Young women choosing sterilization is sad and worrisome

The colonization of America continues with news of our latest arrivals well on their way. We learn as well that the indoctrination of potential co-creators of America’s home grown has been successful. Deaths exceeded births in 25 states. We learn as well that more women are choosing sterilization to insure they will not be troubled with offspring as well as doing their bit to pitch in to help out with Global Warming. In the story that follows, one can only feel sad that so many can not experience the joy of children. But that is where we are apparently.

Hot Air:

This story comes from Bari Weiss’ Substack. The author, Suzy Weiss, focuses on the growing trend of relatively young women getting sterilized because they decide they never want to have children. I knew there were people like this, so-called anti-natalists, but I found hearing their stories a bit sad and worrisome. For instance, a 31-year-old aspiring actress named Rachel Diamond:

Growing up near Hershey, Penn., Diamond always assumed she’d have a family of her own. Then came college at Arcadia University; her political awakening, away from her conservative roots, and towards progressivism; and a therapist who she found online a few months after graduation who made her realize that being spanked as a child was deeply traumatic, and that it made her fear authority figures like her father. She decided that she never wanted to be one herself. Never ever ever…

Last year, the number of deaths exceeded that of births in 25 states — up from five the year before. The marriage rate is also at an all-time low, at 6.5 marriages per 1,000 people. Millennials are the first generation where a majority are unmarried (about 56%). They are also more likely to live with their own parents, according to Pew, than previous generations were in their twenties and thirties…

The Rapture — sorry, the end — is upon us, and this is no time for onesies. So says The New Yorker and NPR and AOC. According to a new poll, 39% of Gen Zers are hesitant to procreate for fear of the climate apocalypse. A nationally representative study of adults in Michigan found that over a quarter of adults there are child-free by choice. And new research by the Institute of Family Studies found that the desire to have a child among adults decreased by 17% since the onset of the pandemic.


I think it’s morally wrong to bring a child into the world,” said Isabel, 28, a self proclaimed anti-natalist who lives in southwestern Texas and did not want her last name in print. “No matter how good someone has it, they will suffer.”…

Chelsea, a 25 year-old in Sacramento, told me kids “kind of gross her out.” She’s weighing the risks of going under the knife, like infection or mood swings brought on by anesthesia, but says regret isn’t one of them. “What’s there to regret?” writes another Redditor, “That I’ll be too happy? Too free?”

This story brought to mind a post I did last summer.

Ben Domenech: Leftists Hate You And Your Baby

How and why does the government and other entities find that children and the family structure gets in the way of their grand experiment? Killing off sixty-two million babies via abortion is not enough. Children and parents are a problem. Ben Domenech gives us the run down.

Domenech’s points are so well made and it dovetails nicely with a post written in 2017 entitled The Genetic Dead Ends Who Rule Europe.   

“Emmanuel Macron is the ninth current European leader whose loins have borne no fruit.”

Why do so many heads of State remain childless? Can they relate and have empathy and care about our precious little ones that bring us such joy and are the future of our Republic?  Ben takes it from here:

The Genetic Dead Ends Who Rule Europe is the title to an insightful and deliciously written piece about the fertility of the heads of European States. I have often pondered why Europe and many here in the States seem hellbent on losing our culture and identity ultimately giving away the very nature of the governance with the so-called open borders. Perhaps because many have no skin in the game for their offspring. Written in 2017, it is even more relevant in today’s world.

I suggest the full read.



Other than that all is well in the swamp.


19 Responses to “Young women choosing sterilization is sad and worrisome”

  1. Baysider Says:

    According to Patrick Moore we are in a great global cooling period now. All the ‘starving’ bears idiots like these are worried about aren’t starving, are there in the first place because warming came, and seasonal warming and ice retreat allows the food to grow that feeds the seals that feed the bears! Oh me, oh my. More of what Mark said.

