Shock! Energy Secretary Granholm: US doesn’t “have much moral authority” to criticize China’s energy policies.

Biden’s Marxist lackeys keep rolling along. This time it’s Secretary of Energy Granholm. China emissions have tripled over the last 30 years and are on the rise while ours are going down. How embarrassing is that, flat out lying in order to try and pass an agenda so dangerous? And to liken ourselves with Communists via a carbon footprint? This is setting the stage for dissing America at the forth coming Climate summit.

This is looking up to be one grand Socialists party.

Yes, The U.S. Leads All Countries In Reducing Carbon Emissions.

According to the 2017 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, since 2005 annual U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have declined by 758 million metric tons. That is by far the largest decline of any country in the world over that timespan and is nearly as large as the 770 million metric ton decline for the entire European Union.

Let’s keep in mind what Yellin has in mind for this little get-together.

Janet Yellen weighs visit to China, her first as US Treasury Secretary,  East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits TimesTreasury Secretary Yellin

And it’s all hands on deck in destroying life as we know it. Let’s pump up inflation even more since everything is going so swell in the world. As if corporations will not simply raise prices to cover taxes.

Who else besides us will be paying this and how much more will this Administration & its minions (Yellin) be allowed to do to undermine our economy & future?

WASHINGTON, Sept 28 (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday she is looking for G20 countries to reach political agreement on a global minimum corporate tax deal at their summit in October and has not ruled out a rate higher than 15%.

Yellen, speaking to the National Association for Business Economics, said the Senate Finance Committee is looking at a “slightly higher” overseas minimum corporate tax rate than the 16.5% passed by the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee.

“We’ll see where it all shakes out, but my hope is that when reconciliation (legislation) passes, we will come into compliance with this regime, and we’re looking for political agreement to be achieved at the G20 summit at the end of October, and then countries will quickly put this into place,” Yellen said.

Some 134 countries agreed over the summer to support a global minimum tax of at least 15%, but low-tax Ireland has held off on endorsing the deal as it waits to see if the U.S. Congress accepts the Biden administration’s proposed tax increases on corporations and wealthy Americans. read more

Back to our gal Granholm:

Granholm’s comments come one month before the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, where the Biden administration plans to flood the zone with 13 high level cabinet members and officials to meet with other world leaders on creating more commitments to limit global warming, while emphasizing what the US is doing to lower its own greenhouse gas emissions. 

Just embarrassing. She is saying this to peddle the Green New Deal.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has sparked a furor by saying the US doesn’t “have much moral authority” to criticize China over its energy policies.

During a roundtable conversation with Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, and other energy leaders in Grand Forks, North Dakota last Thursday, Granholm spoke on diversifying the state’s energy infrastructure and investing carbon capture. 

“You know, we’ve got a global problem and China is a big contributor to that — we are, too,” Granholm said. “And we don’t have much moral authority to say you should be doing this if we are not taking action and deploying the technology that we need to deploy.”

More at the New York Post

Biden will also swing by the Pope to get a pump on this Carbon nonsense.

WASHINGTON — (AP) — President Joe Biden is set to meet Pope Francis when he visits the Vatican later this month as part of a five-day swing through Italy and the U.K. for global economic and climate change meetings.

Biden plans to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis and poverty during his meeting with the pope, according to the White House. The meeting will take place on Oct. 29, and Biden will then attend a two-day summit of G-20 leaders in Rome, before heading to Glasgow, Scotland for the U.N. climate conference known as COP26.

I can only imagine the spectacle of Biden at the two day summit.

Bonus preview: Kerry will pitch in.

Meanwhile Joe is trying to figure out whats going on. Paging Nurse Jill. Cannot wait to see him in action at the Summit.

The best of the swamp today.

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27 Responses to “Shock! Energy Secretary Granholm: US doesn’t “have much moral authority” to criticize China’s energy policies.”

