win, while campaigning for Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in Norfolk, Va.

“What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on,” Harris said during a 16-minute stump speech.

“You gonna bring this home, right? Yes you are,” Harris told the crowd, warning them that “Tuesday is a critical day that will determine whether we either turn back the clock or move it forward.”

Read more at the New York Post

Don’t forget the New Jersey race for Governor, It is a sleeper. There was one poll that had the GOP ahead but I never saw it again. Then there are several special House seats. One that could be flipped for sure.

This is the best of the swamp. Looking for a fun night.

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