    With Paul Saladino:

    and on a panel, shorter version:

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    It’s just more proof we are losing, illegals and islam are winning. BIG time. We’d better stop having children; we’ve got hundreds of thousands of illegals here now who need our help.
    This is just another result of liberal indoctrination………makes me sick to my stomach.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    I do think it is wise for young people to think carefully about bringing children into the world, rather than having to react to a surprise, and/or perhaps an unwanted pregnancy. Raising healthy children into responsible adulthood is a serious business and, from what I’ve seen over the past few decades, not every parent is up to the task. There really is so much to think about. Have both parents committed themselves to their relationship? Are both parents employed? If both are employed, are either of them willing to reduce their household income to stay home to raise and nurture their children? Can they afford medical and dental costs? How do they intend to educate their children? Do they know the difference between being a parent and having tiny friends?

    In any case, the decision not to have children carries with it so many variables that it’s hard to comment about it. Of those who have professed to having made that decision, would any of them make good parents? I ask the question because it seems to me that if there is anything we do not need more of it is angry, irresponsible, self-centered, marginally educated social warriors. And the truth is that even really good parents sometimes raise the worst or utterly bizarre children. It’s a flip of the coin, isn’t it? Parent’s think they’re doing the right things in raising their children, but then the children grow up making all the wrong choices and impose their misery on everyone they come in contact with, including their parents.

    Maybe it would be better to have a smaller population of genuinely good people than a large population of nitwits. But then we have the Islamists who, despite our legal prohibitions of multiple marriages, maintain several wives who transform themselves into baby factories. The single-mother-pregnancies are still a problem, and they, like the Islamists, are happy to help themselves to the public trough.

    Tough call. I suppose self-sterilization is better than having someone from HHS forcing it on people whom they regard as unsuitable because of their skin color, their religion, or anyone who refuses to join the Naz … er, Democratic Party.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      All you say I agree with… generally the specie thrives on producing offspring. Anyone who looks at my Saturday posts usually finds at the end a dance for the perpetuation of the specie. We have lost it. No culture can sustain itself if it doesn’t produce at least 2.3 as I recall as a couple.
      So welcome our heathen brothers and sisters. Say good bye to America. Something went awry in our DNA…

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      • kidme37 Says:

        I read below 1.9 and you cannot sustain your economy or culture. A problem for all western civilizations. Some folks are in for a real shock and it will happen in their lifetime.

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    • kidme37 Says:

      To the point of raising the kids, which means teaching them all about the stuff they will be involved in on a regular basis for Sure. If the paents are even capable. Like driving. I’m remembering a segment from a comedian’s routine… “Stop having kids folks! The ones who clog the roads with bad driving, won’t pull into the intersection to turn left when the light changes so I have to wait for another whole light before I can go ! Just stop! We have that guy ! We don’t need any more !”

      There are some good kids and parents out there but they are a minority. We’re in a tsunami of ignorance that is spreading like a virus.

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  4. opinionated and right Says:

    There are 17 senators, including the top Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees, many are Bipartisan who are calling on President Biden to expel 300 Russian diplomats if Moscow does not issue more diplomatic visas to make up for its ban on the U.S. Embassy hiring local Russian staff.
    Why isn’t Biden listening to the intelligence experts, some of whom are in his own party?
    What does Russia have on Biden? Why is Biden colluding with Putin?

    Joe Biden didn’t even listen to his own military advisors about how to withdraw from Afghanistan. Everything that idiot touches turns to Crap and his withdrawal from Afghanistan was a BIG disaster.

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    • Mustang Says:

      I find it amazing that you’re so rude to impose what you want to talk about that has nothing to do with the blog-author’s post. Try twitter or getting your own blog.

      Sorry, Bunks. Couldn’t resist.

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    What’s worse is the way companies aligned with the profit jab will suppress the truth.

    If you have children, prepare for a hard video to see.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I am staying out of the fray…..For seniors the vaccine was a godsend at the time. For those who are at risk and over 70 take it…. living in a congregate living arrangement there was/is no choice. The dying stopped once we had the vaccine. I would never ever have my child take it nor would I if in good health. Period.

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    On the bright side, at least they won’t pass this stupid line of reasoning to their children.

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