Saturday Respite – Love On The Autumn Road

We had our first cold snap which should herald a glimpse of the fall colors soon. A relief from the muggy days we have been having. These crystal blue skies we get this time of year are a treasure.

For today’s respite:

Love On The Autumn Road – NAM T. S. You may prefer watching it in full screen.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

2 Responses to “Saturday Respite – Love On The Autumn Road”

  1. peter3nj Says:

    Our second grade song welcoming Autumn back when 🦕 🦖 roamed the earth:
    Trees are gold ripe
    Chestnuts are falling
    Grasses turn brown
    Leaves flutter down
    Through the town bonfires are burning
    Winter draws near Autumn is here.
    P.S. At two and a half-three years old my grandson changed “through the town” to “through the downtown”
    Grandparenting is the world’s most rewarding occupation!


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