Kennedy Assassination Records Delayed Again – Shades of Vincent Foster Investigation?


Oh what a tangled web is weaved by our government. How many believed/believes the government and the so-called official Commission that covered the investigation?  At least the outcome that was reported. One only has to look at the murder investigation of Vince Foster, the close friend of Hillary Clinton who was found “dead by Suicide” in Fort Marcy Park.

special House committee in 1978 concluded “on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”

The conclusions of the investigations were arrived at in good faith, but presented in a fashion that was too definitive.

  1. The Secret Service was deficient in the performance of its duties.
  2. The Secret Service possessed information that was not properly analyzed, investigated or used by the Secret Service in connection with the President’s trip to Dallas; in addition, Secret Service agents in the motorcade were inadequately prepared to protect the President from a sniper.
  3. The responsibility of the Secret Service to investigate the assassination was terminated when the Federal Bureau of Investigation assumed primary investigative responsibility.


An independent body, which folded in 1998, was headed by a federal judge and empowered to collect classified information from across the government that might have bearing on Kennedy’s murder and make public as much as possible after consulting with the agencies where the intelligence originated. It also had legal authority to overrule recalcitrant agencies.


President Joe Biden has once again delayed the public release of thousands of government secrets that might shed light on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“Temporary continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure,” Biden wrote in a presidential memorandum late Friday.

That pretty much covers the government and all its entities.

There’s more:

Researchers are keenly interested in the personnel file of the late George Joannides, a career CIA intelligence operative who staffers on the House investigation in the late 1970s believe lied to Congress about what he knew about a CIA-backed exile group that had ties to Oswald.


More on the shadowy figure of George Joannides 

JFK Facts reports:

Joannides, now deceased, was an undercover CIA officer, whose actions provides strong evidence that certain Agency personnel manipulated Lee Harvey Oswald for propaganda purposes before and after President Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

George Joannides, chief of CIA covert operations in Miami in 1963, also had a residence in New Orleans.

Declassified CIA records show that Joannides obstructed two official JFK investigations by not disclosing what he knew about contacts between his Cuban agents and Kennedy’s accused killer. Most records of his activities in the summer of 1963 are still classified.

Conspiratorial speculation aside, his story demonstrates the CIA is capable of keeping JFK assassination secrets, even 50 years later.

There is no evidence Joannides was involved in a plot to kill the president. He was not a “rogue officer.” As recipient of the agency’s Career Intelligence Medal, he retired from the CIA in 1981 with the esteem of colleagues, family, and friends. Whatever he did in 1963, he did at the behest of his superiors.

His story continues to emerge. In a federal court filing earlier this month, the CIA acknowledged for the first time that Joannides maintained a residence in New Orleans during his tenure running secret anti-Castro operations in Miami 1962-64. Oswald lived in New Orleans from April to September 1963.

To this day, the CIA will not disclose the nature or purpose of Joannides’s residence in New Orleans — for reasons of “national security.
For more on this story , click on this, and this, and this. Thanks to News Alert for all of the links.


What’s still hidden?

Portions of more than 15,000 records that have been released remain blacked out, in some cases a single word but in others nearly the entire document, according to the National Archives.

The records were collected by the Assassination Records Review Board, which was established by Congress in the 1992 JFK Records Act.

The independent body, which folded in 1998, was headed by a federal judge and empowered to collect classified information from across the government that might have bearing on Kennedy’s murder and make public as much as possible after consulting with the agencies where the intelligence originated. It also had legal authority to overrule recalcitrant agencies.


And for Vince Foster? Let me know if this sounds familiar. Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia, outside Washington, D.C., on July 20, 1993. His death was ruled a suicide by five official investigations,[1] but remains a subject of conspiracy theories.



For more on Vince Foster from an earlier post if you want a real conspiracy theory. From Bunkerville, July 3,2018:

Supreme candidate Kavanaugh, from the deep state, led murdered Vince Foster coverup

This is the only time in history that an Independent Counsel was ordered to include evidence of a cover-up by his own investigators in his own Report.

Search Vince Foster in the search bar located at the top right side of this page for additional posts on the topic. I had spent a number of months reading all of the primary documents available and it is mind blowing..

We know about the JFK investigation. We were suppose to get the report released by now after many years but now they have extended the time. We know the drill don’t we?

The best of the swamp today.

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20 Responses to “Kennedy Assassination Records Delayed Again – Shades of Vincent Foster Investigation?”

  1. Baysider Says:

    Interesting that President Trump tweeted THIS 2 days before the scheduled release in 2017. “Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.”

    Linda, that was new to me. Then I found THIS:

    Scroll down to Poppy’s Secret. A GHWB spokesman initially stated “it must be another George Bush” to whom J. Edgar Hoover send a post assassination memo in the CIA. Then eventually it was “neither confirm nor deny.” The CIA later clarified it was a George William Bush who had left the agency for another spook group. Just before the 1988 election they came up with said George William Bush who affirmed it was him. Later declassified documents show HW was indeed with the agency in some fashion long before his vaunted takeover as an outsider-never-been-in-the-agency-before Director. Who’s to believe?? Liars who are good at obfuscation leave a trail of bread crumbs everywhere or nowhere.