  1. Baysider Says:

    And P.S. – the soil program would do a GREAT DEAL to hold on to carbon. I didn’t pick that example at random. Dead soil can’t sequester carbon (or hold water). Live soil, untainted by common industrial farming practices, CAN. This would truly be BOLD, a huge step in “global warming” to the extent that a significant source of carbon retention is promoted. But the dead soil makers hold out BIG campaign bucks to keep politicians of all stripes alive.

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  2. Baysider Says:

    Jennifer Granholm has never been right, and this is more proof. Where has Ms. Van Winkle BEEN the last 50 years as an enlightened America has cleaned up industrial plants, brownfields, smoggy cities, major polluters and so on? Or has she never looked upon the moonscape that was once Chinese farmland converted to solar panel production?

    There’s more to do, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for any politician of any stripe to put the kibosh on industrial farming’s suffocation of soil life that incurs significant water/nutrient waste and more healthcare usage. When they have serious talks with Allan Savory and Gabe Brown let me know!

    And nrringlee: “The ability to discern the true from the false is not a leftist strength.” Yes, yes, yes! It’s a mere convenience when it happens to align with their side – a rare event.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Something about Michigan I just don’t get… and yes we gave the Chinese our manufacturing… amazing what it does for pollution control… a bit of snark here as the county I was raised has essentially closed down any manufacturing plant… through zoning and the EPA… Only good jobs left are Sanofi drug manufacturing… there is a stream nearby and they are in court every other year…the company finally threatened to close down a their offices and portion of their plant and scared the supervisors enough to stop for awhile..


  3. geeez2014 Says:

    First, Kamala Harris had lunch with her husband 10′ from me and my friends Sunday, Secret Service sitting next to us eating their lunches…and trust me, she’s no man. She’s more petite than on TV and, much as I hate to admit it, she had zero make up on , her hair pulled back in a tight bun, and she’s way prettier in person than in any picture. And she has a very sweet relationship with her husband; they were sitting in my line of vision so I almost couldn’t help watching……….and they like Mexican food!
    Gad, it really got to me, in liberal Santa Monica I should have known, when she and her 10 Sec. Service people walked out into the outdoor dining patio on their way to their cars and we heard a HUGE cheer……………for HER? UGH UGH UGH.
    Anyway, she’s no man.

    And BOY, do YOU have an awful ROGUE’S GALLERY on your blog today….what a bunch of liars and America-haters…..When did we become a country which can’t WAIT to mock OURSELVES more than really horrid countries? Since Obama started his apology tour, remember? OH, it must feel SO GOOD to these people….what a thrill …

    Who of us doesn’t LOVE our COUNTRY? That’s probably why, though it was the horrid Harris I saw, I did feel a little excitement considering, as bad as she is, she IS the VP of the United States…….I had to laugh because most of the Secret Service were SO Conservative looking…nice conservative shirts, neat hair, etc….imagine having to protect someone you don’t admire? Yuck.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      “And BOY, do YOU have an awful ROGUE’S GALLERY on your blog today” I really got a hoot out of that one~! Imagine having to die or get injured protecting her… You sure got some excitement… sounds like fun and a story to tell to boot.
      My biggest moment was meeting Barry Goldwater… way past his prime but a good guy who was wandering the capitol and took time out to meet a bunch of high school field trip kids… guess that doesn’t happen anymore.


      • Bill H. Says:

        Ever been in a Goldwater’s department store. Totally awesome Kachinas everywhere. Real ones. The man had the world’s biggest and finest collection of Kachinas, and every single one of them was on public display where the public could admire them without paying a fee to do so. He was a hell of a man.

        Ys, I grew up in Arizona, an yes, I voted for him every chance I got.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        No never was there… but we had a chance early on to have America take one heck of a good ride…at least my parents felt that way.. I was a bit young but “None dare call it treason” later on sealed the deal..

