Wayne Chapman, Serial Child Rapist and Probable Murderer dies After Release From Prison

Wayne Chapman is dead, ending a nightmare sex offender story. He goes to his grave having admitted to molesting up to 100 boys.

Perhaps no other story reflects our judicial system as well as Wayne Chapman. A serial child rapist and in all likelihood a child murderer. He is not a household name at this point, the story starts back in the ’70s. A last ditch stand to keep Chapman in jail by prison officials at the last moment was unsuccessful.

Here is a flash back posted in 2019 when Chapman was trying to be released from prison.

The MA Dept. of Corrections wants to release a serial child rapist & possible murderer because they’ve determined that this pedophile is now ‘harmless’.

This story is not a headliner and in the great scheme of things will not rock the world. But for the one hundred boys he raped and/or otherwise sexually abused, and for the family of the boy who more than likely than not was murdered by him, there will be no peace. He boasted about raping over one hundred boys. For those of us of a certain age the story was a headliner for months when it went down.

The story brought to mind an earlier post. Recall how wonderful the “The First Step” was? Non-violent offenders. Just some fine folks who got into trouble in the hood who otherwise were on the way to Sainthood, so sure… let’s get them back on the street pronto.Then we find out First Step Act release of criminals include Rapists, Murderers

Rapists, Murderers, you name it are now out roaming our neighborhood. Once again.

So now we get back to this fine fellow. Forgive me if I am cynical this morning. Most discouraging is the jury that found him “not guilty” on the latest charges thus opening the doors to the latest effort to not keep him confined:

Convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman was found not guilty following accusations that he exposed himself to others while in prison on Friday.

Chapman, now 71, was charged with open and gross lewdness and lewd, wanton and lascivious acts for allegedly exposing himself to prison workers at MCI-Shirley. This acquittal allows him to be released back into the public.

Chapman was convicted in 1977 of sexually assaulting young boys he lured into the woods. He’s been civilly committed since his prison term ended in 2004.

Chapman is a self-admitted serial child rapist. He also remains the prime suspect in the disappearance of a 10-year old boy from a South Lawrence pool in the 1970’s.

“For a guy like this, a prolific sex offender, who has been convicted of sexually abusing at least 11 children in three states and admitting to sexually abusing 100 children, it’s good reason to be afraid,” said Murphy.

The Supreme Court ruled Chapman can no longer be civilly committed after two mental health professionals concluded he was no longer sexually dangerous.

At a 2016 hearing, Chapman’s lawyers argued he was “just too old and too sick” to re-offend, adding: “His life won’t create the circumstances that allow him to re-offend… Even if he wanted to.”

But a forensic psychologist also testified in 2016 that Chapman believed little boys wanted to have sex with him, saying: “The fact that in December 2014, a little more than a year ago, he was still saying he saw these children as willing participants in the assaults, seems to us quite a severe cognitive distortion.”

All you need to know.

EVIL child rapist Wayne Chapman is set to be released from prison as he is “too old to re-offend.”

The release of the 59-year-old comes after two examiners said he is “no longer a sexually dangerous person”, Department of Correction officials told Boston 25 News.

Just when one thinks the swamp couldn’t reek much more.

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9 Responses to “Wayne Chapman, Serial Child Rapist and Probable Murderer dies After Release From Prison”

  1. Mustang Says:

    I have to ask, how “humane” is it to keep people locked up in a steel cage I know the legal system is complex and hard to understand sometimes. I like the “let the punishment fit the crime” idea. So, I wonder why our system of punishments does not consider the damage done to victims more than it does some odd notion of humane sentencing. Rape, no matter who its victims are, produces life-long memories and torment. No system of justice can repair that damage, just like the family and loved ones of murder victims never “get over” the trauma associated with that kind of experience.

    Locking people up in a cage has become a convenient expedient, and we all know that our prisons (state and federal) are human cesspools where crime goes on even behind bars. There’s no serious rehabilitative efforts in prisons, and they’ve all become recruitment centers for criminal organizations (thinking Moslem Brotherhood). And the prisons (housing somewhere around 1.5 million convicts) cost the taxpayers billions every year. Why must hardworking people have to pay for these cesspools, particularly when (given the recidivism rates) they aren’t doing much good. As an aside, I read some years back that the average time a murderer spends in a California prison is seven years. If true, is that how we define justice?

    Not every case deserves capital punishment, of course, but many of them do warrant extreme punishments. Murder, rape, kidnapping, doing grievous bodily harm to others, importing, distributing, and selling drugs, and some instances of theft. I wouldn’t necessarily be looking at capital punishment as a deterrent, other than making sure the murderer or rapist never kills or rapes anyone else. I’d be looking at it as a final solution to a miserable bastard who, in harming others, forfeits his or her right to continue breathing — and, as I say, the end result would be never again having to worry about sending that sod back to prison.

    So, in my view, Chapman should have been long dead. Also in my view, executing Chapman would have been the humane thing to do — for the sake of his victims.

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  2. Linda Says:

    For some odd reason, I thought he was already dead. ANYWAYS, we sure are living in some horrible times, aren’t we? Up is down and down is up sort of thing. All designed that way to get us/our mindsets for one global whatever, just my thoughts. One thing is for sure, my Faith holds steadfast, period. I know the truth. Evil is evil and there is plenty of that going around…speaking of evil, did you see that story about Richard Levin (nee Rachel)? Again, up is down and down is up…so sad.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. markone1blog Says:

    In Harris County, at least the Democrat District Attorney Kim Ogg seems focused primarily on releasing those poor violent offenders. Then again, with a news outlet like the Houston Comical Chronical, how would I really know?

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