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  2. Baysider Says:

    Kennedy crossed too many swamp dwellers and power brokers. 6 minutes The Deep State & the Reengineering of America Part II:

    Had Treasury sec issue ‘real’ (debt free) US money.
    Tried to dump the oil depletion allowance.
    Counter narrative to military on Vietnam.
    Fired the top 3 guys at the CIA and trimmed their branches.

    I personally think it was the banksters that were the worst cross. First Lincoln, then McKinley when he turned on them. And then there’s the CIA. Like Schumer told Trump at the start “they have a 100 (or 1,000) ways to get to you.”

    We know enough about Foster to know he did not die where his body was found.

    Valuable offering years ago in one of those who-killed-Kennedy documentaries. An expert witness used a photographic forensic technique using a computer algorithm (undirected by humans – it was just a program that ran expanding 10 shades of gray to hundreds) to clarify photos, accepted in many court cases. Applied the same to photos of the Kennedy assassination which revealed much more about angle of entry into wounds and other stuff (like covering up the big hole that blew out the back of his head. Can’t see it in the doctored photo, but his algorithm picked it up clearly). He used this info to tie a second shooter to the grassy knoll, as the evidence was strong for a shot from that direction. But not close enough. He followed the angle of trajectory and could not get it anywhere near the president. So he reversed. Since we knew the exact placement of the victim via the Zapruder film, he worked backwards. It took him to the sidewalk. The street. No. More accurately to the storm drain where the two joined. He followed the drain to its outlet on the other side of the freeway overpass. Got in. Yes. You can traverse the drain and position yourself with a rifle at the cutout in the curb. The ones the secret service did not seal on that visit. Easy exit out of sight. Everyone runs to look at the crime, not the other way where some guy is walking out. The other stuff was fascinating too.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    If there was never any reason to hide information about the JFK assassination, then the government wouldn’t have buried it. In 1963, there was a good reason to think that in another fifty years, no one would remain alive who knew the truth, or could be prosecuted for their role in the murder of a president.

    So then, why keep it buried?

    Information is power, but some information, once revealed, even after so many years, can have a devastating impact on the present. If LBJ and/or the CIA was complicit in the murder of JFK, then we can all understand why a Democratic president wouldn’t want that information released in advance of a presidential election. Equally important is the timing of the release of potentially disturbing information. Even if there is no indication of LBJ’s or the CIA’s involvement, the release of this information would make an excellent diversion of the public’s attention away from “other issues.” And, since “they” only get to release it once, it’s important to get as much bang for the buck as is possible.

    I remember the assassination. It had an unbelievable effect on the nation’s psyche. People walked around in a stupor for weeks on end. The release of the information will have that same impact on the nation simply because many who lived it are still alive. Maybe a third of our people won’t care one way or the other but thinking people will begin questioning the kind of place America really is — and this won’t be helpful to either political party.

    I fully understand why the US government should want to “delay” releasing this information. First, because it won’t place Democrats in an enviable position. Second, because the timing isn’t right. Third, because it will reinforce everything “some” people believe about the deep state — and how long it has existed. It will call into further question those “institutions” that supposedly bind us as a nation.

    My belief is that, in asking who really killed JFK, we’re asking the wrong question. We should be asking why; if we know why, then we have a pretty good idea about who. Both questions were relevant in 1963. Now, what seems more relevant, is the question of why the information was (and continues to be) placed under lock and key. The answer to that question won’t return us to the age of Camelot.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The curtain will be pulled back and we cannot have that. Excellent analysis as always. I know I keep beating a drum and people are weary of Foster. Amazingly, all of Vince Foster’s investigation is available and almost fully and both sides of it. Voice interviews, videos, etc. I spent hours reading/listening to tape interviews. Yet nothing became of the investigation and the media remained mum even Fox.
      Kavanaugh was 27 at the time… he apparently was promised something for his coverup… so the deep state goes on and on… I keep waiting for a shoe to drop on him. Maybe it simply was a Supreme seat..or what??

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    • Baysider Says:

      +1. Yes indeed. Why withhold the reveal? People die. They’re all dead I imagine who were associated with that time. But AGENCIES live on. A month after the Afghan fiasco may be especially bad timing for another black mark on a major security agency.

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    Did you catch how the State Department is now admitting 363 Americans are still in Afghanistan and want out?

    Remember the invitation-only, friendly hosted “townhall” where the host prompted bumbling Joe with possible answers? The two of them never breeched Afghanistan.

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  5. Linda Says:

    How about the very fact that “daddy” Bush was there in Dallas on that fateful day working for the CIA. Coincidence? I think not. All is well in the swamp and will continue to be.

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  6. kidme37 Says:

    “President Joe Biden has once again delayed the public release of thousands of government secrets that might shed light on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

    That would suggest the dems were behind it.

    Also, what if the FBI killed MLK.

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