        Liked by 1 person

      • geeez2014 Says:

        Nice to actually meet someone you admire !!!!!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • bunkerville Says:

        In those days we could/visited the WH and got a special tour thanks to our Rep… the whole trip left a lasting impression.


  4. SeaShell Says:


    !!! THANK YOU !!!


  5. Mustang Says:

    All part of the American story … Jennifer’s parents brought her to the US from Canada when she was still quite small. I suppose that in the minds of her parents, there were greater opportunities in the US for bank tellers than in Canada. I don’t understand people who came here for a better life only to become America’s worst critics.

    Granholm and her parents would have arrived in the US at about the time of Kennedy’s assassination and LBJ’s rise to the presidency. We all remember Kennedy-Johnson, right? They gave us the Vietnam War and the Great Society; events that continue to cause our society much pain and suffering. With those momentous events as her frame of reference, she grew up to become a Democrat. Why? There’s nothing “American” about the Democratic Party, there’s nothing patriotic about anyone who embraces it.

    We can understand her bottom line. Working within the Democratic framework has made her wealthy, so we know that everything she says for public consumption is geared toward reaching her one all-important goal in life: self-fulfillment. The end justifies the means. What is less clear is how so many people are able to support the Democratic agenda. Doing so doesn’t make their lives any better … in fact, the opposite is true. So then, what gives? How did we end up with so many soulless people in the land of the free?

    [Insert expletive here].

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      I keep asking myself the why of it….I didn’t know her family was a transplant…Canada I think back then was on a conservative track if memory serves me…
      The killing of Kennedy changed America forever…. and recently they added more years to when the info of the matter will be open to the public. I wonder why.

      Liked by 2 people

    • markone1blog Says:

      On the same day that you comment on how Granholm’s working within the Democrats’ framework gained her wealth, I posted at my blog on gifted the hypersonic missile technology to Russia and China in order to enrich herself and Bill.

      Odd how these two blogs intertwine.

      Liked by 1 person

    • peter3nj Says:

      My ex-father in law,God rest his soul, a gunsmith whose main customers were Jersey City Police Officers, was a lifelong NRA member and supporter. As a charter member of “the old school” having served in the merchant marines during WWII and a lifelong republican uttered these unforgettable words in the summer of 1984 to my fellow republican and then brother in-law George and me, ver batem, “I like what that Jesse Jackson’s saying. If he was running I’d sure as hell vote for him.”Too stunned to speak we both nodded and said nothing. My life’s travels have been stranger than fiction.

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  6. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    While we in Michigan were pleased to get rid Granholm (I guess we didn’t learn our lesson hard enough to avoid Whitmer), we didn’t mean to foist her on the nation. Sorry.
    Moral Authority vs China. Obviously someone who has no concept of “Moral”.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      Must be something in the water Ed…. Right you are… Moral. -another meaning for them…

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    • markone1blog Says:

      Just as you are glad to get rid of Granholm (or at least move her further from your state), I look forward to getting rid of either Sheila Jackson-Lee or Al Greene (whose districts have been consolidated thankfully due to redistricting).

      Of course, since one of their terms will end soon, one will probably go up to the District of Columbia to work in the swamp as a lobbyist or a cabinet member or some other manifestation of the swamp.

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  7. Always On Watch Says:

    As for Energy Secretary Granholm (b. 1959), here are her credentials that give us insight:

    Education: University of California, Berkeley (BA)
    Harvard University (JD).

    Steeped in The Swamp!

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  8. Always On Watch Says:

    In that last video, what did Jill Biden say to her husband? She touched his arm and said something. What I heard was “Look at me.” Hmmmmm…..

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  9. nrringlee Says:

    Truth is not a left wing value. The ability to discern the true from the false is not a leftist strength. Ideology and ideological hegemony is the goal of leftism. Leftists will consort with any manner of totalitarian to advance their own domestic hegemony. Granholm and Kerry are beautifully crafted examples of this simple truth.

    Liked by 3 people

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